Friday, January 13, 2017

Scientists Working On Weaponizing Plague

In my Psy-Ops class in the Army they taught us that any research on weapons is always to be portrayed as research on a defense for those same weapons.

Rage virus zombifier is almost ready for public testing.

This way you always have the moral high ground. You are not digging up the Spanish Flu a hundred years later from the Arctic to cultivate it, rather you are trying to produce a vaccine for it. You are not culturing Bubonic Plague as a weapon, that would make you a bad guy. You are working on a defense for said plague.

If you build a seed vault in the frozen north you are not weaponizing famine, you are simply preparing against it. Everything must always be the opposite of the truth and said with conviction.

They couldn't figure out why I didn't want to do this for a living and re-enlist. It's because I enjoyed whatever sanity I had remaining.

Bifrost Bridge Opening For Ragnarok?

Unearthly pillars of light from high altitude crystals reaching ground level

Every single one of these mythologies started out as an oral record of something that really happened and it gradually became an embellished narrative.

Did the Vikings know about the signs in the heavens that preceded the arrival of another Ice Age?

If they did, they would have recorded them in fables and tales that kept the essence of the story, so that their children would not be taken unawares the next time.

The Winter of Winters approaches. We're not prophets at Vault-Co. We simply have eyes.

It is no accident that the arrival of the final cold always leads to apocalyptic war in the Viking sagas.

Turn PC Fans Into DC Generators Post-Apocalypse Simplicity!

The reason I am posting this is so YOU CAN CHECK OUT THE RECTIFIER HE IS USING.

I didn't know it was that simple to convert AC to DC!

The funny thing is that I understood instantly the principle of what he is doing and I never thought of it! I own $40 rectifier boards for AC-To-DC wind turbines and always wondered what I would do if one of them broke down in the aftermath. This is the sole reason I have always encouraged people to use pure DC turbines as generators because they will work without a rectifier and a simple shunt if they generate too much current. Now that I know this is possible it opens the possibility of using a lot of different kinds of fans that normally output AC and can be found in almost ANYTHING in a post-apocalyptic world.

If you don't mind the cosmetics of the situation, you can mount these in arrays and use micro-wind generation of electricity from what is literally ubiquitous junk found everywhere!

With motors balanced on these kinds of ball bearings you could use different kinds of motion to generate current. For example, putting them with blades under a downspout so whenever water pours through it the blade spins. During a rainstorm you could charge your batteries just from the flow of water down a gutter!

We will be getting into all this in 2017. Vault-Co is about to get really good. Those of you who have been reading for a while are going to be pleasantly surprised at the change in direction and content that is coming. I am very interested in these kinds of technologies that turn junk into generators without monolithic wind turbines and huge rectifier boards, etc. They may seem tame individually but once you have a dozen wired together and working you're starting to talk some serious juice coming out to power a shelter or retreat which is itself designed along low voltage philosophies.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Ping Pong Pegasus Room

Must be the keys to the kingdom in there, this guy really triggered this special snowflake.

Somebody stumbled onto the biggest piece of the puzzle - where does it actually happen? Apparently in a secret building next door which almost nobody knows exists.

Something much bigger than Jimmy Savile going on here. Much bigger. Huge. "I-Love-Infants" in French is rated one of the most powerful people in Washington D.C. by the mainsteam media with no explanation whatsoever why that is.

Sounds to me like "baby lover" is on the verge of cracking up. This could be really good if he goes bananas and starts getting reckless. A lot of people probably won't let that happen knowing what kind of damage he could do.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Slide Off Truck Bed, Reside

I find these homes really attractive because of the price, modular nature and ease of delivery.

Trying to talk my wife into a blockhouse consisting of two levels of these arranged in a square with a courtyard in the middle. In the courtyard, of course, the entrance to the next shelter. The next shelter is currently under construction and will be four corrugated steel pipes with 12 foot diameter arranged in an "H" configuration. Across the top of the courtyard will be a meshed steel ceiling that admits light and bumble bees but little else. We could grow one garden in the middle and still have room for a swimming pool, cabana and outdoor deck. The top level would have a guardrail with steel plates on the outside so you could use it as an observation deck accessible by staircase from the inside. We might also have a deck on the inside accessible from the second floor.

I tell her we could do this entire thing for less than $100,000 total all on a concrete foundation and we'd have an earthly paradise inside of it but would be securely protected from the outside world in every way. The solar panels and wind generator could go on the roof.

She looks at me askance but she is coming around slowly.

Slow Kill First To Mush'em Up, Followed By Hard Kill To Finish'em Off

Leaving a pristine planet changed into a verdant garden where the elite can play with their puppies.

They figure there are only 7 billion people standing between them and the earthly utopia. Pass the corn on the cob.

Too Late To Switch Back To Gold. Way Too Late.

There isn't enough gold on Earth to pay off the fantasy fun fiction farthings of the Federal Debt.

You could pour gold into the banks of the illuminated day and night for a century but it still would not be able to pay off what they claim you owe them. You know how a loan shark keeps accumulating interest on your debt no matter what you borrowed from him originally? Like that except on a global scale.

Friday, January 6, 2017

I'm a nut though

Talking my nuttiness nuttily.

I got people at work coming up to me with "You know I think we're headed for World War III! With nukes and everything! I ain't kidding!"

You don't say.

Well, luckily we will all die instantly. I mean, instant. No pain at all. This is totally true. Nukulur weapons just destroy the whole world in a poof and you just vanish in a bright light. Everywhere. This is what people think. So no worries.