Saturday, October 1, 2011

Duct Tape : Is There Anything It Can't Do?

Very useful. May put up a link to this site, it's chock full of good articles.

EPA Just Makes Up Sh*t Out Of Thin Air That Arbitrarily Destroys Vast Swaths of Industry and Manufacturing

You couldn't make this stuff up. Unless you work at the EPA.

The Only Non-Signatory Has Tested Them Anyway

I learned about this many years ago but I thought some readers might have never heard of it. It is pretty solid evidence that there are quite functional devices in the hands of a nation who recognizes no limits or international agreements.

These threats of the Samson option by Martin Krevald are not hollow boasts by madmen. These madmen are quite capable of carrying out their threats should it seem opportune. More importantly, they are capable of detonating these devices and making it look like the work of someone else.

Giving Power To The State Means Giving Power To Fifth Rate People Who Have Never Had Real Day Jobs

I hate to think what kind of tax money is wasted on idiocy like investigating Justin Raimondo for what he has said. Not what he has done but what he has said. You wouldn't put these government jackasses in charge of a mop and bucket at an elementary school. They're not smart enough to do that job.

There is a need for investigation of miserable, vile criminal activity in the Kwa and here it is. Apparently evidence is emerging that this was part of a large scale false flag planned to serve as an excuse to strip the Second Amendment away and start confiscating guns. It blew up in their faces because they were as incompetent at pulling it off as they have been at everything else.

Escaping Zip Ties

The most likely expedient cuffs to use on large populations. If you're in a railyard waiting for a boxcar, this might come in handy.

A Thousand Plagues Upon Babylon

I don't think the ants are any tougher than they ever were.

I think the humans are getting dumber and less effectual at everything they do. You see people in third world countries getting their asses kicked by insects all the time and they are unable to organize a counter offensive. Sure, they'll allocate some money to fight the problem, then a huge list of bureaucrats will siphon parts of that money off, each dragging away a little piece until there is nothing left for the problem itself - like ants themselves. Everything in these kinds of countries is called a bold initiative and a real plan of attack. A year later, nothing seems to have happened other than desperate solitary measures and the problem is worse.

Back in the 1950's, America decided to solve the malaria problem in Africa. People who thought they knew what they were doing (they didn't) blocked spraying of DDT, citing studies later shown to be completely contrived. The loss of life since then to malaria can be calculated in the millions. This was back when America was more organized than a clusterf*ck in a madhouse and could carry out a large scale program for any length of time.

In third world countries, you always have people talking about the problem, as if words were a kind of magic chant and intention could solve it without any substance. At every turn, people in third world countries tend to dissolve after meetings into individually struggling factions that are at war with themselves. The ants and insects are superior organizers compared to the humans in these nations.

It's not the ants that are getting dumber. It's the humans.

Economic ITZ. Indubitably.

European Union killed every nation dumb enough to join it, but the Kwa was already dead no matter what mutual appreciation society they were willing to join.

Insane In The Membrane

Earth's best kept secret ... the ugly politically incorrect truth : children raised by same sex parents have astronomically high levels of suicide, drug abuse, criminal recidivism and psychological disorders.

Here the parents are actively assisting in self-destruction, which they regard as the best welfare of the child. After all, that's been the way they have conducted their own lives. That tells you everything you need to know about their competency as parents.

The Kwanstain is a doomed nation. It looks that way because God hates it. They can put clothespins over their noses and pretend they don't smell anything but the entire country looks like the Lord Almighty flushed a cosmic commode over the entire continent from sea to shining sea. It's like Sodom except with better street wiring and automatic teller machines. This is the paradise of the secular humanists and you can smell it before you can see it.

Eurocrat Runs From Truthfulness

The rest of the talking heads don't know what to do with somebody speaking about the real world on live television. All they can do is waffle and blurt out canned phrases of ambiguous nonsense that fall just short of saying nothing at all.