Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Kwanstainia Contemplates New Career As Crater

Air Force falling apart.

Tell me something I don't know.

The Chinese will make it quick and extremely painful, 'Stainians. Guaranteed. They don't care about your vacuous, confused gibberish. A blast wave does not care about philosophy or delusions.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Scale Models of Practical Home Shelters from the 1950's

These are beautiful models. Thousands of them were constructed to these specifications all over the United States.

Two things to keep in mind when seeking inspiration from these plans :

  1. These were designed for fallout protection, not blast ... and much lighter fallout than might be anticipated in some circumstances.
  2. These date from before Sam Cohen invented the Neutron Bomb. They need different shielding to protect the inhabitants from these kinds of effects.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

The End of the Gould Scienmajistics Cult

Without Gould alive to scream and hysterically rant at his detractors, the "socialist scientist" stands no chance of surviving objective appraisal in cold hard light. None at all.

Gould was a godawful pants-on-fire liar from the minute he woke up in the morning to the setting of the sun. He was the American Lysenko and he set back popular science by fifty years. If Gould had died in a bus accident at a much younger age, science in general regarding human beings would be far more advanced by now. It is a pitiful situation given that it is the year 2013 A.D. after the first sequencing of the human genome. Mostly the public recites ideas from the 1970's that the original proponents have themselves abandoned as embarrassments to their professional reputations.

It's a sad world we live in and a lot of it has to do with the fact it is a post-Gould world. He damaged everything he touched by association and left nothing intact without it being dreadfully obfuscated. He always had a special appeal for those who were themselves perpetually confused, treating them like kindred souls and appealing mostly to their vanity.

Remember, stupid people always outnumber their betters in the thousands. Gould amounted to their high priest in all matters of general confusion and solipsist self-referential rubbish.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Secret Relocation Of Vault-Co

Been relocating my family the past week.

We've been talking it over for years, finally got around to it.

I checked my mailbox and had a ton of letters from people worried I might have decided the flag had gone up so I welded myself inside the shelter.

The shelter had both hatches and two doors cut off a few weeks ago and was backfilled with about 8 tons of sand and rock after I cleaned it out and brought all the good electronic equipment up. The quonset and staging room was smashed in with a rockpick at my request, I was proud to see it stood up to quite a beating before it finally caved in.

Finally the mold met a force it could not defeat.

We have been busy organizing alternative shelter in our new location.

I have been worried about facing the Pacific Rim now since 2009 and expressed misgivings many times to my wife that we settled in the wrong place. After some research we realized that a far superior survivalist city existed in Australia that we had not considered prior to moving to the Gold Coast. One that did not rest on the Ring of Fire and was not historically subject to tsunami. I had been having repeated nightmares about a wall of water so high it blotted out the sun approaching our mountain redoubt. I'm not partial to dreams as a method of predicting the future but after you have had that same dream a couple dozen times you wonder if your subconscious is trying to tell you something.

It is really beautiful here, possibly the most beautiful city on the entire planet. I think of it as Switzerland down under.

My son and I were exploring the local infrastructure and underground it runs for miles and miles. You can cross half the city without surfacing once you know where the entrances and exits are.

We are very happy here, we had a few minor hiccups but otherwise it is even better than we had imagined. I am just getting my study (an independent building now from the house) organized and putting my development machines back online. We should be back to normal operations within a week or so.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Staged and staged. As Forrest Gump would announce, that is all I am going to say about that.

I heard about this before it happened. I heard some affront with black powder would be staged to justify the Bolshevists going after home reloaders.

They did this because they know even if they can't get the guns, they may still be able to get the bullets.

Thomas Jefferson & John Adams would be knee-deep in spent shell casings by now. Knee-deep. They would not fail to notice that "Ike" Eisenhower provided coast-to-coast nationwide correctional utility poles that need only be fitted out with piano wire to provide a suitable mounting for strange fruit and other gun grabbers.

Beware, Yanks. They must have something really bad planned for you with all the effort they are making during the Kenyan's second term to snatch those arms. I can only guess at what kind of horror they have in store for you after they get them.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Klaus Dona On The Melonheads

Recent appearance in Australia.

I could listen to this guy for hours. Always fascinating.

You will find that melonheads loved to wear scary masks and helmets in public. Theatre to impress the slaves. You will also notice they seemed to adopt identities that were anonymous in public in order to maintain a private life behind palace doors. Obviously ceremony and ritual formed a huge part of their everyday life, probably always as an extension to their ends. Perhaps even narratives and stories were conjured to communicate their plans and policies to the slaves as a sort of holographic reality that was intent on colonizing their minds. Exactly as Hollywood operates.

It is just a theory of mine but I think the evidence hints at these inclinations. They were always a race of liars, obscurantists and deceivers for the most part. Always many subliminal agendas going on at once, maybe sometimes even in conflicts with other melonheads.

For example, instead of simply telling the slaves to begin work on the next pyramid, perhaps staging a little play in advance of the construction complete with a rewarding climax and the "gods" richly pleased with the result. Allowing the slaves to think they too had planned the building from the start. I say this because this is how they operate 24/7 on television and in movies now. Horribly neurotic, of course.

P.S. Notice how the skulls at Malta were pulled in '68. Certain individuals were worried no doubt. Most of you probably think I make stuff like this up when I talked about this a while back. Wherever a melonhead skull of certain natural origins has been found, it is made to vanish a few years later as soon as it can be organized. You will see that Klaus has photos that cannot be found anywhere on the internet. Same situation for Amud skulls, except the Amud skulls are usually replaced with fakes shortly thereafter featuring sloping skulls instead of flat faces like we 'Thals have today. Somebody up there in the elites doesn't want people to see original melons or Amuds.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Kwanstainian Zombie Hordes

Like people except with a big vacuous hole where the soul would normally go on a person

Watch some of the videos at this link.

No real awareness in these critters. Don't believe the propaganda. They have two legs and bleed red blood but they are otherwise flatlining mentally.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Amazing Validation of My Anthropology

Shoulder-to-hip ratio is deciding factor.

I've known my entire life that my 1.20-to-1 ratio is part of the subconscious reason that others will never be able to really see me as a human being. I've always known. I can remember being seven or eight years old and noticing it. When I was so skinny I could have turned sideways and vanished. I knew it was the ratio that determined whether or not you could be regarded as "human."

The huge back, if matched to a waist (lean or fat, doesn't matter) of approximately the same size, brands you as a slave or servant or "non-person" to Homo Sapiens. They are incapable of seeing you any other way. The "real" humans have narrow hips and broader shoulders. It doesn't matter if this is a serious detriment in close range combat and virtually guarantees they will lose in a hand-to-hand conflict. This build has only one purpose and it is fighting at a distance, not close up. This build is for hurling projectile weapons at a distance. It doesn't matter if this build is actually physically weaker. This is what is attractive to the Homo Sapiens female.

A Homo Sapiens female might find you attractive in some other way but it will never translate into any real affection or desire. To a Sapiens, a man with a waist matched to his shoulders is a slave who cannot be regarded in the same way we regard a real person. They don't know why they feel this way. It is instinctive, innate and ingrained.

How on earth did they develop this subconscious discriminatory evaluation without even being aware of it?

Because after eating the Neanderthal males and gang raping the Neanderthal females, they kept the hybrid male children as slaves in a narrow caste for at least 20,000 years afterwards. You can be assured that any Homo Sapiens female who showed any sexual interest in one of these slaves was likely to be ostracized or put to death. They were not real people. They would stand on the outskirts of the tribe or sleep on the open ground and (according to Celtic mythology) were forbidden to look anyone in the eye. The women were instructed to consider them as little more than dogs who stood on two legs.

The tribes that developed these caste systems (according to Celtic mythology) were victorious against anyone who opposed them. With Neanderthals as shock troops in the battle, it was a simple matter of coming in behind them and mopping up. With Neanderthals as scouts and watchmen, nobody ever got surprised, especially not at night. With Neanderthals fashioning your tools and honing your weapons, every spear flew straight and every arrow hit it's target. With Neanderthals tasked to fish, hunt and forage, your tribe was freed up to plot strategy and consider the big picture. Once you had a large mob of Neanderthal slaves, everything came easily to you and victory was always within your grasp. It was these tribes that conquered all others and it was their genes which came to characterize the European genome. All you had to do in life to succeed was to learn how to manage your Neanderthals wisely.

There are great parallels here between the Romans and their Greek slaves, who were clearly smarter and often stronger than their masters. The difference being that the Greek slave could often be recognized as a human being, only of lower status or authority. The Neanderthals were strongly typed from the beginning as the "not-human." The living ghost. A creature that one wields as one would use a hammer or a tool for some job. They were only required to be acknowledged when one was giving them orders, otherwise they are faceless men standing close by, waiting to be given purpose and direction. Females would be descended from other females who learned the proper regard for their kind and did not see them as possible mates or even as men in that way.

40,000 years later, nothing at all has changed. Not in the least. I can take you into any workplace in the world and point them out. There, there and there. They are the ones at their desks working, the others stand and chat and speak of how easy their lives are, of their plans to go on vacation, of their leisure time, of their luxury and the great ease with which they navigate their lives. This one here who is working is only a tool, to be tolerated as long as it is necessary to obtain his services and then he is invisible again. When a deadline presses, suddenly a smile is available and perhaps even eye contact. Like a carrot held before a horse, there is dangled the prospect of them becoming a full human in standing if they will only work hard and deliver what is required on time. When the deadline has past, it is like this same one became as transparent as glass. No one looks at him. They merely look through him.
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