Sunday, June 30, 2013

Forbidden To Speak Of, Forbidden To Look At, Forbidden To Think Of

These people have been dead at least for thousands of years. That's what we are supposed to believe.

Then who is it still hiding their bones and concealing their existence? Their children. They have not gone anywhere. They are not quite as tall, smaller heads. They have had to conceal their rule in finance and money instruments.

The melonheads are the original rulers of the planet. They have always commanded and the creature called Homo Sapiens has always obeyed.

There was one race that would not obey, said the Demon Humbaba in the Epic of Gilgamesh. The great hero Enkidu and all his kind would not submit to the "gods." For this reason, they would be punished to make an example of them. A living ghost he became, in the world but not of it.

The bones of the rulers are still accidentally displayed but often it is merely oversight until the fossils are gathered up and sealed in the basement of the Smithsonian where no one is permitted to see them.

Notice all the ancient indian legends were extremely accurate. Red hair, blue eyes, a double row of teeth, cannibals, merciless tyrants, a sixth finger.

The people of Polynesia say that when Oannis came to them from the floor of the ocean and appeared at the shore, he asked them to bring him a drop of blood from someone who had blue eyes and when they told him of a child born with a sixth finger who died soon after, he asked them to retrieve a lock of the child's hair. In exchange he gave them a stick that when shaken, gave off a light. He said that he and his kind lived on the floor of the ocean where they created life. Oannis with the head that came to a point, who wore the scales of a fish he swam through the ocean with. He has been credited with teaching mankind all the crafts and knowledge they possess. Before Jesus Christ, the cult of Oannis was the largest worldwide and served as a state functionary to teach men their station. Another reason for them to hate Christ, who taught that all men are made in the image of  God. Anathema to the race that believed that all men were made to serve them. When the young indian brave who escaped to tell his story of his imprisonment asked his captors the red haired giants how they could do such cruel things as eat men, they told him, "Having made your kind, we are free to do as we wish with you."

The melonheads have Nietzsche's argument close at hand for all who put their faith in God. They say "How could there be a 'god' if I were not permitted myself to be one?" It is their ancient cry.

God may save the souls of melonheads too but I think there are scarcely any who would ever approach him for forgiveness. They are too full of themselves to ever do anything but sneer at the notion of the sacred. It has always been their way. They worship the serpent, the Nahash, the reptile, the cunning of snakes and the wisdom of vipers. This is the only thing they would ever countenance.

I heard in the past ten years the Lovelock, Texas skeleton which was on display a century has mysteriously vanished and all attempts to correspond with the local university do not shed any light on where it has gone. Worldwide, in the past twenty years, the internet has brought about the seizure of many melonhead remains that have been too widely publicized. The skulls at Malta were supposed to be particularly frightening. You will see that wherever it is announced, somebody or something shows up immediately afterwards and spirits it away.

I have something for you to think about ... is the melonhead an IS-A descendant of melonheads and therefore nought but a melonhead ... or is a melonhead a HAS-A relationship to all mankind? Melonheads, Neanderthals and Homo Sapiens are all HAS-A grouped into the human family. Can a man be both a breed and yet always a human being, in both groups and perhaps others forever? Amongst Neanderthals there were four types in Europe alone and perhaps more. They were men but they were also very different from one another in many ways. Nevertheless, they may have been identified by all who saw them as "Neanderthals" and thus targeted for genocide. The Mousterian, the Amud ... could they be more different? Yet also the same.  The Amud, being the most different of them all, may have been considered to be in danger of escaping the IS-A Neanderthal taxonomy and simply be taken as a man, too similar to human beings of all kinds to differentiate from in appearance alone. Is this why he had to be destroyed?

Friday, June 28, 2013

Scientists Ready To Admit : They've Always Been Horses

Always. The evidence they were ever anything but horses is non-existent.

Tall horses? Dappled horses? Big muzzle, short tail? Feral? Domestic? It's still a horse. There are plenty of genetic strains of the horse. There is enormous variation in genetic makeup and a huge spectrum of epigenetic expression that the horse can produce according to environment, climate, diet, predators, ground cover, vegetation, habits. Some species are night-blind. Others have extra ribs.

But it is still a horse. Not a different species.

One big paradigm shift I have had mentally recently, maybe my biggest readjustment in quite a while, is the epiphany I have had about taxonomies. They are artificial constructs created by experts in narrow fields to assist them in making up impressive looking charts they can hang in their classrooms. Taxonomies may not exist in fact at all, throughout the universe, anywhere.

This is critical in my profession, where slavish obsession to the mental framework of the taxonomy has possessed the industry for nigh ten years because of their usefulness in designing GUIs with the "OBJECT-ORIENTED" paradigm. The OOP ideology is best distilled to IS-A relationships. It works great for GUIs. Everything else ... I just don't know anymore.

I am starting to believe that IS-A is all wrong. It is more like HAS-A in the real world. There is no PARENTED-TO when what matters more is GROUPED-BY. You have to be a programmer to appreciate what I am talking about. TABLES are BETTER THAN OBJECTS. Horrific blasphemy, I know. But true. This is part of my coming to understand the Lua scripting language and why it kicks amazing ass in 65K of compiled code.

The horse is not a family of species. Wrong. That is incorrect. The "horse" is a creature whose defining classification rests on the fact it falls into the HORSE-GROUP. Having a fluffy mane doesn't make it not a horse or even a different species. It's a HORSE with a fluffy mane.

We have no skeletons of horse-sloths, horse-shrews, horse-monkeys, horse-sheep, horse-goats.

There are no intermediary stages.

Perhaps this is because Robert Felix is correct. So-called "evolution" is in fact a brief, punctuated equilibrium in which a mad scientist's lab of freakish creation amidst magnetic storms produces wild variety and complexity from the existing gene pool. Followed by eons of steady state biology. I believe this is the case. I think Robert Felix is better than Darwin and closer to the truth of the situation.

Whatever is the truth, the only thing I can tell you with certainty is absolutely not accurate is traditional Neo-Darwinism. The facts say that is not how this works at all.

P.S. I inquired some more in this vein. Do you know the reason scientists prefer taxonomies over extraordinary coincidences? The fact is, taxonomy is artificial, invented and easy enough anybody can do it without fear of being proven wrong. On the other hand, recognizing HAS-A relationships can be a lot more demanding and requires good mental discipline, whereas IS-A can be pretty much whatever you want to say it is as an arbitrary assignment. You can pretend IS-A represents a cascade of accidents, like for example putting some deer at the top of a tree of horse relationships and just announcing "all horses must be descended from the deer." It may be a complete fabrication and made up on the spot, but the chart looks cool ... giving the impression the scientist really knows what the hell they are talking about. By the time they are proven wrong and people know horses did not descend from deer, they will be safely ensconced in retirement. To see HAS-A groups is to concede that somehow, as incredible as it may seem, there appears to be a metaphysical category of things called "HORSES" to which something belongs, even as it exhibits great differentiation in its own way. When we talk and think in terms of HAS-A, we are showing recognition that there may not be a tree of relationships all multiplied from some original form at all. Taxonomies appeal to gnostics. HAS-A says we admit ... all we know about it for sure is that it is some kind of horse. It may have not come from anything. It may have always been a horse, for all eternity.

Saturday, June 22, 2013


They are just going public with it now.

Before the internet, plenty of people like me on the fringes had already figured it out.

It was always a secret hidden in plain sight. If you would simply read between the lines you could guess back in the early 90's that they were trying to keep this on the down low.

The irony of calling the Neanderthals cannibals is too complex to discuss here. It is all about projection.

The Neanderthals were a race of people who revered the dead so much they took twenty years to bury them with great ceremony and sometimes after they had been preparing the bones for that entire time. They had a rich notion of the afterlife, giving their loved ones all the implements they might need in the "next life" to "survive" so they would not arrive there empty handed.

From everything I have read and seen, I would guess that out of all the races of people that have ever existed, none of them had a stronger taboo and personal revulsion about cannibalism than did the Neanderthal. This would have applied to highly intelligent animals that the Neanderthal regarded as "people" in their way, like dogs and horses which they domesticated. Of course they ate bison, aurochs, seals and mammoths and yet they still anthropomorphised them and immortalised their human qualities at places like Las Caux. To this very day you will see farmers who love their animals but some of them they eat at the ends of their lives.

As for people, I would bet that much like Eskimos the Neanderthals regarded this as the worst of all crimes and were disgusted to even imagine such things possible.

Not merely to be genocided but to be genocided in this way by huge overwhelming locust-like hordes and their women raped and taken away captive ... too horrific to contemplate.

The more things change, the more they stay the same. Homo Sapiens has not changed much at all in the past forty thousand years. For the most part, still a bloodthirsty and essentially insane monster.

Notice how they are still talking that rubbish about "out of Africa." They must not have got the memo. The original proponent of the idea has sworn off it and claimed it was dumb even back then to assert such a thing.

The truth is ... nobody knows where this monster came from. It just appeared at the southern tip of Europe in huge mobs so suddenly it seems impossible. See why I think the way I do? What good this creature, other than its usefulness in killing the Neanderthal?

If all you knew were the facts you might think it the purpose for which this rude beast was made.

Friday, June 21, 2013

A God Production

Laughing at scripture as they cooperate to fulfil the prophecy of revelation.

If they are not genetic wind-up toys designed to be destroyed for the greater glory of God, why do they behave as scripted thespians in the amphitheatre of scripture?

Their hollow words and grandiose schemes are nothing but dialogue written for them by what Charles Fort called "X." They're Z-grade Armageddon extras.

Your Life Is State Property As Is Your Internal Dialogue

It is a crime in Australia to have thoughts you keep to yourself.

The government pursues criminal prosecutions against those who attempt to have an internal voice or dialogue they do not share with the State. Until they can actually monitor those from the outside they will require you to divulge any and all conversations you have had inside there and any known associates like other imaginary personalities you may or may not be speaking to. These things are important for State planning of the most minute details of your existence as a part of their animal husbandry policy which is protecting your freedoms whatever they are supposed to be since it appears the State does not permit you the slightest in any regard.

Intervention Saved The Banks in 2008

If they hadn't covered the bank losses, all the banks could have gone broke.

Oh god please no. A world without bankers. Imagine.

Darwin Awards Winner 2013

I thought this was pretty hilarious. Imagine somebody too damaged biologically to live, then subtract 1000% from that to get this.

The left is the absence of the good. It is the vacuum where a person should go.

I never understood this whole baby killing thing. It never made any sense to me. The idea someone could be vicious enough to attack an infant in-vitro in the name of human rights was always so insane I just lumped it in with the rest of the manboon madness. Slobbering knock-kneed crazy for sure, all things Sapien.

Their story is, they were the best ones which is why they are the winnarz. Home invaders who got to write the history books after their triple homicide genocide.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Stay on the Good Side of the Ring of Fire

Say whatever you want, I stopped having nightmares about tsunamis blotting out the sun after we moved.

Even if it was all in my mind, there is something to be said for the survival value of the cessation of that kind of anxiety.

Pretty dumb to spend a quarter mil on a shelter and then end up having it backfilled with sand. I have nothing to say in my own defense. I built it in the wrong place.

I miss the old shelter sometimes. I just keep telling myself the next one is going to be the best yet.

I've built several in Australia. The first collapsed, the second flooded, the third one was destroyed by mold. It is like refactoring Vault-OS except the refactor costs me a couple hundred thousand each time to try again. I really intend to get it right next time. I'm going to combine everything I have learned into the ultimate shelter. If my next one finally gets it all right and I stick Vault-OS into it running on DOS, it's going to last for centuries and never suffer a problem I can't fix. After I put my brain into a cyborg body around 2128 A.D. after we have all survived a half dozen nuclear wars, I will run the new generation Vault-OS on a thread in my brain to make certain I can keep tabs and monitor the shelter from anywhere. Okay that's pretty crazy. But no seriously, a cyborg brain. I meant that part.

Whatever happens, I won't worry about a two mile high tsunami triggered from a crustal shelf displacement rushing towards me at the speed of sound. That's the one scenario I could never think my way out of. I ran it through my head a couple hundred times, even thinking about fiberglass tanks reinforced with steel bands we could all jump into like Noah's Ark. It always seemed to me like that sort of situation would leave me feeling completely out of control. Global nuclear war, Ice Age II supercell hurricanes, rods from God, biowarfare, earthquakes I always imagined myself and my family sitting securely in the shelter playing GALAGA and trying to balance a tea in my lap while the shelter rocked from nearby detonations or tremors ... and having it all under control. The tsunamis kicked my ass and killed me even in my visualizations. I was scared of those.

I was downtown this afternoon seeing how deep I could go in the local subway system. I went down four stories underground and then found another staircase where I descended another two stories. I had previously only seen subways that deep in pictures smuggled out of North Korea. This was the right place to build the next generation of Vault-Co shelters. With a bit of planning you could walk forty miles underground in this town without ever surfacing and reach the urban centers from beneath without seeing any sunlight. We should have settled here ten years ago.

I'm trying to see the good that will come out of it and I think the best thing I have to show for it all is an incredible embedded system that was refined for over a decade trying to fight that stupid mold and stabilize Firehold Bravo while it was unoccupied. The mold won the battle but I think Vault-OS will win the war. Later this year after I get my game finished, I'm going to put the first version up for open source and let everyone see what they think of what I have been percolating since 2001.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Delusional Fantasy World of the "Corporate Workplace"

There is no workplace!

There are only places that cannot currently hire me because I am engaged somewhere else!

Listen to me. I've been doing this for thirty years. I know what I am talking about.

The usual suspects look at Microsoft Project, suddenly realize they have not done any work since the early '80's, then they call a recruiter and ask them if they have any contractors that can start asap.

You can laugh all you want and you're right - it's hilarious! It's also the truth.

The reality is that this planet is so sorry ... guys like me START TO LOOK GOOD. People who show up WITH PANTS ON who know to CLOSE THEIR MOUTHS AT THE END OF SENTENCES start to look good. People who know to wash their hands coming out of the employee restroom are somewhere between Robert Goddard and Thomas Edison in the modern workplace. There is what people say. Then there is what they do. The two things have no relationship.

Yes it is funny. It is absolutely hilarious. It is also true. Research and boots-on-the-ground has verified it with hard evidence nearly every single decade since the end of World War II. It has never registered on the common man no matter how clear it is made and how many times they repeat it.

All meaningful work in the Western world is achieved by Neanderthal hybrid undesirables children of Abel sons of Enkidu "transients."

It is not that I am the world's best contractor, best programmer or best developer. The truth is that I am unique because I CAN ACCOMPLISH ANY MEANINGFUL WORK AT ALL. In the country of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.

This man explains the subject better than any corporate analyst I have ever met.