Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Vault-Co Was Right : ITZ COMING

BBC Stories - The Disruptors

For the past 20 years I've been on the internet sounding the warning. Nearly everybody during that time has had a laugh at me or suggested I was insane. Over the years, the rest of the Bell Curve has been catching up with me, one day at a time. Turns out I was the springbok who was an early bounder - wired to react to two little ears in the grass several kilometers away that nobody else could even see on the savanna.

Nobody likes an I told you so. I did tell you so, though.

For the entire 20 years people have been laughing at my notion of a universal survival manager system that would also be an all-in-one realtime SCADA controller and monitor plus even geolocation and tracking of an entire team of people. Only recently, some people have begun to realize that's actually a really good idea ... assuming anybody anywhere was bright enough to create something like that and have it fit on a floppy. Only recently, some people have started to ponder exactly what might be required of something like that and some of the elements of its architecture. All old news to me. I figured out the requirements in 1997 when I first started on a version of it in Java designed to run on the DOS machine. They have not changed much since then, just undergone much revision. Never stopped refining it, sometimes working on it for months at a time several hours a day trying to get it perfect.

Soon. Just got to get a few things out of the way.

Mankind Will Never Travel Into Deep Space

Ever. We are a product of biological forces on this planet and this is where we belong.

Homo Sapiens desperately dreams of escaping a planet he is ill-suited to live on. No such luck.

Weightlessness and radiation in space make it a ridiculous proposition unless technologies that currently do not exist are magically invented - and they won't be. All of that is a neurotic dream that will never be.

The elites encourage these escapist fantasies while they build their own shelters to escape to - a multibillion dollar global business that shows where the smart money is really at. They simultaneously make fun of poor lower middle class unemployed whites for being preppers because they can't afford million dollar complexes with all the comforts of home. The nerve of these guys. Keep on trekkin' they tell the masses, you'll be okay when you arrive at Uranus. We have a lot of special boxes the sheeple will be hiberating inside of during their "space" voyage, climb right inside.

New Arms Race At Fever Pitch

What is the attraction of free-fall nuclear weapons? No heat signature when dropped from orbit.

How do you detect and stop an incoming ICBM when it isn't an ICBM? You don't, nothing defends against it, period. If it has no heat signature it can neither be tracked nor detected at launch.

The instant some ABM systems were working against MIRVs and ICBMs, immediately the arms race concerned itself with nuclear weapons that could be delivered by other means altogether.

Exactly as predicted here on Vault-Co, advances in defense would lead immediately to a new race for offensive weapons.

If you can fit those gravity nukes into football sized cannisters, you drop them in clusters and they pave cities below flat as a parking lot when distributed as a fan across the target region.

This was very prophetic ...

The followup sequel is superb as well ...

Sunday, August 27, 2017

More Forbidden History

Ainu - Kennewick Man Link - Oceanic Seafaring Races That Populated The World

The article does not make it clear but the adoption of advanced high yield agriculture in Japan and Mainland China coincides perfectly with the projected arrival of the Ainu from the sea.

Thousands of years of persecution, as every other place. Same pattern ... they appear as friends, share everything, transform the landscape into a better place to live ... are immediately genocided. Men do not forgive you for doing them any good.

The Ainu are renowned for their ingenuity and problem solving capacities. The locals have been holding string in their hands for ten thousand years. The children of the Tuatha De Danann reach out and take that string from their hands and in a few seconds show them the beginnings of the arts of the loom and weaving as their eyes widen. You see, my friend, over here and under there, now your hands come apart ... a cat's cradle. The start of stitching and weaving. That same piece of string in the hands of the locals is nothing but a piece of string for ten thousand years. The Children of Enki take that string and show you the whole universe in ten seconds with a few motions of their hands. The cat's cradle resembles the symbol for infinity. Child's play for the rodeo clowns, like everything else they do. Everything becomes a bit of a game and a little fun as soon as they touch it. This is how they get their reputation as wizards and enchanted beings.

P.S. Kennewick Man reconstruction makes it clear that the authorities are deliberately avoiding identifying the remains simply as Clovis/Solutrean/(Neanderthal) because that would start to clarify a lot of things. Always the goal is to obfuscate and confuse. Saps science is always junk science. You have to stick to their facts and ignore their conclusions.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Very Good Forbidden History

Always called a race of "faeries" and "magical" because of their enormous craft, inventiveness and amazing capacity to create, build things and solve problems.

Also listen to that bit about the "cat's cradle." Funny coincidence to be sure ... but the Celtics claim the children of the Tuatha De Danann taught them to make the "cat's cradle" as well.

Terminal Madness of the End Times : Special Report


No, that's not a parody page. The BBC comes in pidgin now.

That makes total sense.

(Sound of gigantic hydraulic vault door lowering)

Good luck with all that!