Friday, February 27, 2009

Magnetic Reversal in 2012 : Who got it right?

The mainstream told you it was thousands of years away. Centuries at the least. It would always be somebody else's problem in the far flung future.

Vault-Co has been telling you for ten years this was imminent. The authorities told you that there was no risk of massive cosmic radiation cooking the planet like a microwave based on a computer simulation during a magnetic reversal and therefore no reason to rush around digging underground vaults. Vault-Co told you that this was a lie designed to placate the sheeple.


A New Record : Communist Strikes Out As Presidential Material in Just Under Thirty Days

This unemployable drifter and unclaimed fatherless Kenyan bastard has demonstrated he is a massive failure as a leader in just under four weeks as acting President.

A deadly warmonger and the best statesman that Israel ever installed into office. This leftist radical has turned a grueling decline into a fullscale rout with only a few select speeches.

The world is a museum of Marxist failures and the next exhibit that will be put on display is going to be the late, great, United States.

You Knew It Was Coming - Marxist Scumbag Shows His True Color - RED

Commie, commie pants on fire. Call it the truth but you're a liar.

Marxists always say one thing, mean something else and their actions betray another agenda different altogether. The worst way to understand a Marxist is to listen to what he is saying because they always, always lie nonstop 24/7 it's part of their political ideology ... they tell themselves that because it's for a "good cause" any means are justified including concealing their real beliefs and intentions until they gather enough power to show themselves for who they really are.

If the Founding Fathers were here today they'd be knee deep in spent shell casings on full automatic. Thomas Jefferson would smash through the capital rotunda dome glass ceiling on a rappelling line with a powdered wig on, a live grenade in each hand like Chuck Norris and strapped with enough C-4 to take out half of Washington.

Thanks for destroying what was left of the 'Kwa, jerkoffs

Britain realizes far too late that America knew what it was doing all along

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Robert Mugabe on Slimfast

"While our economy may be weakened and our confidence shaken, though we are living through difficult and uncertain times, tonight I want every American to know this: We will rebuild, we will recover," Obama, a Democrat, said in a televised speech five weeks after taking office.

Nah, ya won't. Pack it, becuz itz coming.

Stand back, this nation is going to leave one big crater.

Vault-OS : .NET 1.1 apps work on W98+32MBRam

I got the I2C monitoring app running under Windows NT Terminal Server on my main computer as a .NET 1.1 assembly and the Windows 98 board but cannot find an easy way to talk to the parallel port for switching relays. Otherwise the sensing application window is running well. I don't seem to be able to do transparent windows in Windows NT or Windows 98, they still look great if they cover the desktop.

I am going to install the .NET 1.1 runtime on my main development machine again, the great thing about this discovery is that if I can guarantee that .NET 1.1 runs anywhere the runtime works, I can work on the programs on my development desktop and just transfer the code to the ThinkBoy server. I am trying to get a WAN with optical isolation going for the shelter to run my entire network so I can literally remote in and check on the shelter anytime through a thin client from anywhere on the internet. This is my ultimate dream.

Thin clients run .NET applications from the server pretty well but sometimes they begin to hitch and flicker in Citrix and I don't know why. I think it has something to do with the video refresh frequency. Trying to fix this problem now.

When I started last year and was thinking of hardware with 2MB RAM and a 16 MB flash card, Geos Ensemble was my target system. Since I have been buying PC/104 Pentium IIIs now on Ebay for $10.00 a pop I have been able to enlarge my horizons and aim for more and more decent support for Windows NT-98 OS with storage and RAM. Either way, you should have no problem running Vault-OS on any 32 bit x86 device with 32 MB RAM for the client and say 256 MB for the server. Most old portables can handle this easily with a USB or PCMCIA flash card as their boot device.

This will be better than Puppy Linux, stabler and easier to maintain. Windows NT Terminal server is like Latin - a dead language. The support is ubiquitous and there will be no changes with SP6 the last update. You will be running a very, very powerful system with room for lots of customization and all the power and glory of .NET applications. If you then install Nano-98 Windows on all your supporting devices or else a simple thin client PXE you will have more than enough power to supercharge anything you are running on it.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Alan Keyes Trying To Reason With Kwanzanies

Professor Keyes problem is that he is sane and still playing with a full deck of cards. This makes communication with 'Kwanzanians and their idiot media very, very difficult. They don't hanker for much talk about the real world and enjoy laughing at people who point out they are rolling downhill on fire in a wheelbarrel headed for the cliff edge of the Grand Canyon. They'd rather talk about Paris Hilton instead.

Friday, February 20, 2009

How Many Prior Nuclear Wars?

I would not be surprised if the true number of previous nuclear conflicts is a number that would boggle the mind.

Our own cycle will probably just be another drop in the bucket, hardly original or distinguishable from any other prior nuclear war. Stupid humans doing what they do best, dying screaming and descending into another shrouded era in which they will all forget almost every single thing they know. Hell, they're well on their way now. What most people know about the world could be written on a postage stamp. Listen to them rattle on about the "?bailout?" without being conscious of the irony. It used to be called "debauching the currency." They don't know about any of that. They scarcely know anything.

At the start of the Dark Ages in England, the people had given up so much they should have inherited from classic Rome and Greece they could be considered neolithic peoples living in mud huts. Reading and writing, books and scribes were virtually unknown except for the occasional rock carving in a cliff wall like the Flintstones. Mind you, all that decline happened within a few generations. There were monasteries where some scrolls of the past were still archived and preserved but for all the average person would know, the entire universe may have been created in 800 A.D. out of thin air without prehistory at all.

Like in Asimov's Nightfall, the long darkness descends and snuffs out what precious little reasoning power they had to begin with. After that runs it's course, they will remember nothing of the past. They hardly can remember anything now.