Wednesday, May 31, 2017

The Pharaohs Were Same Breed As Sumerian God Kings - Eastern Mediterranean Caucasians

Widespread genetic study of Egypt's mummy pharaohs reveals they did not mix at all with genes outside the royal line, as discussed previously here on Vault-Co.

It's a big club, to paraphrase George Carlin. You get into the royal club with your genes. Once you're in, you stay in and only breed with other royal lines.

The unifying trait that all these different strains of royalty have are larger brain volumes contained inside melon shaped heads, early baldness, limited empathy, very high verbal intelligence and perhaps most important of all, a serpent like appearance in the face.

Sargons in the modern era. Most of them avoid side profile
photos for this very reason. This skull could sit alongside
the skulls from Malta and be indistinguishable from those
of the serpent priests.
Ordinary people have been taught since before they were able to walk that there is only one living species of men on the earth and we are all the same deep down. Their minds are no longer flexible enough to discard this paradigm in the face of conflicting evidence. Therefore when DNA proves that the melonhead line is in plain sight and radically different from the rest of us they decide that this means they must be aliens.

They weren't aliens. In fact, I no longer believe in the existence of aliens. They were men who were suffering from inbreeding with their own caste for too long.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Slow Kill Option

Get as many possible to Kevorkian themselves prior to big cull. This softens them up for the hard kill phase. Make life so miserable as to seem unbearable.

It's working. The more you can get rid of in the soft kill phase the fewer you have to polish off in the hard kill.

Meanwhile, the mass media keeps telling everybody about just how good it is getting.

Don't ever consider such a thing. If nothing else, remember continuing to live irritates the hell out of these people. God gave you your life, never throw it away. Fight for every minute.

Monday, May 29, 2017

Contributing More Coral Reef Starters For WW3

Trump is guaranteeing that America will be able to fight and win in WW2. Unfortunately this is WW3 approaching.

Drones VS naval carriers = Rich Coral Gardens Offshore.

Don't let anybody fool you. They'll never get traversal rates of guns to ever be fast enough to hit drones traveling at supersonic speeds. As in, ever. The gun will always be firing at where the drone used to be, not where it is now. Meanwhile the drone is already launching it's own weapons. Naval carriers were grand for many years but their day is over. Future improvements in drone reaction, agility and speed will assure that only drones can be used against drones. Floating islands with people on them in funny outfits are just sitting ducks in this arena.

The day of human piloted weapon systems is rapidly coming to an end. You will give the drone a mission and it will figure out how best to carry it out. The drone will be the pilot that reacts in milliseconds and engages in avoidance and evasive maneuvers before the home base even gets the message that it is under attack. It will do it's own navigation, calculate it's own approach and use it's on-board weapons without ever asking the humans for permission. The remote operator will assign the mission and perhaps will relay the go signal when it has reached the target but everything in between will be a supercomputer thinking in nanoseconds.

Well, there you have it.

Donald's a plant. Always was. Always meant to be. Donald said what he needed to say to get elected and get into office. After that, business as usual.

They're going to pour in now. Swamped. The country will be swamped.

Remember, when the official limit is set at 70,000 it usually ends up being around 700,000. There's nobody standing there in every state with a bean-counter clicking it each time a refugee walks in. They don't raise their hands at 70,000 and tell them to close the front door. It doesn't work like that. Will probably end up being a million two years from now.

She's done. She's finished. Kwanstainia is a write-off.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Microsoft Confirms Horror Dystopia Police State

Wikileaks provided the documentation and Microsoft has had an attack of conscience and issued what amounts to a complete confession.

If you ever wonder why on Earth I have been going on for a decade about DOS 32 bit Causeway and 20 year old versions of Windows NT or Win 98, this is the reason why. I don't consider CD-OS to be complete until it runs and builds on a barebones skeletal framework. A computer with no room to hide anything in the rivers of gigabytes they claim to need in resources. This can also be accomplished with a barebones installation of Linux, Minix or RTOS. Just what is needed for an underground fortress to run forever doing what it is supposed to do without ever trying to dial an outside number, if you know what I mean.

Severe Advanced Dementia, Clinical Brain Damage and Complete Paralysis Does Not Disqualify You For Political Leadership

Nancy Pelosi is always a circus whenever she speaks publicly. Learn to recognize early onset Alzenheimers and other neurological diseases.

Hillary is barely coherent and still gives speech to the graduating class at Wellesley. Nobody is more devoted to truth and reason than the dragon lady who imported half the crack in America at Mena airport in Arkansaw and threatened a couple hundred women with death for reporting their rape at the hands of her husband. She's one of the good guys, too. They should bury her beside Brishinkaslicenheinie. I'd like to strap both these assholes to the hood of my Gamma Goat because road bandits have been shooting through my logs and I heard the human body is a better bullet sponge. Man I miss that Gamma Goat. There will never be a happier day than when I get my post-apocalyptic Landmaster. I already know what I am going to call it.

The media is trying to give us all brain damage like our "leadership." The media rots your brain until your critical faculties dissolve and you believe what the media tells you.

Not far from here there is a desert in Victoria that looks fairly similar to the terrain in Damnation Alley. I can't wait to take my new revamped Gamma Goat for a road test in there after all these years. Her sister is sitting on the bottom of the Euphrates. The next one will be waterproof. I'm definitely living in the right country to drive a goat in the Apocalypse.

Next Gamma Goat will be bulletproof and indestructible and will ride forever.
Remember run towards the goat, not away if you see killer cockroaches. 

Call The Garbageman - We Need A Curbside Pickup

NWO stooge shuffles off this mortal coil to meet with the Creator that he claims doesn't exist.

This guy was one of the original fake good guys faking it with other fake good guys pretending to be good guys fighting other fakes. All of them natural born children of the devil.

He died in a warm bed but never saw a war he wouldn't send other people to die in just like all these other cowards. They're the world's toughest men who die of old age and sip mint cappuccinos. I can assure you I never spoke one word in favor of war in my whole life like the non-stop armchair general gibberish that poured from this guy's mouth 24 hours a day. I did more real close-quarters small arms fighting than Alphabet Briziskashap ever saw on cable television and nobody ever gave me a medal. Do you know who actually fights all these wars in reality these Rambos advocate? Poor lower class semi-autistic forgotten young males from broken single mother homes just like me. None of these cowards was ever punched in the face in his adult life. They take the accolades but it is dirty grunt soldiers like me who drive the Gamma Goats and strap logs on the hood to protect our faces from bullet richochet because these cheap bastards won't even authorise a new windscreen to us from the Quartermaster after the old one got shot out. A curse on your crypto-commie ass, Brishinskashlip. If I find out where they buried you I will pay you a visit someday and piss on your grave. I got your domino theory and empire overreach and pax Americana right here.

Not a single one of these "great men" is worth sh*t off the boots of your favorite Uncle and that's the truest thing I ever posted to Vault-Co.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Fakiest Fake Ever Of All Time Fake Crisis Drill Baloney

I almost couldn't be bothered to post on this subject because it is so pathetic. It barely warrants a response. Only a planet raised on fluoride would fall for this drivel. It was truly ridiculous.

Any doubts I had about any of the attacks in Europe are solid now. I no longer believe any of them have ever been real.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Space-X Is A Circle Jerk Joke

Former Marine immediately spotted fake science, fake rocket testing and fake everything. Reported it to his superiors and was summarily terminated. Most people understand instinctively nowadays that you are not required to do your actual job. Don't you think they might be concerned if the rocket "tests" showed the engines were garbage and didn't work?  Nah, terminated the employee for doing his job. Besides, they knew it would "work" in advance since it was just crappy CGI.

Yet they claim this thing backed down onto a launch pad and landed on it's own fins from orbit while infomercial actors applauded.

If you believe this junk you should have somebody clean out your chimney for Christmas to make sure Santa doesn't get stuck in there with the Easter Bunny and Bigfoot.