Sunday, February 9, 2014

Green Tea Shuts Down Mycoplasma!

Pretty interesting research.

It occurs to me this might be the core of the beneficial effects from drinking green tea which have formerly remained elusive.This might be the primary benefit instead of just another observation on its effects.

I'm sold. I'm going to start drinking more of it.

I Had A Feeling This One Was Coming

What was the bizarre relationship between Peter Sutcliffe and this guy Savile?

It is obvious now, that Jimmy was doing everything he could for his accomplice in order to keep him quiet after he went to prison.

The police in Britain would have to be the biggest clowns in the universe. Notice no real arrests have come from all these revelations. This guy Savile was point man for a huge army of preverts and they must have covered for him the same way he covered for Sutcliffe. Pay attention and you will see it is only dead people who are exposed, after they have lived a long life and died in a warm bed. Professional courtesy from one monster to another. The cabal takes care of its own and rewards them generously.

P.S. Ten seconds after this was posted, this blog got a hit from the City of London IP. That indicates to me a 'bot watching this blog for keywords.

The Kwanstain Is Becoming A Creepy Place

Similar to the celebrity in the movie "V For Vendetta," criticizing the emperor meets with swift retribution.

Kenyans can't handle criticism and they don't really understand the notion of freedom of speech. They believe that means they are free to say whatever they want - for everybody else, the consequences should be dire. Obama's government has used State power as a cudgel on the heads of all its critics in a fashion so brutal it has started to seem like an undeveloped nation in Africa where a guy with a bunch of medals hanging off him tortures anybody who even makes a joke at his expense.

Kwanstainians are creepy people who say creepy, disturbing things

Friday, February 7, 2014

Psychopaths & Sociopaths Can't Hide It

They think they can but they cannot.

Rearguard actions by chickenhawks in the First Israeli Typing Corps. They send others to fight one another but their plan is to die in a warm bed at a ripe old age of natural causes. They themselves have never even fired a gun in many cases, never served in the military as a soldier, never known a moment of real fear in their lives.

Death and murder and destruction and killing and bombs and assassination and torture and grief and misery and horror are all sources of entertainment for these unique individuals.

They are what Homo Sapiens calls leadership.

Something is wrong. Think about it. If you have a better explanation than what we have provided here at Vault-Co we'd love to hear it.

Either way ... something is wrong with this species. Something is wrong. As always, we were a little ahead of the power curve here at Vault-Co but there are more and more people waking up to the obvious.

There's something wrong with this species of hominid. It just does not seem to be the case that this animal has a natural origin. There are too many unnatural qualities in the makeup of this rude beast. It has animal qualities - all the worst ones. One has to wonder how on earth this creature could have possibly survived a million years of cold weather with this peculiar character makeup. That doesn't appear to have happened.

An honest appraisal that is objective would suggest they are slaves who have survived the demise of their masters. In the vacuum that follows, the people who have rushed into the void left by the masters who have vanished are the most violent, cunning and vicious of the slave population they are drawn from. Invariably these slaves then end up controlled behind the scenes by the real surviving descendants of the masters. Why do these real masters like to conduct their rule from the shadows through the agency of the most inferior slaves? Because they are very few in number and they have to be very shrewd. Once there were many masters but now there are only a tiny percentage left of the original population and they have had to use powerful indirect mechanisms of control where once they ruled nakedly in the open through their raw power and the armies that served them.

Both the leaders ... and the followers ... all seem to have skipped much of the debugging and quality assurance that could be expected for creatures that would have survived that long on this planet. They resemble alpha versions that were deployed as broken from the beginning without any testing. It is enormous contempt for God to blame him for such shoddy handiwork. If they were God's product they'd be Neanderthals.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

All Previous Cold Record Temperatures Shattered In Kwa

A shame about that Maunder Minimum

Once the measurements improved dramatically the evidence from ice cores revealed that a new Ice Age usually comes on in less than twenty years, sometimes as quickly as three days.

The evidence shows this climate shift can be traced ultimately to a fluctuation in the background cosmic radiation. This background "field" changes the absorption and release of heat by plasma in the Sun at the same time it alters cloud cover on Earth, blocking incoming sunlight from reaching the planet's surface. It also alters the magnetic field called the Heliosphere that the Earth shares with the Sun leading to dramatic changes in the molten core of the planet and in tectonic forces worldwide, most importantly on the ocean floor where it begins to heat the deepest water.

If that sounds like an awful lot of change at once, you're right. It becomes obvious why climate shifts to new Ice Ages are so sudden.

Seeing these relationships in the natural order is a kind of evolutionary survival test. Homo Sapiens has failed that test utterly. Seven billion people worrying about global warming the last twenty years is the worst kind of biological washout. It is a kind of expulsion from survival university and you cannot enroll again after a grace period.

You will start to see why the Neanderthals were born winners for a million years. Homo Sapiens makes fun of them because they are so often found in deep caves with stores of food and access to fresh water. Saps is like a grasshopper puzzled at the behaviour of ants. The Neanderthal could be regarded as class valedictorian of survival university. They were naturals. They beat every single thing this planet could throw at them for one million years and came through with flying colors. Wonder why I think somebody deliberately threw Homo Sapiens at them? What are the odds of blind nature coming up with the one unique kind of animal that could have defeated them and dumping them suddenly at the southern tip of Europe? Homo Sapiens appears first at the starting line into Neanderthal territory. Saps has no pedigree. There is no evidence he existed anywhere else. He just dropped in out of the clear blue sky right at the start of the Holocene in exactly the right place to exterminate 'Thals. What are the odds? A just-so story.

The tragedy is that the Neanderthals were the good ones. Everything about them was about as nice as people would be willing to believe. They were as gentle and kind as they were honest, loyal and brave. Homo Sapiens is almost like their evil doppleganger, the opposite of them in every way ... including being prudent, wise and farsighted. That is why the human race is not prepared for the coming Ice Age.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Free Speech In Japan

Shut up.

In declining civilizations, people try to solve problems by pretending they don't exist. Predictably, this is not a good strategy. Some problems don't go away until you solve them.

The mark of young civilizations is that the people in them are daring, bold and fearless. They seize on problems and rinse them clean and throw them out with the morning trash as just another thing they won't be worrying about.

I find it interesting that people who are so scared they cannot face any of their problems eventually create situations that would even scare the hell out of people who are normally fearless. This is what comes of just ignoring things until they get so bad they cannot be ignored any longer. My country is famous for doing this - you could consider Australia a nation of people who have procrastinated dealing with any problems in a serious fashion for more than three generations. Tony Abbott may be the first prime minister since the 1950's who has set himself an agenda to cope with priority problems without flinching. I hope he succeeds in dealing with the train wreck he was left by the former administration.

India Is Another Flashpoint For WW3

Like Taiwan and the entire Middle East, it is a tinderbox capable of igniting a fire that will spread to the whole world around it.

Geopolitical tensions are looking more and more similar to 1914 the longer you consider the parallels. The incredible thing about World War One is that it began with a single assassination and engulfed all of Europe.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

The Babylonian Ark Was Circular

Before it was circular, it may have been something even stranger.

It may have been a vault.

Scripture holds more mysteries and a bigger legacy than can possibly be imagined. Things are not always what they seem in scripture - sometimes they are much more.

Changing Demographics In The 'Stain

Get used to it, you will see a lot more like it

I noticed when I worked up in Harlem - everything that happened in the world, happened due to boogens, haunts and "speerts." It was never some employee had left the back door open - no, it was always a malevolent force that had caused it to be ajar.

As the demographics shift in the Kwa, you better get used to even police and law enforcement getting in on the action - here the cops are actually countenancing this gibberish. Notice the "demons" use ghetto vernacular "OUTTA HERE!" because that's all the sophistication you can expect with the grammatical ranges of speech recognized by the "witnesses." When Europeans reported demonic activity during the Dark Ages they claimed they heard Latin and Greek - these guys hear "HEY."

This is the way they roll every day back in the 'Freaka. Everything is evil forces and exorcisms because remembering to lubricate machines regularly is hard, but blaming their malfunctions on invisible creatures is easy. As soon as Mugabe's thugs had murdered the farmers and taken possession of the farms, everything on them became mysteriously inoperable after these farms had run smoothly for the past 100 years. It was all the fault of demons and witches.

I'd laugh hard at this article but I have a matching sentiment to cry when I read it. Pathetic. An offense against human dignity everywhere. Some people should go back up into the trees, it ain't working out for them down here on the ground and it probably never will.