Monday, October 31, 2011

Mao Was There First - It Was Called The Great Leap Forward

... and he didn't need no scienmajistical types.

Beck Needs A Safe Environment

Seriously. Mossad must be adding estrogen to this guy's coffee each morning. He's a bipolar wreck.

Glenn, here's an idea. Man the f**k up. This can be a very difficult period for women when they reach menopause.

Beck is on there because he's the perfect diversion from any action that would accomplish anything of any kind. He's worth his salary in that he keeps people focused on stuff that just doesn't matter a bit.

You can't get over the spectacle of mass produced rebellion on a staged set with expensive props where a guy pretends to be the official counterpoint, broadcast by the media conglomerates the guy claims to be fighting. It's the best opposition that money can buy. I only wish they had picked an ass-puppet that was more emotionally stable. I guess when you fish for quislings you have to accept you're going to get the ugly puppies that are left behind in the basket when the good puppies have already been taken.

New Powerful Meme Sinking In

Been mulling this over about two years. Don't know for certain if I believe it or not. It does explain a great deal and it does away with the perfect clockworks of Copernicus. Has something to offend both Christians and secular humanist control freaks with their ordered universe obsessions.

It's not that the universe isn't ordered. It's just that we should consider the possibility it is ordered along the lines of a mind so superior to our own we could never comprehend it. We liked the Copernicus model because it was easy for Swiss watchmakers to build windup clockworks of these motions. It is possible this was a human limitation we were imposing on God almighty, who has no limitations of any kind.

Why is this so important?

This may be the pattern that actually generates the magnetic field on the Sun and the resulting field on the Earth. It could be the critical mathematics that have to be incorporated to truly explain the behaviors of these things.

Fringe Crank in 2004, Mainstream in 2011

Seriously, it never ceases to amaze me how rapidly people can pretend to adopt new paradigms without ever conceding they were foremost in defending the old ones until the bitter end. Is it possible they never really understood either?

In retrospect, you'd say, well, of course. Yet, careers have been destroyed, tenure denied and professors ostracized for saying these very things out of season.

The Most Dangerous Profession Since Custodial Work At The World Trade Center

Dropping like flies. Open your mouth about BP, get shot at a traffic stop. Doctors will be pleased to know their patients who smoke three packs a day have much better survival chances than marine biologists working in the Gulf of Mexico simply taking water samples.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Excellent - Udo Bardi on the Fall of Rome


Added New Site - "Heretic"

Absolutely awesome site. I read a dozen articles on it and have added it to trusted frequencies.

Funny how as IQ goes up, people tend to reach the same conclusions independently of one another with the same facts.

Read the article about how a low-carb diet apparently produces various superpowers of imminent usefulness in an Ice Age environment, like the ability to dive deeper, tolerate cold better and maintain lower energy requirements. Two guesses as to why the human body works like that.

EDIT : Just perused another dozen articles on it. This site is excellent. Proud to add it to my elite list of blogs actually worth reading.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Do You Understand Basic Math?

I don't think most people do. I think they are faking it. Chances are, they are faking almost everything.

People chatter a lot. They're good at making noise. I don't know how much real thinking takes place in the Sapiens brain. They're like songbirds, full of rich and complex tones that seem to go together in strings of meaning but in reality they lack semantics that are useful to humans. You know them by their fruits and their yield smells funny and looks bruised.

The past forty years they've been chattering away, while the ground beneath them was sawed away like in a Roadrunners cartoon. I don't know that any of them have ever done much thinking about anything during this time. I was born in 1963 and I suspect I have been largely surrounded by high-tech animatronics shaped like people that entire time. Lights are on. Nobody's home, however.

One important thing to understand in life is that when you do not take responsibility for securing your own means of existence, control of your life naturally devolves into the hands of opportunists with more zest, energy and drive than you have. Just like you'd expect, the product of this subjection to the goals of another is not in your best interests. It ends up being identical to being smothered with a pillow in slow motion over the course of many years. Worst of all, the end result may be a kind of madness that was not anticipated by either party.

Ice Age II : Emperor of Ice Cream

First snow in October since the Civil War in the United States. That was coming out of the little ice age. This is going into the end of the holocene.

This isn't a few flurries, either. This is a real snowstorm in October.