Friday, September 30, 2011

12 Months Of Prepping One Month At A Time

A good guide to the basics, demonstrating how to fulfill the basic bullet points for survival over the course of a year.

Pepper Spraying Peaceful Unarmed Females In NY

This is one of the perks of the "War on Terror."

The new rules for the police since 2001 have basically been - there are no rules.

A nation run by a Kenyan-born madman with a wife as crazy as any tinpot third world sewer in Africa or South America. What is this bitch ... co-ruler? Nobody voted for her. You only see garbage like this in third world countries where the dictator's wife takes every small advantage.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Marxists With A Mantle Of Green Righteousness

So apt. It was truly the fall of the Berlin Wall that gave birth to globowarmthinkery in all it's hideous glory.

They Got Caught For Once

This stuff takes place behind the scenes for 75% of the media and television you see. Ever wonder why the local television stations in any country run certain special stories about this or that which happen to coincide with a new movie release concerning that same subject? Publicists set these up as play-for-pay and your media shovels it into your gullet as current events when in fact it is simply promoting sales for a private sector film.

Lax regulation and oversight by governments have gradually left the barn door open and over the past twenty years the whole industry has become one gigantic free-for-all circus promoted by a handful of megawealthy powerful conglomerates.

95% of everything in this world is likely to be bullsh*t, 110% of anything you see on television. If a guy on TV tells you the sky is blue, you need to go outdoors and verify that with the naked eye before you take it at face value.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Where Do The Edjumafacated Peeple Come From?

I was in college for four years. I have more than enough credits for a degree but I have never sought one in all these years since the day I dropped out. (Offered gender sensitivity training after saying in class than women were far superior with children than men)

I just don't understand where all these edjumafacated people come from. I can remember sitting alone at my computer in an empty dormitory for years, just as I sat in front of my computer in an empty barracks for years in the army. I always knew when it was getting late - there were the whoops and drunken screams of people entering my living space again in the late hours of the night. It's literally the only thing I have ever known - me studying and reading or exercising, the rest of the human race out drinking, chasing girls and driving fast everywhere. In all that time, I have seen almost nobody like me. You can see how I got it into my head I was radically different from the rest of mankind. The facts say as much.

I'd always try to speak to my fellow soldiers or my fellow students and it was always a disaster. I would try to engage them in any subject, on any topic and it was always a waste of time. They'd speak in short, broken english, struggling to put a single sentence together, concluding any run with any semantic content with "whatever, fugg it, life is a bitch and then you die." Their attempts to speak or think were so crude they seemed like animals made in the shape of men. Cursing, dribbling, screaming, whooping ... sometimes one of them would idly wander into my dorm room or barracks and stare like a mad beast at my computer. "Sheeittt! 'Puters! That's my major, too! You ken make money in them things, getcha ah good job! Sheeiitt!" he'd say, spilling some of his beer onto my floor. "Fucken Ay, man! To the max and whatnot!" Even this brief attempt at civility appeared to tax their resources, they'd shrug and jog off, screaming some more. "Let's go get wasted, dudes! Woohoo!"

I have seen a lot of these guys in the IT workplace later on. Many of them end up managers and senior architects. They end up in charge of the contractors like me. You see their emails in the workplace, they look like something a child would put together. The grammar and spelling are so atrocious they are barely comprehensible. They have no ability to break a task down into steps and complete each step at a time. They tend to think in terms of social reference and are nearly incapable of organizing the kind of work required in software development even when they are delegating it to others.

They hide the trailer park on the job and try to sound like they are serious people but it's never far below the surface. Come Friday afternoon their conversation turns to drinking, spectator sports, women and casual sex. You never hear them speak with excitement about any of their work with computers at home on the weekends. To them, it's a way to earn a middle class lifestyle and nothing more. If they weren't getting paid to act out these roles they'd never dream of touching a computer when they weren't at work. They hate computers but they like that paycheck.

If you'll think about this, it's obvious why I believe the human race is divided into two species, mixed together like oil and water, Jacob and Esau, Sapiens and Neanderthal. Just have yourself a think about it. Given that is my experience and there are years of it, repeated in many different locales and amidst many different environments, it is easy to see how I was put into the frame of mind that was receptive to these ideas.

Vault-OS Self-Building, Self-Configuring Server

The only thing I liked about CD Commander (link no longer works for download) that I released a few years back is that it built and populated all the required databases the first time it was run, automatically, leaving the user with something ready to go with an IJW ("It just works") philosophy. The program was a series of half-starts with me trying to get my head around the right architecture. It is a thorny problem I have now solved and can demonstrate working according to the original ambitions for Vault-OS.

A lot of that embedded schema code I compiled right into the source I have successfully transferred over to the Watcom build. I am trying to use SQLite as a completely portable file repository solution not just for configuration and all system settings but also a cross-platform binary to keep all data in. The idea here was if you wake up one morning and decide you need to get a machine running with Linux, you copy that database file over as a single chunk and the Linux version of the server runs off that the first time it is initialized. This is integrated into my generic form processing routines which also operate in memory and provide for a uniquely original method for processing CGI at lightning fast speed. So I would say the hours I may have spent in the past on "CD Commander" was not a complete waste of time, I was able to port a good chunk of that source code over.

One other thing is that I have confidence this exact source is going to be nearly 100% portable to the QNX Neutrino OS, which was my original choice for Vault-OS across the board five years ago. There may still be a cross-platform build for QNX in the cards.

El Hierro, Again? Eruption Appearing Likely

This may be the straw on the camel's back.

This is a very dangerous location for many reasons, the least of which is La Palma. It seems to accompany very vigorous periods of volcanism worldwide.

A decentralized agriculture system was able to weather a year or more without a summer two centuries ago following Krakatoa and El Hierro eruptions and only a hundred thousand people starved to death. In today's world, a similar event would be absolutely apocalyptic. The only nations which would have enough money to bid for harvests would have been the Western nations in the past - however the Kwa and UK are flat out busted. Even if all the food was sold to the West and they let the rest of the planet starve, food prices would be so astronomical that you'd be extra glad you packed it as Vault-Co advised. Get ready to feed your neighbors and other non-Vault-Co browsers who didn't pack anything. There's a whole generation raised on food from a McDonald's window that will shortly be in for the surprise of their lives.

Fred Hoyle Is Not Mentioned In This Article

Vault-Co says that people who are actually smart, as opposed to pretend-smart, will find there is no place for them in the declining civilizations of Homo Sapiens. Sapiens has no use for any man who tells the truth about anything. It is actually anti-social to speak in this fashion around Homo Sapiens. Humans hate the truth and they hate hearing the truth out loud. The truth never flatters their vanity and so it is unwelcome in all quarters.

So, if every single thing the great astrophysicist Fred Hoyle believed turns out later to be right ... it means that most of scienmajistics over the past fifty years is by and large IDIOCRACY-style garbage.

When you think of the millions of dollars spent on propaganda documentaries for public television teaching billions that crappy ideas based on self-serving rubbish are more credible than good ideas motivated by a desire to discover the truth about our existence ... it's enough to discredit the entire field of modern science, permanently.

I encourage you to read the biography about Fred Hoyle and his colleague to truly understand the extent of the humiliation, ridicule, career destruction and virtual banishment of Hoyle from the field despite his enormous contribution. People were laughing and sneering at them for most of their lives, they were widely regarded as cranks and not welcome in any scientific venue anywhere.

Fred Hoyle should get a posthumous Nobel prize for his work on this question. He earned it many, many times over. Everything he was ridiculed for ("Hoyle's Fallacy") has now been revealed as sober, levelheaded scientific inquiry against a background of gammy-eyed morons and dribbling village idiots posing as scienmajistic types.

Watch the revisionists rework history on this one the same way they did with Linus Pauling. "It wasn't that we thought he was a crank and laughed at him in public and destroyed his career. We had some reservations about his theory of course ... no wait, actually I agreed with Fred on most points come to think of it. I was just posing as opposition in order to expose the whole rotten system from the inside. In fact, it was me originally who suggested the theory of panspermia to Fred that triggered his hypothesis. Yes, that's it. Good old Fred, he deserves a modicum of respect and perhaps we'll even concede he may have been correct in a very limited sense."

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

VOS (IJW, Zero Configuration)

I tested the latest build tonight on DOS-32 PM, Windows NT Workstation, Windows 2000 and Windows 7. "It just works" out of the box. The GUI is the web server, so it runs right from the prompt and you configure it from a web page. (SSL for password works)

The CGI submission of forms is completely driven inside the software so it's lightning fast. The SQLite database access is in need of some optimization but I guarantee you that VOS is running faster than most web server applications right now.

The page refresh set to 1 second is what passes for real-time monitoring at present on the controller page, this is as sophisticated as you can get and keep HTML 3.2 compatibility with Mosaic and Arachne browsers for DOS. You have a table of sensors there similar to other open source monitoring software you've probably seen that changes in real-time as you're watching the web page. I pinched a thermistor for I2C in my hand and saw the temperature reading go up as I watched. These devices have detail pages where you set them up, also from scratch from the front end. If you have set an alert for a certain temperature range, that shows up in real time when the alert condition is triggered.

I pulled out all my PAWN code for release version one. I can get that running later. It's possible to schedule, configure and control all your devices from inside the browser with no programming in script required. That's the important thing, the ability to write your own custom pages will have to wait for version 2.0 after I get this out.

I only have Inventory and Personnel apps working at present and they are kind of primitive. I have changed the way I set up the filters for data and decided to hardcode a lot of stuff to get people off to roaring start from the outset. (See all foods requiring inspection/rotation, personnel with medical conditions, etc.)

It ran on a very small DOS machine with only 4 megs of RAM from a packet driver network interface and it seemed to run faster than the Windows version.