Friday, October 31, 2008

Quiz : How Many Days Could You Survive Independently In Your Own Home?

I used the figures for my shelter instead. This is what the quiz concluded:

How Long Could You Survive Trapped In Your Own Home?

Polygamy Case A Blowout

500 crying children ripped out of their parents bleeding hands at gunpoint and strapped in front of interracial porno with their eyelids stapled open, supposedly due to suspicions about 6 men who were not originally listed on the warrant. Let's hope these children recover from their encounter with the benevolent government and the swinger hippie pedophiles the feds put these poor virtuous christian children in the custody of.

Like everything in the U.S. now, a total free-for-all police state serving up massive anarchy around the clock.

Authority figures can do whatever they want, wherever they want anyway they want to anybody in Amerikwa and the whole idea of accountability has gone right out the window with the Bill of Rights. There is no law and no accountability for anything. It's the law of tooth and claw, the same one the beasts follow in the jungle.

Vaults Are The Only Thing That Will Survive Magnetic Realignment in 2012

The Russians are not scared to get wild and crazy. Vault-Co likes.

I'm not sure how much of this is correct and what is the result of exaggeration to make their point.

I can tell you there is no evidence the atmosphere vanishes in a magnetic pole shift. None at all. They just made that up.

There is quite a bit of fossil evidence that seems to be a layer deposited by a massive death due to naked cosmic radiation around the time of a magnetic shift. Three feet of shielding and a stout 90 degree turn should pull you right through that.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Return To The 8th Century

Vault-Co predicts that personal security in the 21st century will be inferior to security that was common under the medieval feudal system. Most people's chances of dying violently at the hands of others will be greater than any time since immediately after the collapse of Rome as a world power.

Understanding Obama As A Mob Phenomenon

Very sharp writing in the last place you'd expect, the Wall Street Journal.

The Third World deals in the politics of messianic campaigns because most of the people there know perfectly well that nothing less than a supernatural miracle could ever fix what is wrong with their country. That is why they always fail.

As Amerikwa has declined to it's current degradation, it is to be expected it's political scene would become the same droll quest, one election after another, for a messiah.

Any nation that needs a messiah to guarantee them opportunity, the rule of law and some happiness is a nation that can no longer achieve those things by any other means. The Republic was never founded on the idea that we would have angels for leaders, rather the opposite was assumed. That was it's strength and it was the reason it endured as long as it did. A country that thinks personality can determine if it sinks or swim is drowning.

Leftists Murder People. Lots and Lots of people.

You know those people who are always talking about community, consensus, tolerance, compassion, sew-sigh-etty, finding new sexual norms, breaking down barriers, discovering our identities, bending art barriers, advancing progressively and moving forward on this magnificent journey we're all on to a higher level of "spirituality?"

Well, fifty years ago people like that used to be called schizophrenics. According to bad old evil politically incorrect psychiatry in the fifties before it got revised, schizophrenics always deteriorate into worse mindframes with time and invariably become psychotics at some point.

If you know what ideologies people subscribe to, hard scientific statistics say you know how likely they are to murder somebody else for very thin reasons during their lifetime.

The same people who insist conservatives and people who try to preserve the existing system are somehow "evil" are in fact themselves ... wait for it ... extremely vicious and destructive people who would probably like to stab somebody, anybody, about 200+ times when they feel like it. Not "verbally"you understand. As in real kitchen knives. The Left is all about never having to say you are sorry. You can do that if you are born without a conscience. The Left is so inhuman they realized they would have to seize control of the Right in order to blame their crimes on their opponents.

All fruits are leftists, all leftists are fruits

The facts are, leftists are murderers like their father Satan in hell.

What would you expect from people who believe baby-chopping is all about a "woman's right to choose?" Choose what, savage in-vitro sausage making? What kind of neurological misfire are we talking about where a person could shift the horror of late-term hookwire into a "human" rights issue? Bothered much when the fetus emerges breathing and with it's eyes open as you are dragging out it's viscera with a meathook? I think something upstairs is not quite turning over correctly for you if so.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Last Trumpet

Just read it.

I know there are plenty of secular humanists and atheists who frequent the board. I used to be one of you.

Read this and just open your mind.

Accept that perhaps there is another level to reality which our puny six senses can't penetrate.

We inhabit a living sea of energy, radiation, fields and interactive atomic forces of which we perceive a spectrum so narrow it could be compared with legal blindness.

What is happening there all around us where we cannot see? It's too deep to fathom. What could move in that void? The physicists tell us our own paradigm depends mostly on empty space for everything. Is that space really empty? Or is there something there ... something we cannot see but which can easily watch us?

Are we really the masters of the universe or players in some complexity which our miniscule monkey brains could never hope to comprehend?

All that Christ asks of us is genuine repentance and a sincere reform. There's not much else to it, despite what you have been told. There are ten commandments, you try to keep them and mean it and really it's not much more difficult than that. You keep them because you recognize you're unworthy of the gift that Jesus Christ gave us all. You want to do better and you see that there is much you have done that was wrong or what you would not do were you better. Don't allow anyone to mislead you with unsound doctrine - that's really all there is to it. It's enough for mankind given our nature.

Improvised Easy Maintenance NBC Filtration System From Common Parts

Probably the coolest thing I have seen for improvised air filtration in the previous decade.

This is a keeper. A few HEPA components added to this and you could save about $5000 on an air filtration plant. You could also replace it with this device if your current setup broke down.


You better believe it.

This part of the rollercoaster just goes faster and higher after this point, there's no resting until World War III comes into view and that is the end of the matter and the beginning of something else altogether.

I found a hundred links tonight but have decided I only need to post this one.