Thursday, June 28, 2012

Forty Million Empty Houses

The Kwanstain has used fiat currency to build 40 million homes that nobody wants that have a median value of zero. They are built in the wrong places with the wrong taxes and the wrong neighborhoods. The "business cycle" is not a natural phenomenon - it is the sickening train wreck that follows authoritarians trying to manage the economy. Their primary mechanism for "managing" it is to print fake paper that they like to pretend represents money. Every time they create a fake boom (the housing boom) they claim victory whilst refusing to take credit for the horrible crash that follows.

That's what government intervention does - it creates shortages of the things people do want and a glut of things people don't want. The government is a bunch of people who could never secure real day jobs trying to manage the lives of millions of other people better than they can even manage their own. Obviously, this approach is predestined for failure.

The only thing that matters to the r-selected is that they get paid and retire. They create infinite problems they then leave to the next generation as their legacy. They arrange their affairs so as to avoid accountability for the harm they do. Only the K-selected solve problems. The r-selected is an animal that plays at being human while feeding off resources it has stolen from current and future generations.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Vaccines = Social Darwinism

It is a way to eliminate the genetically inferior lower classes in huge numbers without drawing undue attention to their deaths.

Former Merck employees blow the whistle on the genocidal campaign of their own company

Ignoring adverse reaction reports including deaths for decades

My own son had an adverse reaction. I know what I saw. These bastards will try to tell you that you cannot trust the evidence of your own six senses, you should trust them instead.

I was in the emergency room the other night and the moron that was on call there was trying to tell me that only unedjamafacated peeple refuse the meningococcal vaccine for their children. When I asked him to clarify how the vaccine for type B could protect against Type A, he stammered and went red as a beet ... then blurted out something about me "not having a medical background." I told him you need to shut up and worry about the reason we came in, not advocating your vaccines.

Nobody despises doctors as much as I do. It's because I understand them really well. I know what is going on inside their tiny heads. It's truly ugly. They are vain and rotten human beings playing the altruist in order to earn a good living. No real doctor would be advocating vaccination if he gave a rat's ass about his patients and their well being. Pretending to care about children is what these scum do.

Did you know that my whole life, I always feel a strong pang of guilt and shame whenever I try to use my higher native intelligence against other people? It never fails to make me feel terrible, especially if I am successful. The doctor is somebody who does not hesitate to use his higher-than-average intelligence to turn human beings into cash cows to support his lifestyle. The inner man is utterly corrupt in them. Altruism is really the last refuge of a scoundrel.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Kwanstainia : Zero Sum Empire of Abomination

Long overdue to state the obvious. The Kwa cannot use political language to frame any of their wars as anything but aggression and criminal violation of both the U.S. Constitution and the U.N. Charter. Acting as if they have the high moral ground is an affront to every warm-blooded mammal on the planet.

One has to look forward to the new owners taking possession soon. It would be impossible for them to do much worse running the country.

Monday, June 25, 2012

The Problem Solver : Massive Depopulation

When the only tool you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail.

The depression of 1907 led to World War One.

The depression of 1929 led to World War Two.

The depression of 2008 is leading straight to World War Three.


VAULT-OS : More CRUD Functionality

I got general searching with query, customized queries, customizable display layouts and customizable edit pages all working in the embedded server. Sounds like a little thing but it involved a lot of work. Since I am not using cookies or session data I have to operate on a pure REST architecture. (Representational State Transfer)

Wanted inventory/medical/personnel to be simple - pick query, add parameters, browse resulting data set and edit where desired. Got scheduling data to use intelligent updating for collisions (same recurrent job conflicting with another job, etc.) and also to attach work orders to recurrent jobs.

I tested the pages above on the Dillo Browser for DOS and they looked perfect, almost identical to IE and Chrome. Arachne, not so good. Poor support for styles and CSS in Arachne for DOS. In browsers without javascript, the little popup helper editors are not available. You have to type in a date, a color or other fields manually.

The reason I wanted to degrade backwards to much earlier browsers is to support nodes in the shelter/refuge that run on thin clients with IE5.5 or very old laptops that can only run lightweight browsers. If the facility is there, the javascript snippets improve everything dramatically.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Instant CANBUS for Microcontrollers

$12.90 from Futurlec, connects to anything with simple RX/TX/POWER for monitoring of a CANBUS 2.0 line. Simple commands to get and put values to the CAN line.

I recently discovered extensive research proving what I already guessed a while back - CANBUS started as a DOD standard for creating EMP resistant networks and gradually filtered down to the civilian industry starting with the car manufacturers. CANBus was designed to survive nuclear war and solar flares! The design of CANBus makes it possible to both shield and ground network lines in a way that is impossible with ethernet and traditional power lines.

Implications : Once you reduce any monitoring to a TTL interface you have any number of options to use it from a conventional PC, embedded controller or other device to make it available globally. The total price with a TTL converter ($3) on Ebay (USB or RS-232) comes to $15.00 or so which makes it much cheaper and simpler than the older standard ELM327 serial devices for connection to a CANBUS.

For me it also raises the possibility of a very small x86 device running a minimal OS in DOS or Linux to act as a consolidation node for transmitting/serving up CAN information over a tiny web service to make it available to the whole shelter. A TTL device like the one above doesn't require any special drivers, either DOS, Windows or Linux/FreeBSD write to it with simple COM port commands. I have had good results previously with a tiny program in PowerBASIC sending sensor information to mailslots running over LAN Manager for DOS. My biggest problem in the past running on these very small RAM devices (192K on my smallest x86 board) is not sending messages over the network through mailslots or a packet driver, but trying to fit the I2C TSR and CANBUS TSRs into memory with the TSR for the packet driver. So if the only TSR I had running was the packet driver and the I2C and CANBUS were both simple serial commands you'd have a very stable system that would fit onto a tiny machine. My main interest in this area is driven by my desire to watch my security triggers and seismic posts in real-time, no big fat Windows OS running, just sitting on the raw metal of DOS/BusyBox Linux watching these ports and waiting for interrupts to go off. In a dedicated box like this I want it to be fixed purpose, it doesn't need to run an inventory program or manage a schedule of work orders like the more ambitious Vault-OS program I am still working on. It just needs to sit there watching those security triggers and notify the rest of the system immediately if something is triggered, with an audio/visual alarm in addition to an alert message sent out to all machines watching over the network lines for these kinds of events.

So you've got a web browser running Vault-OS and it is watching for AJAX messages in real-time. It's really good if this page is up to let you know that somebody has broken the perimeter. What if you're in inventory while this occurs? This is the problem with web browser client pull monitoring architecture. I am still trying to solve this problem but the ultimate backup is to have the dedicated machine deliver it's own alert and notification you can hear, in addition to providing web services to any machine to let them know what was happening. Ideally this might be a snapshot of the particular region monitored that has just triggered, showing a guy in PIR sneaking beside the monitoring post as a thumbnail in the web service. I had this semi-working about two years ago when it was a dedicated device but right now it is still under development after I changed the nature of the TCP-IP communication by making it into an AJAX service.

The real solution is to add some javascript to every single page that polls for these events and brings up a CSS window to let the user know a severe alert has occurred with a link to the web page with extended information. I just have not got around to this yet. I still have other parts of the system I am trying to get running. I was working last night for the umpteenth night on basic query, filtering and search for any table.

When I started work on Vault-OS embedded server in OpenWatcom in 2010, these libraries were not available. Very impressive lineup for DJGPP. My long term dream of running Vault-OS as a pure DOS-32 program with it's own web browser as it's own GUI could still become a reality but first I have to get the Win-32 version out. This cross-platform serial CANBus solution could be a big part of that. The source code would look nearly identical on every single platform for monitoring the bus directly.

Kwanstainia Is A Skidmark In God's Underwear

The Kwanstainian applauds military armored vehicles on his streets, believes it will help reduce crime.

The Kwanstainian government should set up the FEMA extermination camps as self-service. You insert cash or coins into an incinerator, turn it on and crawl inside. The ashes are dumped into one of these plastic coffins and two other Kwanstainians carry it out and stack it in the mass grave for burial. You could have a small contingent of guards at the camp to explain how to operate things, base it on the honor system. They'd check in for regular inspections to make sure things were all going smoothly, otherwise just camp in the recreation building playing air hockey while the citizens exterminated themselves outside. Imagine the savings to the government in tight fiscal times like these.

A Little Problem With Genetically Modified Grass - It Started To Produce Cyanide Gas

You see, there's a little problem there.

Right, I can see that would be a bit of a problem. Instead of oxygen, grass that produces cyanide gas. Wow, that would be a problem.

Imagine stuff like this spreading as far as toxic colon-eating GM Star Corn. Infecting all the grasslands of the planet. Step outside for a whiff of that old fresh mown hay and get a deep breath of cyanide gas.

That could be a problem.

GM is so insane, it is beyond insanity. There are insane people standing around going "Gosh, that GM stuff is crazy."