Saturday, November 8, 2008

A Race of Corpse Robbing Ghouls

The white race has become so pathetic and wretched that not only does it fail to reproduce itself, even it's attempts to do so must be cobbled together from a patchwork of multiracial Frankensteins with the help of illegal medical technology. They are groomed to self-destruct on their own science and perverse ideologies. This baby put together from spare parts will never know it's true parents and be raised by a mother who was unable to even form a relationship with it's father.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Apocalypse Now


"Utter piffle," is how Terence Blacker of The Independent describes it. He is the voice of Fair Reason. To him, the idea that the sky is falling now is an "insult to past generations who have faced more grievous threats with courage and calm." But that's the trouble with Fair Reason; she never looks up. Like the wife who thinks her husband 'would never do something that,' she's appalled when she finally sees what he's been up to.

Nassim Taleb has made a career out of warning people. His "Taleb distribution" describes the occasional apocalypse: usually, things happen in a respectable, bell curve kind of way…the way Fair Reason thinks they should…and then, all Hell breaks loose.

The last time the sky fell was 96 years ago. Few saw it coming; no one panicked. But panic wouldn't exist if it weren't a useful instinct from time to time. The celestial bricks came unglued in August 1914. By 1918, 40 million people had died. But that was just the beginning. WWI bankrupted or destroyed almost every major government of Europe. The plumy families that had dominated the continent for centuries - the Hohenzollerns, the Romanoffs, the Hapsburgs - were all clobbered. The Ottoman Turks fared no better. Then, scarcely 20 years later, France's Third Republic was another victim…and so was Germany's Third Reich.

But that was only the half of it. Between the two wars, came hyperinflation and destitution in Germany, America's Great Depression and something far more deadly - the world's worst plague, the Great Flu Epidemic of 1918-1920. The illness is known to us by its WWI alias, the "Spanish Flu." Propagandists didn't want the world to know how many French, American and English soldiers were dying of the disease. So they referred to it as though it only wiped out Iberians.

First spotted in young soldiers at Fort Riley, Kansas, the virus was soon found almost all over the world. Japan was the only major population center spared. Curiously, the disease killed off young adults more often than old people or children - somehow turning a strong immune system against its owner in what scientists call a "cytokine storm." How many people gave up the ghost? Estimates range from 20 million on the low side to 80 million top end - that is, at least twice as many people who had died in the war.

Before the 1914-1945 catastrophe was the 1789-1812 calamity - roughly the period from the French Revolution to the Battle of Waterloo. It not only included the collapse of five different forms of government in France - Monarchy, First Republic, Directory, Consulate, and First Empire - but also inflation, 3 currency collapses, major political debacles throughout Europe, the Napoleonic Wars, as well as the last major famine in France in 1795.

War, bankruptcy, chaos, plague and famine - when trouble comes, it comes with a mob at its back. As usual, the Greeks provided an early example. Athens must have been the Goldman Sachs of the classical world. But when these masters of the ancient universe tried a hostile takeover of Sparta, it failed miserably…leaving them as exposed Bear Stearns. Sparta counterattacked and laid siege. Then, the bugs joined the attack in 430 BC. Thousands were killed by plague - including Pericles himself. Weakened by disease, hunger and war, Athens surrendered, was enslaved, and the Golden Age was over.

Later, it was the Romans' turn. Bankruptcy, wars, stupidity - all took their toll. Then, in the 6th century, came another major onslaught: disease. Of the 80 monasteries around Constantinople in 540AD, none survived. Ghost ships, in which everyone on board had died of plague, drifted in the Mediterranean. European civilization seemed to fall apart.

Again, in the 14th century, came 100 years of war in France…along with starvation and plague. A couple of cold, wet summers caused famine in Western Europe. Young children were abandoned. Old people starved themselves to free up food for their families. Meanwhile, the Mongols attacked in the East, hoping to conquer all of Europe. And when they retreated, they left a going-away present - the plague. The Black Death of 1347-1351 killed off more people than the war or the Great Famine of 1315. Towns and fields were abandoned as a third of the population died. "So many died that all believed it was the end of the world," said Agnolo di Tura of Siena, who buried his five children with his own hands.

New Scientist magazine comments: "Many people dismiss any talk of collapse as akin to the street corner prophet warning that the end is nigh." But, more and more scientists are taking the end of civilization threat seriously, the magazine continues. Complexity - such as derivative financial instruments and "just in time" inventory systems - is making "our society…ever more vulnerable."

In his 1988 book, The Collapse of Complex Societies, Joseph Tainter argued that all societies - like all organisms - are doomed. Each challenge requires a solution. Each solution takes resources. Eventually, the solutions - and readers may substitute the word "bailout" for solution - brings more challenges and takes more resources. Eventually, the system collapses under the weight of if all.

When the stars fall, even the angels get out of town.

Enjoy your weekend,
Bill Bonner, The Daily Reckoning

Houseboy Gets His Marching Orders

First pick, chief of staff. Whoodathunkit?

Surprise! Guess who is behind the Barack Obama curtain?

Dance fo' me, boyah! Lawd dose people sho got dee rhythm!

Olly olly oxen free! Now everyone gets to see all the people who funded his "grassroots" campaign of HOPE/CHANGE/WHATEVER. Who can blame them? You can fool all of the cattle all of the time and some of the cattle all of the time, too. Like taking candy from a baby, itz!
McCain was the designated loser from the start.

Am I the only guy who knows how bad this is going to turn out? I can't believe after years of reading Vault-Co, many of you can't get a glimpse for yourselves of what is coming.


Seriously, get an earful now, because I'm not going to talk much longer about Barack Obama at all in the future. I've got more important fish to fry. This blog is going to focus on solutions, we've given warnings long enough and we are going to concentrate on civil defense in the 21st century to the exclusion of everything else soon.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Ron Paul Exposes The "Grassroots" Barack Obama

What it gets, it deserves. You better believe it.

Stray far from God's yoke and the beast called man discovers that Satan goes about like a roaring lion, seeing who he can feast upon. Men will know they are sheep and Jesus Christ was a very light yoke compared to what they get when they have forsaken him for fables and doctrines of devils.

You just wouldn't believe what is waiting out beyond the soft lights and gentle ideology of Christianity. Most modern people simply cannot imagine, having never known anything else. They took it all for granted as a starting point when in fact it was the end of things.

Marxists wreck nations and planets in record time when they take power

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Obama's Election Speech

I am just posting this to refute any claims Barack makes during his speech about my fixing the dust storms, crops and curing acne and car sickness. I'll do my best but I can't promise anything.

Late Returns Upset! It ain't over yet!

God Drops The 'Kwanstain From Fall Lineup

"We've been growing apart for some time," said God in a street interview on Monday,"I've released them from their covenant with me for the land of milk and honey and I will be staging a graduated pullout of the Holy Spirit and all angels on duty there over the past 200 years. I believe the 'Kwa will be sourcing their protection internally in the future based on a strategy of hokum, hooey, confused solipsism and sheer desperation into the foreseeable future. They've been wanting to go off on their own for some time as a free agent so I'm cutting them loose. As you know, a host of imprecatory prayers from former fans has convinced me it was the right time to go our separate ways." Jesus Christ was unavailable for comment but he is said to be stricken with grief at the loss of so many who could have been saved.

Obama's Hug-A-Thug Policy Goes Into Immediate Effect

Left creates crisis, left creates solutions, left gains power It doesn't make sense. But then neither does the left.

Messianic movements almost always end in rivers of blood

Illegal immigrants all know that Obama will conduct the largest no-strings amnesty in U.S. history within a very, very short time frame

Ever notice that when you're listening to a "black man" and he actually makes some rational sense, he doesn't really seem that "black" anymore? He just seems like a person. The thing is, people have been trained by experience to expect any black man to be a communist moron. They're not all dumb. They're not all communists. If they were half as smart as this guy, I'd stop prejudging them based on the way they look.

Now please, somebody remember to turn out the lights and lock everything up, make sure the gas is turned off and the cat is out. She was a great nation in her day, wasn't she? Let's think of how beautiful the dream was while it lasted. It was truly the most wonderful of things that had ever happened in the sorry, sordid history of mankind other than Jesus himself.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Emperor Of Ice Cream

Hailstorm City swamped in 6 foot drifts

Britain expecting Antarctic Weather

Nothing like a good old snowfall in October

Switzerland shut down by early ice storm

London tastes the new Ice Age

Tibet snowed in before end of October

The terrible legacy of globo-warmthinkery

A fantastic moment to choose to shut down the coal industry. Obama is the Apocalypse Juice machine. I voted for him six times last night alone with absentee ballots. Gosh does catamite central need a leader like this at a time like this. The quickest route to the bottom on greased rails. I love him, this brother is the Armageddon shizzle! Win one for the Vault team, Barky! Nothing but air! This dude is the Magic Johnson of the tactical airburst.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Are These Critters Americans?

I think not, sir. I think not. They are present, in the same way pigeons nest in the eaves of your roof. The pigeons are present but that does not make them homeowners.

The problem with these people is not their physical appearance, it is that they do not resemble Americans in character, spirit, intelligence, outlook, viewpoint or conduct. The Founding Fathers would have no trouble deporting all of the people who think this way inside of a few months to foreign shores. The Founding Fathers would not have a problem with Alan Keyes or similar people the moment they heard them speak, in fact they might appreciate that such men make valuable allies to support the American ideals.

These folks somehow managed to get in and get to vote. They're not really Americans at all. They just don't meet the watermark. They are strongly unsuited for America as a nation and are essentially the living contradiction of The Constitution and the Bill of Rights and the other original documents that describe the national character.

Do you understand now why I predict riots whether Obama wins or loses? Similar sentiments have been heard in elections in Africa, Haiti, America and Canada in the past and are immediately followed by riots the week after the elections when the people who won suddenly realize the clouds are not going to open up and rain down gold coins. I am familiar with anecdotes from people in Haiti who immediately looted and burned their cities to the ground when they won. "We are demockrassy now! Everything is free! No more private property!" The week following the demagogue they had voted for put his secret police together with lists of all the useful idiots he wanted taken away from their homes in the middle of the night.

This election will be no different. Trust me. I got good instincts about these things.