Friday, June 4, 2010

No Link

First time I have ever made a Vault-Co post with no link, no information and no reference in ten years.

I am only going to say one thing in this post.

It's coming apart.

That's it.

Worldwide. It's coming apart.

Step back and see it all. Not just one component. Not just the flotilla horror. Not just the Gulf. Not just the eruptions and quakes. Not just the economy.

See the big picture.

It's coming apart.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

James Wesley Rawles On ITZ Apparence

It's like that joke in CITY SLICKERS. "Even the cows can operate the VCR by now."

It is so obvious at this point that even the average Kwanstainian knows something is horribly wrong.

The Darkness.

Kwanstain Fragmenting Into Provinces

The Russian analyst was right.

The Kwa will be a series of secession movements and both formal and informal withdrawals from the original union by the end of this summer.

It won't be a nation or even an intact entity by the end of this year.

Some people will try to kick and fluster and pretend it ain't so but it doesn't matter.

L.A. is gone over to South America. HYAR BEE DRAGONES.

They're done. It's over.

MSM Lapdog Gets Owned By Mangoo Smoothie Guzzler Glenn Greenwald

Sputter - choke - swallow - blather - surrender. This was like watching a gay rape porno. The mass media butt puppet tried to recover at the end but his asshole was the same size as the Holland tunnel at this point.

Greenwald just made the most obvious points that anybody with a pulse and respiration could have brought up.

This Crowd Ain't Going To The Moon To Harvest Helium-3

"Sack tapping."

You couldn't make this stuff up.


They're going nowhere, very fast.

UPDATE : This is why they put cobalt payloads on the ends of missiles.

They're Going Off Everywhere

This is still only preliminaries - they are clearing their throats.

Just wait until you hear the chorus.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The New Ice Age Is Here and the World Isn't Ready Or Even Viable

Everything they were doing for the past ten years was off-topic and irrelevant. Sure, they were doing it together in the millions. It was still useless, counterproductive and inherently self-destructive behaviour.

The end has come and the world has spent all of the money they would have needed to cope with what is going to be a real crisis.

Instead they indulged in madness, gibberish and meaningless blather about subjects of no importance at all to anyone without any foundation in the real world.

The one nation that could have provided some kind of leadership during the coming era is now a laughingstock for historians to catalog amongst the oddities of mankind's legacy.

They had a consensus, sure. Unfortunately, they didn't have any sense between them. All the idiots in their millions followed each other into a ditch.

China Is Going To Blow The West Away (Literally)

Whilst the children of the West practice their crotch-grabbing and testicle squeezing skills to qualify for the work camps and welfare hostels of tomorrow, the Chinese are getting ready to welcome a Jetsons future which will be maintained by a society of engineers and scientists.

The West was eclipsed ten years ago. It's just taking a while for them to get the news.

Weird & Wild Earth Changes Occurring Everywhere

Looks like Galactus decided the planet was doomed, so he decided to send the Silver Surfer to start carving it into chunks.

Pacific Rim submarine volcano sends ash 40,000 feet into the air suddenly with no warning of any kind

As Robert Felix so aptly put it, we know far more about the moon than we know about the bottom of the ocean. Therefore what we know about subsea volcanism (the majority of all volcanic activity occurs on the ocean floor) is just about less than nothing.

All we can say for certain is that it appears to be increasing at an unprecedented rate, rushing towards some kind of climax we may not even be able to comprehend.

Humans can never hope to keep up, not for lack of trying