Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Billionaires Plan To Escape Dystopian Collapsed Countries Onboard Megafortresses At Sea Permanently

Interesting. A lot of money spent on these floating refuges.

Amongst other questions - where do you dock for resupply once things get bad enough? I foresee the ship itself becoming a death trap.

Surviving Jetstream Fallout

This is good advice for radiation prophylactics against a variety of sources from international fallout. Of course, none of this advice would be good for the death shroud but it could keep you alive as more and more radiation goes into the upper atmosphere as the planet descends into war and chaos.

Found Tom Chittum's Site Again

Tom Chittum moves around a lot. I found his latest web site. He's been migrating around every year or so for the past fifteen years I've been reading him.

Chittum is without question the hardest of the hardcore. It's truth rubbed so raw it screeches like nails dragged across a blackboard. His accounts of some of his fighting in Vietnam, Rhodesia, Croatia and many former strongholds of western civilization is way too real for most of the Tom Clancy armchair brigade to stomach. It's not reality most of them are interested in, it's wish fulfillment and escapism to try to dodge the pain of being forced to think.

Chittum thinks the Illuminati are going to win and the sheeple are going to die. Nearly everything that has happened in the past five years he was writing about in detail back in 1994 last century. There's scarcely a prediction he has made that has not turned out to be eerily prophetic.

I always think when I lose track of him that he has suicided but he always seems to turn up again. If you think you have the nerve, you can touch on some of his classics at his current site.

Millions of Years of Evolution = Earthworm Exodus

Earthworms sense these changes coming and evacuate deeper soils in anticipation. This adaptational behaviour is a result of surviving the deaths of countless trillions of earthworms who did not demonstrate this reaction before large quakes.

I heard it's a real phenomenon on the West Coast, in addition to the marine life beachings which are now becoming epidemic.

There are very big quakes coming. The Japanese quake was a mere simmering in comparison.

Monday, May 2, 2011



This story had the hair up on the back of my neck all day ruminating over WHY NOW? I think I know! The Wikileaks fake cointel was intended to set the stage for this reaction so people would be conditioned to draw this conclusion when it happens!!!


UPDATE #2 : The "narrative" is issued, complete with little soap opera touches and cliffhanger moments. Part of my training at psy-ops school my last year in the Army was teaching you how to recognize the counterpropaganda of your enemy. Developing an instinct to spot the rhythm and structure of a story that has been invented. Little touches that lend themselves to cinematics is a dead giveaway. A true story will usually be odd and incongruous, full of bits and pieces that make no sense and wouldn't fit into a movie anywhere. It doesn't sound like this story the government has offered at all. This is straight out of the Tom Clancy novelette dramatic form. Notice how it has a neat tidy beginning, climax and ending. That's the way humans structure fiction.


I like how they are calling it "justice." Really? Was this person afforded a trial to defend themselves and hear their accusers, see the evidence presented and prove their own innocence? I guess "justice" is now just shooting people a mile away with a high powered rifle. If it wasn't Bin Laden, just some guy in a beard who was checking to make sure his stable door was shut before turning in for the night, that doesn't matter anyway. What matters is that "justice" was done. Whatever that means exactly. There's no need to elaborate because a population with an average IQ of 97 has already forgotten whatever it was this was all about anyhow.

The United States looks like Mike Judge's IDIOCRACY more and more everyday. Everybody in that country talks pure gibberish from dusk 'til dawn.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Wake Up and Smell The Magma On The Move

Red-hot "magma."

I hope you're not one of those people who still thinks all these events are isolated atomic units of information on different sides of the planet. They aren't.

These things are all related and they all paint a big picture that says the sh*t is getting ready to hit on this planet big-time. If you have not figured this out yet, stop coming to this blog. I can't help you.

H.G. Wells, Architect of the NWO

I've always felt that all the planning for the stages we have seen implemented in the past ten years was initially performed by Wells and the Fabian Socialists in the earlier part of the last century. They then sought funding from the Rothchilds to back the plan and build their army of leftist retards all over the world to implement the steps one at a time.

I'm also a big believer that it isn't working out the way they envisioned and that various parts of the big picture elude them. They had planned for a chaotic transition to world government through manufactured crisis ... and the irony was that the whole planet was going into the next Ice Age, a situation they did not plan for at all. The result will be a catastrophic collapse of civilization into all-out war, another eventuality that did not work out quite the way they saw it going down. I think they expected a controlled little nuclear war in the Middle East, a sanitary affair where their host nations would keep functioning. None of them wanted World War III to be Klausewitzian, but that is the way it will work out.

What actually happened as a result of unforeseen factors was something completely outside their original scope.
The reader may have observed the following about human nature....when first confronted with something true but strange, the mind rejects it as ridiculously crazy. The second time it is heard it is merely rejected, and often the third time the truth confronts them the person will say "I knew that" as if the item were self-evident.

This is Nothing, I've Got Bigfoot Droppings In My Fridge At Home

Bet you anything Osama Bin Subcontractor has been on ice in a meat locker at Langley, Virginia since the summer of 2001. They probably planned all along for this to act as ballast to the stock market but they're not very bright with the timing. It no longer matters to anyone. The collapse of the Kwa is in full swing and this won't affect anything.

Just imagine yourself in the shoes of somebody thinking this will help Obama and maybe bolster his campaign. Try to imagine how much contempt they have for the average intelligence of the Kwans. They're probably right, of course.

Solar Activity is Hardcore Science Fiction

Changing rate of radioactive decay?!?

You couldn't make this stuff up.

Previously unknown particle streaming out of Sun?

Neutrino matter mutation altering nature of reality.

Luckily, it's not serious. Regular reality mutation and what have you. Don't panic.