Thursday, February 7, 2013

Mongoose + VOS Controller = Win

Hey, I know I am supposed to be working 100% on getting the demo of my game out so what follows is probably wrong ... I got up early this morning unable to get back to sleep and I ripped the Vault-OS controller code out of my previous build and was able to compile it in with Mongoose. It was just an experiment to see if it would work and it did. Around 212 K (!), I could likely get it to compile under DOS if I wanted to using my cross-platform sockets library. There is so much power packed into that 212 kilobytes executable that it is hard to put it all into words.

Mongoose comes with SSL, Lua Server Pages integrated and SQLite so it is a complete web server in it's own right. If you add my little piece of code to grab incoming hardware data in JSON form and make it available to any web page for sensor control you have a system that is already much more sophisticated than my last working version of VOS code. Once you are using Lua successfully you can attach any other .DLLs you need to your Lua scripting functions and make them available. This is already much further along than I was able to get VOS as of last October when I quit working on it and went full-time on my game.

I have written tons of little scraps to display real-time embedded controls using Javascript that port right over into this setup so my idea of using this as a portable format for controller graphics was a good idea.

I had considered Mongoose in the past as the foundation for VOS but my existing web server code was tighter and more integrated. Once I saw the guy had compiled in LSP pages along with SQLite I knew I was going to chuck the VOS web HTTP server when I got around to it and replace them with this. I did it this morning just to see if it worked and am looking at a VOS page right now on my development machine measuring CANBUS data.

My IndieGoGo campaign for VOS will have to wait at least a few months until after I get the demo of my game out and have finished all remaining scenario work.

Solar Fury In The Near Future

30 Minutes of Warning At Best

It will be worse than a new Dark Ages. The average person during the Dark Ages knew how to survive without electricity.

People don't know it but the entire fabric of modern life hinges on satellites for almost everything.

Not mentioned - our magnetic field appears to be balanced on a knife edge preparatory to a flip/reversal/excursion and everything that entails. These events are triggered by flashpoints like solar storms.

Japan, The Flashpoint for WW3

Russians send a message the way nations do when they prepare to go to war.

It disgusts me the way grown men make these passes at one another as a ceremonial challenge. Deliberate violations of airspace, sabre rattling ... it is like two cowardly schoolyard bullies shadowboxing at the air to try to work up their courage for a fight.

If you going to start a war then start one if it is worth fighting over. Otherwise stay out of the airspace of other nations. All of this crap illustrates what a stupid race of chimps Sapiens consists of. They are not much for decision making even when war is involved which is their specialty.

In primates this behavior can be seen in any Jane Goodall documentary footage. The chimps get a running start and dart into the territory of another tribe of apes, grab some useless foliage and run back out to show they can, screeching and hooting. They make these territorial incursions to challenge the other group of monkeys to fight. There is no real rhyme or reason to any of it. Nations wrap the same behaviors in a thin film of rationalizations but the instincts that drive this are the same.

The Only People We Can Trust With Guns Are The Governments, Military And Police

Because they have edjamafacashun.

They are the good guys. They will kill you and make it look like an accident so they can sleep with your wife.

It doesn't matter if you live in the first world and think like an inhabitant of the third world. Sooner or later your first world country will look like a third world country. As a man thinketh.

Third world people think only the police and military should be trusted with guns. Of course, they are then mass exterminated by the military and the police.

The reason the Founding Fathers put the 2nd Amendment into the U.S. Constitution is that mankind has no better angels. There are no "officially good people" because of a piece of paper that says they are supposed to obey certain rules. The military, police and politics attract psychopaths and sociopaths the way you know what attracts flies. They are drawn to it like a moth to the flame. When you advocate taking arms away from the law abiding you are advocating putting them solely into the hands of psychotics.

Manboons are not learning animals.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

All Civilizations End This Way

Sanskrit writings by the Vedantics authored at least 9000 years ago describe the exact same terminations of their own societies in the exact same way.

If you do not learn anything from history you can never really be considered to exert any control over your own destiny. You are like one of those little metal toys that travel along a little rail when wound up. You are genetic clockworks that imitates life.

To learn anything from history is to begin to have some real control over your life. Learning from your own mistakes and resolving to do better next time in spite of your habits is certainly some degree of real control however modest.

The bulk of mankind are biological automatons, no more capable of changing their fates or their actions than any animal.

Funny that how it came on the agenda in all Western nations at the same time with the same arguments and the same funding with the same urgency. Funny that. The exact same media blitz orchestrated worldwide costing billions. Funny that. Suddenly a new political opinion was manufactured, deployed and implemented all top-down. The Saps fell in line with the new policy like androids just given new firmware.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Manufactured Authority From Criminal Underclass

When the people on the top are simply the people from the bottom with a name change and a good haircut you know the West is suffering for lack of leadership.

Most of the leaders of the West today were commonly regarded as mental defectives and miscreants only fifty years ago. Some of them have even achieved the office of President.

Homo Sapiens : Not The Animal He Believes Himself To Be. At All.

What is really sobering about this is that Australians have even lower productivity than they do.

Do you want to hear something from me that is brief but summarizes decades of observation in the workplace?

It's not the guy who admits he doesn't care, openly loafs on the internet or wastes time at work you should be worrying about. They have problems but they are already doing better than the other 99% of the people at work pretending to be doing stuff.

The people you want to worry about are the people always talking about "industry best practice," "proven methodologies" and "world class standards." These people are the biggest time wasters of them all. The reason they are always offering these platitudes is that they believe it lets them off the hook if they claim to be adhering to some protocol. They first invent a standard they then pretend to advocate. Then they claim to conform to that standard. At which point they will accomplish nothing in the workplace, ever, right through to retirement. I have seen these people coast through years on the job without ever getting anywhere or doing anything. They usually migrate to management. They always present the appearance of frantic activity all day long through to close-of-business. Total output measured over decades? Zero. Nothing. I've got a century of research to back me up on my assertion.

As far as software development goes, never trust those guys who pretend to be experts at it who have reduced it to paint-by-numbers formulas. These are people who never, ever accomplish any meaningful work. They use social engineering to conceal the fact they have no aptitude for any of this work and are incapable of ever getting anything done.

Ordinary people are equipped to be employed in manufacturing either as line workers or else as supervisors. All these millions of people who recently pretended to migrate over into the I.T. industry in order to earn a middle class living just were not born with the right genes to do work like this. Somebody misinformed them when they told them they were of the right disposition. They aren't, never were and never will be.

I have never really been able to comprehend this whole idea of anti-rational, anti-intellectual people who eschew any reasoned approach to anything in life coming into work and sitting in front of a computer at nine'o'clock in the morning. I don't know what these people expect to happen as a result. It is obvious they are going to use them to entertain themselves with because they are not going to be doing any work on them anyhow. They send you emails and you can see at once from looking at their grammar they read and write roughly around a second or third grade level at best. I don't get any of this. Honest. These people can barely read and write but they are going to be doing high grade abstract problem solving with computers? I don't think that is ever going to happen.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Somebody Is Telling Some Whopper Lies About The Snowpack In Antarctica


We covered this a couple years back when the winning design for the new stations was revealed.

It is the "big lie" described by Adolph in Mein Kampf. It is to tell a lie that is so big that anybody who hears it decides that no one who was sane would attempt to tell such a whopper and therefore conclude there must be some truth to it. You apply a little social pressure by telling people it is the "consensus" and they will believe nearly anything.

The new stations are only practical on stilts because otherwise they will be buried with a few short years by the ever mounting ice pack.

Something useful you might be able to glean from their research in the article is the color scheme, derived from situational testing and feedback to be the most soothing range for long term inhabitation. I have a good idea how to paint my next shelter inside. I always wondered about that blue because I had read it was depressing but I think it is more relaxing than anything else.