Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2014 : Itz Coming

2014 is going to see an acceleration of decline leading to World War III in the near future

Kwanstainia, once the linchpin of world stability, has been converted by the elites into the principal engine of destruction. As long as Kwanstainia exists in its current state there will be no peace anywhere. Once it ceases to exist there will probably be even less as China asserts hegemony over the surviving nations.

Guess what kind of false flag the Feds are planning

Globowarmthinkists = Expedient Food Larders For Large Mammalian Predators During The Coming Grand Minimum

Got trapped by the unprecedented ice and cold temperatures trying to document global warming changes in Antarctic

This is like the sixth time this has happened to one of their ilk and they do not appear to be capable of learning, repeating the same meaningless theatrical expeditions over and over again.

If you are wondering how people like these managed to survive the last million years of primarily cold temperatures, the answer is easy - they didn't. Cold temperatures produce hardy conservative K-selected ubermenschen with bigger brains, more muscle and superior cognitive powers. Guys like this don't last ten minutes in those kinds of climates. If these idiots weren't rescued by people who clearly have no respect for passive Darwinism they'd be decorating the inside of glaciers come the spring thaw.

If you want to see where all this is going, watch here. You'll be really grateful the next Ice Age is starting right now. Thank God for small mercies.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Camille Paglia On Western Civilization Performing A Kevorkian On Itself

Really worth reading.

All the evidence of the past 5000 years points to a society which has annihilated itself from the inside like so many before it. As before the majority of the population is completely unaware that it is being hoisted by its own petard. The same euphoric obliviousness is seen in all declining civilizations and it grows frantic at the end in terms of sheer desperate rage to avoid thinking in favor of platitudes and pleasant sounding ambiguity.

Terminator Components To Be Mass Produced in 2014 To Accelerate Development

A new arms race to produce the smartest 'bots with the greatest autonomy, within the budgetary reach of all the developed nations

The first units ten years ago were what you would expect. As Moore's Law kicks in, they are going to improve exponentially. Anybody who thinks they are going to remain simple drones under the control of an operator is living in a dreamworld. They are going to fulfill the worst nightmares of science fiction writers over the past fifty years because human beings are vicious, nasty, crazy creatures who love to kill other human beings with minimum risk to themselves. It is horrible to contemplate and also true. That is the way they are. This is not the way Neanderthals were and that is why we all do not live in mud huts and eat our meat raw because of the 5% of the population who are the descendants of Abel and not Cain.

Some military think tanks will make strong arguments that they should not be built to look like human soldiers. These will be very rational, well thought out reasons they should remain looking like machines. The military brass will ignore these arguments because manboons are not rational or learning animals. Third and fourth generation will start to look as close as possible to real human soldiers because it makes killing the enemy more fun and more personal and therefore it is an inevitable development. I know how Homo Sapiens thinks and it isn't pretty at all. They are bad eggs and they will want human shaped robots because it makes the game of war much more fun for them, in the way they crave "fun."

Friday, December 27, 2013

Vanished Nation - Video Tour Of Dallas Civil Defense Emergency Center

It is pretty awesome, have a look at the video about halfway down the page.

I want my next shelter to have an entrance exactly like the one shown at the start of the video, except inside the home to access the shelter from the pantry.

Something very telling I noted during the video is that the keys to this site are now controlled by a clueless immigrant who has little interest in any of this and can't answer any questions about this superb shelter, built at a cost of millions of dollars to U.S. taxpayers. He might as well be conducting a tour of the Egyptian pyramids for all he can tell visitors.

2014 : Mother of all False Flags Is Being Prepared

The government has been working towards it since the 'Baminator was installed in office.

You will live in interesting times. Sheeple, the ramp is off the back of the truck and they are playing the soothing classical music. Follow the cow in front of you when they start to move.

Long March Through The Institutions

Creation of an anti-Christian, anti-Western culture to destroy the West from the inside

Where did the money come from for all this? Out of thin air? It takes a lot of cash to sell a dog on dogfood it simply does not like to eat.

Atomization of society into isolated individuals by attacking all the other institutions and undermining them, ending with the root of all institutions in the West, the nuclear family unit. Once you can make marriage into anything but the union of a man and woman to raise children you can tear it to pieces. The family unit was the last bulwark against the advance of the State and they are taking it out now.

Wonder Why Nobody Talks About 9-11 Anthrax?

It is because it was so obviously the work of the government it is forbidden to discuss.

Remember the fake letters purporting to be from Arab terrorists with deliberate misspellings?

What makes you think that anything else connected with this date was not also faked, since the anthrax attacks were synchronised with it?

Declining Civilizations Can't Do Anything Right

In 1925 they built appliances that were useful, not just obsolete or broken within a year

Everything used to be like this in the West.