Saturday, May 31, 2014

Media Finds Ways To Lie About The Climate and The Economy In The Same Article

The media has become an ideological cult in the West run for political reasons. 

Everything they say is first and foremost for political purposes. Everything.

If it rains today, the media will find a way to spin it around to blaming conservatives that they got wet. The Bolshevists had more subtlety in Pravda 80 years ago when they seized Russia.

Are Earthquakes Predictable?

I think the author of this book and most of his readers are poorly informed amateurs

The author mentions lunar and tidal forces. If he had read Robert Felix or Vault-Co he'd know that magnetic forces are much, much stronger. He is undoubtedly right about the tides triggering them but they happen because magnetic fields are shifting tectonic plates around. The tides probably just act as the tipping weights on a see-saw.

If you doubt it, remember mainstream science now concurs with Robert Felix about the Northern Lights. The Aurora Borealis is literally a low grade atomic explosion occurring overhead. Imagine that force acting on the continental plates and fracture lines instead. There are a lot of things we can't see because of the spectral limitations of our eyes. That doesn't mean it isn't happening. It means we can only see the side effects with our existing senses.

Friday, May 30, 2014

Double Whammy For Competent People And Other Malcontents

Wonder why there is all this endless concern about "bullying" in the school and workplace? Do you get tired of hearing it? Ever consider there must be some larger concern in the background driving all this noise about it?

It is because all the research going back more than 80 years, almost coinciding with the introduction of wide scale IQ testing, shows that the brightest and most gifted people are also the worst bullied and ostracised from cradle to grave.

The government wishes it could just ignore all the facts because they are really disturbing. On the other hand, they have all these goofy questions from the peanut gallery inquiring why all the "go-juice" seems to have vanished from the economy over the last two decades. They are trying hard to figure it out and every time they pay for research, the facts come back and they are unacceptable. People are crying because they don't have no more taco fixings and consumer junk. The crops are dying and we got all these dust bowls. Somebody ought to do something, the sheeple screech. They really ought to.

The innovators, problem solvers and the brightest part of the population seem to be opting out. The cleverest ones form little online businesses that rarely employ more than a few people and cannot make a dent in the unemployment rate. The dumb ones cluster in the big corporations and participate in huge useless meetings all day long for years and years, trying to discuss why none of them ever seems to accomplish much of anything. Including figuring out why that is at all these meetings they hold.

My knowledge of history, which is more extensive than that of most college graduates you know (everything is relative) tells me there is nothing strange about our era.

In all declining civilizations, the good men retire to tend to their private gardens. They stop taking part in the larger social fabric and it is rapidly revealed that this little 5% of the population was doing nearly everything of consequence.

Permanent staff are great at putting on birthday brunches for their fellow employees when the date approaches. Everything else, not so much. What is much, much worse … which these governments discover again and again when they study the problem … is that they drove off all the good ones a long time ago through a variety of techniques which invariably alienate even the most determined quality people. Everybody makes a big deal out of the fact that Steven Jobs came back to Apple and fixed it after being run out of his own company on a rail. They never stop to consider that for every story like Steven Jobs that has a good ending, there are ten million stories you never heard about that did not end like this at all.

Even as a good tree produces good fruit, so a bad tree can only produce bad fruit. You know them by their fruits. Most of them are fruits. Just not the good kind.

"Women who had been bullied by a member of their own sex said they felt they may have been targeted because their senior colleague felt threatened by their abilities."

Implicit assumption is that men can handle the same kind of victimisation on their own. They are absolutely right. Men do handle these situations better than women. They become a kind of person described as a transient for the last forty years (1970's) in the hard scientific research. They work as contractors, temps, day workers and they get paid up front without having to go to performance reviews, sit inside round robin conferences while their fellow office members tear into them and single them out or listen to people who are threatened by their competency discuss when the earliest available opportunity is going to arise for them to leave. In other words, they arrange their affairs with a maximum of benefit to them and to minimize the pain and harm that can be done to them by others. It is just another example of why they are the brightest and most creative problem solvers.

Every once in a while on the road to bankruptcy, managers stop laughing for a couple minutes and they look around. What ever happened to old so-and-so, they think to themselves? That guy that was here last year. Right after we hired him, all sorts of stuff seemed to fix itself. Then there was that girl who used to work over in that corner. A lot of new business seemed to flow in when she was sitting over there. They try to focus for an instant but it is gone. Another dude is guffawing about a foul in last night's game and he loses his train of thought, which was never very persistent to begin with. "It was righteous, man, he totally fumbled! I'll send you the link to the You-Tube video, it was awesome!" Yet even after he steps back into the shadow of his office door (Fifty years of research says cubicles don't work, software people (not managers) need privacy to be productive) he has a faint sense of disquiet. A corporate review board is coming up next month. They are going to be asking again why they never seem to make any progress on that revision system that has been so carefully set up to track issues. He knows the guy who is chairing it, he will have a couple drinks with him after work and set the guy up with some tickets to the game, he is sure he can rig it for another couple years and then he retires. Life is good. … but just to be safe, he knows he should call that recruiter. Better get one of those contractor guys in for a couple of months so that when the board review comes up, he can show them some kind of progress on something. They'll use the contractor to keep treading water and keep upper management baffled on what is really happening down on the floor. Those contractor guys are always good to buy a little more time. Besides, when the scrutiny ends, they can just cut the guy like they always do. Makes no sense to waste money you don't need to spend. Those contractor guys charge a lot more an hour and they are weirdos, besides. Most of them don't even like football. They are either fags or maybe crazy, all of them. You don't want people like that around any longer than they are needed to bridge a crisis.


They'll build the theme park around you.

A theme park built to duplicate the experience of living in a dystopian totalitarian nightmare.

You might think I write these articles as spoofs and then link to them. It's not true. I just link to them, that's all. You couldn't make this stuff up.

Modern Ideas Are What Rushes In To Fill A Vacuum

When people stop believing in God they start to worship the State in his place.

Christianity is a pretty crazy religion. We think a carpenter's son died for our sins at a little Roman hill called Golgotha. It's nutty, far-out stuff. We call it faith because your rational mind would never let you put your eggs into this basket.

I know a religion that is much, much crazier. I mean, frothing at the mouth, mad-dog bug-eyed lunatic hysterical insanity.

There are cults that believe that the government, which usually consists of people unfit for real day jobs, often sociopaths and psychopathic personalities whose personal lives are train wrecks, can manage the lives of others for them. These people think that the government knows best and the individual is mistaken in what he believes will lead to his own happiness.

The State has different theological branches that manage an umbrella of cartels protected by law : organised medicine, food regulation and legal jurisdictions. All of these cartels seem to accomplish the exact opposite of the reasons they claim to exist. Doctors make people ill and kill them, lawyers arrange for the guilty and the lawless to go free, food regulators make certain we all eat poisons we have been taught are safe for us. Nobody who works in these cartels ever seems to stop to reflect on the fact that they are never able to achieve any of the things they promise to those who submit to them.

I have trouble believing that even after doctors have admitted that thimerosal in vaccines was a deadly mercury variant that has probably done unimaginable damage to millions of infants that they would still trust them at their word when they promise that they are safe and effective now. You'd think just the fact that they outlawed thimerosal worldwide in vaccines might lead some little bears to stop and pause to think.

No such luck.

If the particular deity of a certain religion failed as much as the State does, you'd think to yourself : probably time to get a new God. That's why Christianity swept the ancient world. It's virtues were numerous, it's drawbacks minor compared to the religions of the era.

The State fails its supplicants again and again and they never do wonder if it really is divine. They do not ask after the doctrines to see that they are sound. The State is a more irrational faith than Christianity or any religion that has ever existed. It is truly a cargo cult of personality waiting on a ship that will never, ever arrive.

"Amateurs" Are Always Better Than The Official Orthodoxy (At Everything)

Technoarchaeology - Resurrecting Old Satellites In Orbit

Imagine that kind of taxpayer money spent to put that satellite up there but being unable to find anything to do with it despite it being perfectly serviceable and still answering commands.

Throughout human history, enthusiasts and laymen have made all the important scientific discoveries and breakthroughs, pioneered every single inquiry that led to a paradigm change and always been the first to suggest new ideas that later turned out to be major insights that were converted from fringe crank talk to the mainstream.

All the orthodoxy ever was is a spider that comes in and spins a web then sits there waiting for money, status, authority and power to get caught up in it somewhere. They lack natural curiosity. Unlike Neanderthals, these people don't know how to enjoy anything in life other than football, sex and class wars. Anything else bores them. They won't let you get your hands on their discipline, though - they keep it under glass and undisturbed just the way they found it.

This is called sensible adult behaviour and yet if everybody was like this, we'd all still live in mud huts, eat our meat raw and think the planet was flat. People don't know it but without Neanderthal enthusiasm they'd lack even the knowledge that something was horribly wrong somewhere.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Nefertiti Was A Full Service Melonhead

If Nefertiti and her clan lived during the last 4000 years, how much mass has been lost during the last 2000 years alone from interbreeding?

They called it Amarna art fifty years ago despite all the curators of the Egyptian museum standing over the bodies of mummified caucasians with skulls like watermelons and being able to see with their naked eye that these ruling classes were caucasians of a very different breed than other men. That means that every curator over the last half-century has knowingly participated in fraud in order to perpetuate the myth that the current inhabitants of Egypt built the pyramids.

I don't believe Nefertiti or the last pharaonic dynasties built those pyramids. I think they were just involved in their ornamentation and upkeep. All those stories you see on public television that seem to describe the construction of these pyramids can be debunked in ten seconds by a competent translator. There are no such surviving records describing the original construction of any of the major pyramids. Burial dolmens for private citizens are another matter.

As for the Sphinx, that thing sat there under the sand for a long time before Napoleon's troops shot the nose off it and before the Egyptians carved that face on top of the lion's muzzle that was previously there. A long, long time. The melonheads may have considered it part of their duties to maintain these public monuments but I think they were too lacking in ambition for such construction in the last 5,000 years. The modern world is described best by its shrinking mental circumference in all regards. In defacing the Sphinx rather amateurishly by carving the lion into an ugly Pharaoh we see echoes of the modern world where control is so lacking in basic rule of law that all surfaces are covered by graffiti wherever you look. When you are not capable of such marvels and are merely a barbaric and ignorant squatter, you realise at some level that such creation is beyond your grasp so only destruction remains as some power you can exert.

If we really look clearly with new eyes we see that Homo Sapiens is basically an animal that squats in the ruins of former civilisations and takes pleasure in blowing up the evidence of his own shortcomings. These things required powerful, orchestrated acts of creativity on a grand monolithic scale which Saps just does not have in his nature. He is not the author of these antiquities and takes credit for them anyway … even as he destroys them to prove he could not possibly have been responsible for them.

The Melonheads were many things but one thing they were not is merely barbaric and lacking in self-control. This weakness in modern man reveals he is not of the same parentage.

The Lost World of Agharti

Just finished reading this book for the third time. Gripping. Loved every page of it.

The really interesting thing is that this book was written before they discovered the entire continent of Europe was tunnelled underground and before they located the Incan passage to the sea in South America.

Most of the stories in the book are clearly not true. Each and every one of them seems to be based on something that was true before it got told and retold so many times that its origin was forgotten.

No less than the Founding Fathers themselves were said to travel underground by means of mysterious tunnels during the American Revolution.

I know what you're thinking. Tex has gone off the rails today. Starting to sound like a new ager UFO blog. You don't know what I know. If I had the patience, I could find about fifty links during the last ten years of governments getting caught exploring the underground. These stories must be about something big because the mainstream media never carries them.

Here's your fun question for the day :

Is there a species of mineral-eating phosphorescent green fungi or mold that is used to light underground spaces that we just don't know about? I think it is a possibility. A really strong possibility.  Like the ones we know about now only a little more efficient, a little brighter, enough to see by. I think it could have been in use the past million years and it provides a very low tech explanation of how people could regularly walk around a half mile underground without leaving any torch soot behind on the walls. Contemplate this, I have been dwelling on it for a while. All you have to do is to postulate the existence of such a fungus and you no longer require any far-out explanations at all. It would explain why a thousand underground sites don't have torch residues on the walls when these places are absolute pitch-black with zero ambient light from anywhere. If we imagine a fungus like the ones we know about now that tend to cover the walls of a cavern in a very short period, illuminating the interior with this strange green light talked about in the book above again and again. Maybe sufficient to even provide the body with some of the light it craves for healthy metabolic activity.
Recorded observations of fungal luminescence date back to Aristotle and Pliny the Elder. Pliny identified an "Agaricke" that "grows on the tops of trees and shines at night." Renaissance philosophers wrote of `"Fungus igneus, which shines like stars with a bluish light." In folklore, "Fairy sparks" in decaying wood indicated the place where fairies held their nightly revels.
BIOLUMINESCENCE FUNGI: LIVING LIGHT, Spores Illustrated, Conn.-Westchester Myco. Assoc., Summer 1999, via Boston Mycological Club Bulletin, Sept. 1999

LameSteamed Media Is Dying. Nobody Cares Except Big Government.

Nobody is watching and the people who do regard it as tongue-in-cheek drivel.

If the media can no longer collectively tell people what to think on any subject and what conclusions to draw, the usual suspects are in a lot of trouble. When their megaphone into the common man's ear starting at the cradle stops working there is the possibility real thoughts could accidentally happen in there without oversight.

If a journalist passes out drunk behind a stadium and nobody is there to hear it, does it make a sound?