Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Underwater Volcanism Confirmed

When does Robert Felix get his Nobel prize? I want to book a flight for the awards ceremony.

It is suboceanic heating, not heat from the surface (there isn't any) that you should be worried about.

Neanderthals are going to look back at this flash-in-the-pan 38,000 year grasshopper Holocene season someday and they will all laugh at how ridiculous it is. The era of the savage manboons when the Saps beast believed he had genocided the entire race and gangraped their women will just be a distant memory of a brief period when Neanderthals were not the natural inheritors of the planet. "They thought they had destroyed us but we merely hitched a ride on their genome for a while. When the cold came back they all perished very quickly because their fundamental impulse was to fight with one another instead of loving and cherishing each other and working together to survive. The snow covered them and all their battlefields, including the nuclear ones ... and they just ceased to be. Neanderthals were as resilient and hardy as ever and as they often do, simply filled in the absence of their inhabitations. The thing about our kind is that we tend to make it all look so easy. Turns out surviving at 300 degrees below zero takes a lot of brains, honesty, good character, conscientiousness, attention to detail and determination. Homo Sapiens failed that test miserably."

Billion Dollar Swindlers : Higgs Boson Doesn't Exist

A rough estimate is that this huge con game over the past forty years has netted well over 30 trillion dollars from the rubes and their nations. That kind of cheese can buy a lot of tacos.

Where's that hoverboard, bitches? I bet you if that money had gone to real scientists instead of these greasy gypsy rascals I'd be gliding around on that thing right this instant. Right now. Big high-top basketball shoes zooming all over the place. Be careful, you know those things don't work on water, Marty!

Notice how scientific advancement was roaring along after World War II to the extent this stuff was fully expected by 2015 in the sequel? People began to realize the current demographic that controls science do not seem to ever produce any tangible results of any kind, despite one week after another for decades of their breathless press releases. Meanwhile, the world still runs mostly on the stuff that was finalized in 1955 including solid state electronics. No real advancement to be seen at all. If anything, tech other than computers and some military applications appears to be slipping backwards.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Obamination - A Land of the Dispossessed

The 'Stain slides into third world status overnight.

Kwanstainia is becoming one gigantic tent camp coast-to-coast.

Mexico has produced a solution for the homeless problem.

Nobody will know Amerikwa died when it is forbidden to even speak of it.

San Francisco Soon To Be A Gangster Paradise

The loss of thousands of years of enlightenment and advancement.

The introduction of democracies worldwide coincides perfectly with the mass manufacture of firearms. The common man is a deluded fool who will go back into his chains like a dog at the hands of the same old psychopaths who formerly ruled the entire planet with little to fear.

New Jersey races back to barbarism like all the others. Oswald Spengler was right about Sapiens. He was born on his knees to be a slave and that is the way he will die. Homo Sapiens is a domesticated animal, not a person of real standing. It wants to serve because it is made to serve.

When psychotics rule, victims are not allowed to possess arms for their own defense.

Cops destroy innocent man's entire life, ruin his family, abduct his children - judge requires them to pay him one dollar for fabricating evidence and giving false testimony without a conviction. All this over an accusation of growing marijuana that was revealed to be a false tip by an anonymous source. ONE DOLLAR.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Fall In, Troop - VA Disability Claims Found Shredded In Garbage

Kwanstainia will spend as much on Veteran's health as it thinks they deserve : nothing.

Anybody who enlists in the military in 2015 deserves whatever happens to them. It's a racket and it runs on warm bodies maintained at the cheapest rates until robots can replace them. That's all it is.

Doctors Brutally, Permanently Mutilate Woman : "Oops, Sorry."

Modern medicine is a crackpot profession identical to the stands you see at the carnival, where frauds, cranks and lunatics sell miracle cures that make you worse, instant fixes that leave you scarred for life and solutions that create more problems and greater income for their rackets.

They always say we should shoot all the lawyers on the first day of the revolution but this would mean some doctors might get away. I say they all go on buses with floor leg-irons that are driven by Google navigation over a cliff into the ocean. That's my idea of a world looking forward to a brighter tomorrow. The life expectancy age would improve within the week. We'd have a lot more seniors to take care of, that is for sure.

When my father ran the marathon in Virginia with me about 40 years ago he had a pretty sore knee, which you would expect in someone who had trained hurriedly during a six month period to get in shape for it. It was really impressive that he completed it but as you might expect his knee was giving him some pain afterwards. He had the poor judgement to go to a doctor who promptly injected it with cortisone. If you think your knee hurts now, wait until the doctor gives you a cortisone injection. The swelling and pain went away instantly. It then put my father on a merry-go-round of repeated cartilage degeneration that ended with the doctor racking up some knee surgery, their famous follow-up for the old cortisone injections. No better way to generate knee surgery schedules than liberal injections of cortisone and the doctors knew it. My father's knee never really got better. The doctor of course got a sports car and moved up into a higher tax bracket which is what medicine is really all about. I think the doctor kept telling my Dad that one more knee surgery might fix it, he just had to get in there and stab and hack away some more, to make certain he got the last of the padding and normal knee cartilage that was "causing the pain." Sure it was.

Final Treason : Last Betrayal At the U.N.

The Kenyan will be acting on behalf of globalists, not the American people, when he addresses the conmen, swindlers and genocidal tyrants at the United Nations.

Barry Soetoro is going to try to sneak in as much treason as he can before being impeached. What some globalists call "an end run around national sovereignty."

Saturday, September 26, 2015

The New Arms Race : Apocalyptic Madness

The Russians are preparing to fight the Third World War with 4th generation nuclear weapons and under the water they will be deploying the ultimate doomsday robots - the mythical Russian shadow torpedo. We thought this thing would always be science fantasy when we read about it in the Sunday Supplements of 1968. Looks like the science reality will be much, much worse. Designed to "trigger tsunamis to wash the East Coast into the ocean" when deployed. Will they target La Palma in the Canary Islands just for the giggle factor?

Thursday, September 24, 2015

The Clintons : Delegates of Darkness

There are probably a lot of people that think this Hillary Clinton scandal is something new. It isn't. I've got a stack of books that I could build a small house out of and documentation going back 50 years that the Clintons between the two of them have gotten away with so much over the years it is impossible to quantify it all.

I wanted to post this as a tiny sample. Think of it as a single snowflake from an iceberg.

Barack Obama is really the completion of a long term plan extending back more than half a century. It can only exist when the real truth is heavily suppressed by anybody who can control what the public hear and see in terms of "news." Most people didn't know that Barack Obama's own campaign materials brag about his birth in Kenya a decade earlier. Most people who voted for Bill Clinton never heard about his long dalliance in Russia and close contacts he maintained for the rest of his life with founding communist party members there. If the public got any real news for a week starting next Monday, there would be rioting in the streets and open insurrection by the following Friday.

Most people who voted for Bill Clinton would never, ever be told his lifelong closest friend and college roommate was Strobe Talbott, the greasiest globalist shadow slinker in the history of mankind. This guy got outed by the KGB and Russian Secret Service as a "trustworthy source of intelligence" for years on State secrets in America and still didn't do any time! Good ole Strobe is best known for this famous quote when he crawled out from under that rock he slinks beneath for a couple seconds to say ...

"In the next century, nations as we know it will be obsolete; all states will recognize a single, global authority. National sovereignty wasn't such a great idea after all." –in Time magazine, America Abroad: The Birth of the Global Nation, Monday, July 20, 1992[14]

Strobe never did cover the democratic legal mechanism by which he and his trillionaire friends would cause this to come to pass but I am sure it is all totally transparent and aboveboard. You will definitely be informed after it is accomplished ... time permitting. Chances are you will find out when you and your family get the death's head relocation notice in the mail to report to your nearby work/reeducation camp for prompt job assignment, likely consisting of sewing together leather shoes for .40 cents an hour for the rest of your adult lives. There will be a fifteen minute break in the courtyard and poundcake with coffee served on State holidays renamed to non-religious generic celebrations like "Happy Sparkle Freedom Day."