Thursday, October 17, 2013

Peasant Deviates From Script, Yanked Off Floor

Reality speech not permitted inside of chambers

The fake standoff ended when the fake opposition capitulated completely and in fact gave up their future right to even pose as opposition, something which I thought they do not actually have the power to do. Maybe even the fake straw man opponents are tired of playing the good cop-bad cop dichotomy.

In future, even the appearance of options will be dismissed as irrelevant.

The last real political choice was the Whigs and that was 140 years ago. By the time they ginned up the First World War, even Woodrow Wilson admitted they had all the rubes in their back pocket and all the political parties on their payroll and a very short leash.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Major Breakthrough in Nanotech

They've had all the building blocks together for years. The only thing holding back miraculous nanotechnology that would seem beyond belief has been the Casimir effect.

It heralds weapons for the Third World War that will defy imagination.

The T-1000 could become a working reality.

Kwanstainia Warned By Chinese About Default

May you live in interesting times

An era when all power structures will be blown into the air, to paraphrase Nietzsche.

Amerikwa has already collapsed. The game is over. This is all epilogue.

Thursday, October 10, 2013


This book was a fantastic find in a genre I thought I had long ago read everything that was any good.

The problem with dystopia fiction is that it is all so damn relevant, so damn accurate and so damn depressing. Reading it through never pays off with any hope at the end. You nod your head and think, the author is so right. We are so doomed.

MOCKINGBIRD ends on a real high note. You can see the beginnings of something brewing that may  bring mankind back. I don't want to give you any spoilers but the robot actually turns out to be a good guy in this one who is pulling for mankind even as he works towards his own destruction. The climax isn't sappy, sophomoric or unrealistic and it leaves you wondering if there is something in the spirit of mankind (meaning Neanderthals) that will triumph no matter what in this world, given enough time.

The journey of the protagonist from old silent movies to determined survivalist is pretty cool too. Read it, you will see. Definitely worth it. This book in an underrated classic.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Our Ancestors Tried To Tell Us

They told us that if Americans stayed a strong people ... literate, fiercely independent, free and well educated that there would never be a global thermonuclear war.

They said that as incredible, as unlikely as it seemed in 1955, if they allowed their educational system to be taken over by communists and the citizenry dumbed down that a third world war which would destroy the United States would be inevitable.

I could see this coming in 1992. I could press my ear to the ground and hear it approaching like distant thunder from the hooves of horses.

Robert Welch was right. The John Birch society was precognition. They tried to tell people about this but men being incapable of receiving wisdom, just didn't listen.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Scientists Concede They Completely Made Up Neanderthal Facial Features

It is amazing they can believe they have any credibility left on the subject. They don't. No reasonable person would continue to think they can speak with authority on this or any other topic.

They keep trying to gradually morph the Neanderthal models into what appear to simply be very handsome modern people with very good bone structure and deep-set eyes. They can't keep up with the internet which exposes these models as fabrications before they sufficiently amend their story.

I know what Neanderthals looked like. I have a mirror at home. There were four species of  Neanderthal in Europe alone and all of them looked remarkably different from one another. Did anybody ever bother before to point out this distinction for you? No? Ever wonder why?

Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Chilling Stars

Finally got a copy of this book on Tuesday.

It is awesome. Real science in this book, backed by real experimentation in real labs by real scientists, not "sociological scientists" or "environmental activists."

Gas composition in the atmosphere has nothing to do with climate. Nothing. To. Do. With. It.

Gas composition changes with climate because temperature affects chemistry atmospherics, not the other way around.

The only factor that counts in climatology is how much cosmic background radiation is hitting the Earth's atmosphere. There is nothing else that matters.

I have almost finished it. Highly recommended.

UPDATE : This book is full of win cover to cover and highly recommended by Vault-Co. It deserves to be on our top ten list for required reading. You will learn more about astrophysics reading this book in two hours than you would in 8 years of that guff they teach in edjamafacashun academee. Will answer any questions you might have left about the interplay of solar wind, magnetic field reversals, ice ages and long term climate cycles.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Barcodes With Label Printing Sheets In Vault-OS!!!!

I got it working! Barcode labels and onscreen displays of barcodes is going to be in Vault-OS V1.0 IN THE BROWSER!! On-the-fly from CueCat wand in Jquery popup dialogue!!

I spent a good couple of nights trying to hack it together in Raphael, knowing it was not right and was not going to work, especially for printing off whole pages of barcode labels from the browser. I finally found a way to do it and it is so simple it defies belief! Perusing the CodeProject revealed the usual culprits and over-engineered solutions until I stumbled over the innocuous little article above!

Uses the SPAN code in HTML 1.1 and tables! :) It takes longer to explain how it works than it does to simply implement it! The example at the CodeProject was for Code 39, but I got it working for the majority of barcodes recognized by the CueCat by just adapting the routine to take a string of 1s and 0s in Javascript!

Tested in IE6, would probably work in IE5.5 as far as I know.

There's a lot more to my barcode routines than just simple scans. I am trying to streamline the process where it is as simple as unpacking groceries for your preps and waving the CueCat to make entries. Not far off now. I am getting pretty stoked. I keep whittling away and it keeps getting better the simpler it all is.