Monday, January 30, 2012

Planet Concedes Robert Felix/Vault-Co Right After A Decade of Denial

Was watching some agitprop on SBS public tonight called "Science Under Attack" with a bunch of marxists hiding behind "scienmajistics." They kept talking about the "consensus." Note - people who care about the consensus are not Neanderthals. There is only one kind of hominid on this planet qualified to practice science and it isn't Homo Sapiens. Homo Sapiens talks about the consensus. People who can think don't care about consensus because they don't need to. They can think.

Poor Sapiens walnut brain is ready to concede to thirty years of cooling. I got bad news for you, you carb-eating baby-killing halfwits. This is Neanderthal weather coming up. Sapiens need not apply. It's going to be cold and it's going to be tough. Light boned large tribe fast-maturing species do not fare too well in this sort of climate. It's the hard yards. More the sort of weather you'd expect to find muscular, beefy, thick protein eaters with big brains wandering around in. There will be no Oprah specials to combat this one as a collective effort. Putting your brains together won't do you much good, as Nietzche said it is impossible to multiply by zero. The multikult in this kind of climate merely concentrates the babies for larder so the cannibals can find them more easily. Sapiens is Cain. He's no herder like his brother Abel. When the temperature drops he is out of ideas right about the time his brother Esau is just getting started.

If I was going to recommend you a destination I'd tell you below the equator in a country that does not suffer glaciation. If you can find an industrial western nation with modern amenities located thereabouts you should go there. Just don't come to Australia.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

USDA and FDA Folded Into The NWO Overnight

This is to support the Codex Alimentarium by merging a national office directly into the arms of the U.N. overnight with no representation.

I think this reflects their immediate plans for accomplishing these things. Quick little surrenders of sovereignty to the U.N. with no debate to instantaneously give them authority in these matters.

They need a war now to serve as a distraction while this proceeds under the table. Misdirection is the primary ruse of magicians and wizards. Keep people busy looking over there while your hands are at work here. It really helps if lots of people are occupied just trying to survive while your agents sign off on these kinds of actions.

One morning you wake up and realize you are living under the yoke of a supranational global authority. That is how it is supposed to happen.

Globowarmthinkery Is Rebranded Druidism

There is no science to be found in this "science."

People never change. If they aren't defending one religion, it's another. The same kind of people who wanted to burn heretics a few centuries ago are busy dehumanizing opposition to global warming now. Homo Sapiens will never change. He is incapable of making anything better. Sapiens is the literal incarnation of decay and decline.

Sapiens picks an orthodoxy and then he persecutes those who he perceives as challenging it. He is a monkey in manpants and will never be anything more.

You Gotta Be Kidding Me

Sheldon Adelson: "The uniform that I wore in the military, unfortunately, was not an Israeli uniform, it was an American uniform."

Sole financial magnate funding the Gingrich campaign.

Er, who was stopping you from serving in the Israeli IDF instead of the American Army?

I don't comprehend this ... individual. He doesn't make any sense. Live in one country, have loyalties to another. Most people would call that bastardry of the highest order.

The Elections In The U.S. Are Worthless Frauds

Proprietary voting systems not subject to public audits? You gotta be kidding me. That's not an election. That's not anything at all. A plebiscite in the Soviet Union was a more credible affair.

Removing The Veil

One of the things that protects the wicked is the sheer mediocrity of the common man. He doesn't have the imagination to envision this kind of evil. He refuses to believe such things could be deliberate because he cannot conceive of such things or the purposeful concealment of these deeds.

There's an agenda there and the sheeple will always be subject to it as long as they lack the capacity to postulate the existence of humans who are not as pedestrian as themselves. There are ends of the spectrum where raw, satanic evil prospers because it remains difficult to believe in it.

The Kwanstain Has Been Doomed For A Century

The fate of the 'Stain has been a given since the first World War.

Once the Federal Reserve (never ratified according to the Constitution) was allowed to stand, the business of politics turned into a looter's free-for-all and had achieved nearly irreversible corruption by the time the 'Stain entered Vietnam.

You see, once you give an inch to the ponerology, you have given a mile. Once they have a mile, they proceed to take it all.

Somehow, I understood this when I was a very young boy. I knew the substance had been replaced with the appearance from a young age. Nobody had to explain it to me, I just saw it in the things around me. I sensed this was the tide going out for my generation by the time I was twelve.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Vault-OS : Progress Report

UPDATE : I had a huge breakthrough last night. Worked for about five hours on porting it over to .NET 2.0 to run under Mono. Tested it on a VM running Windows 98 Lite and it ran like a top. There is one piece of managed code that will have to be adapted for Linux/FreeBSD otherwise it is a totally vanilla C# program that even runs it's own server. Modest estimate = [12 Megs W98/2000/XP OS] + [Mono 14 Megs] = Roughly 30 Megabytes installed on hard drive with a memory requirement of at least 16 Megabytes of RAM. This will fit into the majority of 10 year old SBCs, Mini-ITX and PC/104 x86 compatibles with room to spare. This should be installable as a simple unzip of a packed file to disk or a "Setup.msi" program where Win 3.1 Installer is available. I don't know what it would pack up to but it would fit on almost any flash card/USB/Boot CD. Oh and my productivity working in .NET just went up by about 10,000%.

I have been trying to fix a bug with the submit on the ANSI C version. It is driving me crazy. It has something to do with certain configurations of submit text in the HTTP request. I wanted so badly to get a version of Vault-OS out by the end of January but it isn't going to happen. Everything else in the program is working pretty good but this is something really tricky that may be a problem with the socket buffers. I have the most beautiful Javascript/AJAX realtime controllers running, they are not connected to any particular source.

What is really frustrating is these routines worked perfectly a year ago in the C# .NET server I had running back then. If I took my pages I've built up and changed the substitution file tokens a little I could port them back into the .NET version pretty easily and there were no problems with that code at all. I've done a lot of work on the pages and menuing system that could be moved over to the C# server. The VS 2005 environment is a lot more productive than OpenWatcom because of intellisense, wizards and better debug/trace facilities.

Would VOS be interesting if it had the following requirements? :

1. Would have to run on Windows 98SE at a minimum with .NET 2.0 Runtime installed.
2. Would need at least 32 MB of RAM and at least a gig of hard drive space.

I can think of a couple drawbacks :

1. It's Windows specific. Unless I can get it to run on Mono which is a possibility.
2. It is more demanding hardware requirements.

One attractive part of developing in C# was the ease of embedding the web pages in the resource. I was just adding them to the project and compiling them in. I spend a lot of time mucking about with my converters to minify HTML, .JS and .CSS and convert them to .C/.H include files. In Visual Studio 2005 this whole embedded resources thing is a lot easier.

This program might not fit on a floppy but if I got it running with Mono I might be able to fit the installer into something about 8 MBs or so. Would that be useful to people? This would be an instant-on, zero configuration program just like the C version, the installer would be a little bigger is all.

I burn Windows 98SE onto boot disks with as little as 6 megs for the entire operating system, with networking and other required .DLLs to support the .NET 2.0 library. That is competitive with the latest Linux environments in size if not in reliability. I could muck about with Mono for a while after my first release to see if I could make it run under Linux, React-OS and FreeBSD.

The daemons I am using for debugging would not change. They use the PAWN scripting language to run services to read a barcoder device and a CANBUS node plugged into the USB port. Those would not alter at all. I have gotten those working solidly with a little script library to read/write messages to the VOS server that can be adapted for any hardware you want to attach.

Any feedback appreciated as long as it is constructive.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Coming To Pass As Vault-Co Predicted

I had a feeling. The sum of everything I have read over the past twenty years. I suspect the end of the interglacial is a spectacular affair. There is something mysterious and beautiful about it, something part of a cosmic cycle. The end of an era and the beginning of another.

Judging from the tiny, miniscule span of my lifetime on this planet, I would suggest that all other things being equal there should not be a biped on Earth who is much brighter than a shiny red button.

There would have to be an as-yet unforeseen factor that works magic on the wicked institutions and corrupt civilizations. Rapid catastrophic change that makes everything new again. Without these hidden forces to drive genes away from inertia they would naturally lapse into lowest common denominator.

Solar Max at the end of this year. Maybe the last respectable solar maximum for a long time.