Thursday, May 31, 2007

Treason Most Heinous and Foul

Essentially a dissolution of State power as guaranteed by the Constitution without any representation at all, imposed by fiat. If this doesn't represent treason against the United States I don't think there is such a thing as treason. The truth is, with an average IQ of 97, there aren't many Amerikwans left who can even walk and chew gum at the same time.

China Speaks of Peace, Prepares For All-Out Nuclear War

China isn't kidding. It wants Taiwan back. It is willing to sacrifice whatever it costs to reunite Taiwan with the mainland.

America isn't kidding. America isn't serious about anything, either. They're always kidding to some degree because their ragtag army and masturbator nation don't have the remaining resources, civil defense shelter or homogenous culture to weather a war with China over anything.

China is going to move on Taiwan. America will do exactly what is expected of it and allow it's entire naval fleet to be vaporized in one minute. It will then clumsily initiate WW3. China will hit Australia particularly hard, then the East Coast, then accept the terms of the American surrender and withdrawal from the area. Immediate casualties for America will be about 10%+ of the population, about 1% or less for China. The war over Taiwan will conclude with Taiwan being annexed to the mainland.

I was glad to see JERICHO go off the air because it represented an incredibly unrealistic portrayal of the aftermath and horror of even a limited nuclear strike in the United States. People who believe they will run inside a cellar as it starts to rain and emerge the next morning without suffering radiation exposure probably also believe in witches, bottle imps and magic fairies. If the Americans think that's what a nuclear war with China will be like they've got some big surprises in their future.

The Collapse of The United States Into Ethnic Civil War

It's beginning, as described by Vault-Co in 1994. We posted detailed descriptions of the collapse and how it would occur on the original Vault-Co site in late 1998.

It will begin with the southwestern border of America becoming indistinguishable from the chaos and violence that reigns in Mexico all the time. Loca law enforcement will be paralyzed and helpless because they do not have the resources for this kind of war - which requires an army to fight what is effectively an invasion by a foreign country.

It's really started now. It won't get better. Like the Western frontier of Imperial Rome, expect this degradation of their territorial borders to proceed on a daily basis until the establishment of Aztlan, the new Mexican nation on the former soil of the United States.

War comes to Tucson

"It's like living in a war zone"

Violence in Mexico now straddles the border

Mad Max style apocalyptic anarchy at the U.S. border with Mexico

Russia : Vault-Co Warned You, Imperialist Dogs

BMD deployment in Europe kicked off a new arms race. Predicted first around 1998 or thereabouts. This one won't end in a stalemate.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Global Warmthink Roundup

Remember when Vault-Co was a lone voice in the wilderness with a few other nuts like Robert Felix (no nobel prize yet for Bob, where the hell is it?) telling you we are entering a new Ice Age? All those monkeys in manpants chattering with goony eyes about the planet heating up.

There is no such thing as global warming. It doesn't exist. It's a social construct, a mass hysteria created by people who frankly, just aren't very clever. They think themselves to be real wits. I guarantee you, there were Cro-Magnons some 35,000 years ago who also thought they must be some real whiz kids. "Clearly climate change is caused by our camp fires. We shall have to start only lighting fires at prescribed times to control our carbon emissions." That sort of gibberish didn't do them any good and our modern sort of gibberish won't do us any good either.

As usual, the regularly scheduled Ice Age is coming, perfectly on time every 11,500 years like clockwork. So rug up and pack your rice.

Nepal hit by freak snow storm, dozens feared dead, hundreds snow blind

Remember Vault-Co saying an Ice Age returning at the same time that heating fuel is going to be hitting record prices is a recipe for resource conflicts?

Unprecedented cold wave prompts emergency rationing of fuel in Argentina

Sudden storm drops four inches of hail on Denver in May?!?

Unexplained freak snow falls in Western Dakota in May?!?

Spring snowfall in Calgary sets all-time record

Pike's Peak summit path is buried in snow ... in May?!?

Chillest spring on record in Pennsylvania

They neglected to mention that accurate readings started 32 years ago in Pennsylvania.

Second coldest May Day on record for UK

Meteorologists agree - Britain's unbelievable cold could only be from Arctic winds

... but by all means, you concentrate your efforts on separating your plastics and paper on garbage pickup day, paying for carbon sin certificates and trying to control farting cow emissions. That'll stop the coming Ice Age for sure.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

"Evil Arabs" - Now in High Resolution Digital Widescreen!

The "American Al-Qaeda" strikes again!

His real name is Adam Gadahn (born legally as Adam Pearlman), a Jewish california native who had a very expensive Mitzvah. Since he hasn't returned the presents yet, I'm wondering whether his Imam should question if his "conversion" is authentic. Adam had a brief stint in Hollyweird where he was attempting to break into show business and obviously the guy's headshots landed on the right desk.

His family tree reads like a tax return for the ADL and AIPAC. There isn't a single influential Israeli-firster in the United States that Adam hasn't done lunch with. Apparently he continues to evade the U.S. as he travels freely to and from Pakistan, Israel and California at liberty any time he wants to, as well as obviously having such cushy connections with the mass media that the tape travels direct from the quality production studio where it is shot to the newsdesk without anybody being able to trace Gadadn. Such a luck, itz! The last word in the Luftmenschen! Like magic, itz!

It should be noted that the first tapes released by the "American Al-Qaeda" to the public were not accompanied by the identity of Adam at all by those sharp intelligence hawks at the State Department. Initial broadcasts featured a journalist telling consumer units this man was an Arab living somewhere in the United States. It was only later when internet sites identified this deforeskinned Gefilte-fish eater correctly that the mass media conceded quietly that this guy in fact was a Jewish California actor.

Truth isn't just stranger than fiction. It's stranger than non-fiction, too.

How about this? Vault-Co says there is no Al-Qaeda. There never was. If there was even a radical Arabic cell in the United States, why would Amerikwa be reduced to broadcasting this tripe? Couldn't they find a real "terrorist" to scare people with instead? The best State enemies, as observed by Orwell, are those you manufacture, produce and cast yourself.

Russians Test New Multiple Warhead ICBM

A direct response to the United States of America and their ballistic missile defense program.

Ten years ago on Vault-Co we predicted BMD would never work well enough to merit such lavish attention and press. We had ballistic missile defense fifty years ago, anybody who would start speaking of it as a guaranteed space shield would have to be an incredible moron. If you've got a missile defense program, you don't start throwing it around like an ace-in-the-hole. Combined with no civil defense program of any kind this makes Amerikwa look like the little kid swaggering around the international community who doesn't realize he has the lightest ass on the block. If Amerikwa is counting on this dicey wowzer tech to protect it in WW3 it is obviously losing its grip on reality.

Vault-Co simply reaffirms out prediction in December 1997. America is going to be ground into radioactive dust in the upcoming third world war. They are going to lose hard. Surviving nations around the world will laugh at their memory and their ruined nation will exist as an object lesson to everyone else on the planet. They will probably never regain the living standards of the old west in the 1850's. It is unlikely they will ever have plentiful clean running water again even thousands of years from now. America will be labeled a third world hellhole which lost both the genetic stock and the boots on the ground to ever recover from the war it created for itself.

I believe the real future of Western civilization lies elsewhere. I do not believe the pornography capital of the world has a future.

The Coming Plague of Superstaph

Chew you up and spit you out in one hour looking like a termite-eaten bloody sponge. It will make the rage virus in 28 Days Later look like the common cold in comparison.

We've been expecting this for fifteen years since reading Laurie Garrett's incredible book THE COMING PLAGUE.

All utopian ideologies end in unspeakable horror. Globalism, multiculturalism and open borders are the most removed from reality of any of the utopian ideologies that have destroyed the world over the past 200 years. That's why we expect the accompanying horrors to these sick and ill conceived delusions will be worse than any previous reality experienced.

Bacteria are smarter than humans, if you consider their overall capacity for adaptation. Humans can't outwit them - if they could, they would not be practicing Globalism, multiculturalism and open border ideologies - they'd be smart enough to foresee the natural consequences. Ergo, man is subject to the same disease culls that all animals are on a regular basis. By delaying the onset of these plagues with vaccines, sanitary practice and isolation for the past sixty years, all we have really done is set ourselves up for the mother of all pestilent pandemics.

It's going to be a doozy. Pack your rice. Make sure you have a lot of water stored in advance, not at the last minute from suspect public supplies. A lot of people plan to fill up their bathtubs as soon as they think there may be an outbreak ... this is not a good strategy because by that time viruses and/or bacterial organisms may be in the public water supply as well.

You need a well of your own or a storage tank where you can keep a pristine uncontaminated supply of clean drinking water in isolation. Don't trust last minute preparations, it's bad practice that only becomes obvious when you put the plan into action.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Krisschans : Not Safe for Children and other Living Things

This butcherous, mad regime would have to be the most deserving of an audience at the Hague since it was established to punish lunatics who wage war on people rather than armies.

As a former soldier discharged honorably with a good conduct medal, an all-army athlete and a distinguished service record my last two years stateside, I just want to say this so everybody knows :

1. I was taught that civilian deaths are unacceptable for any reason in warfare.

2. I was taught that any targeting of inhabited areas by civilians is illegal and constitutes a war crime.

3. I was taught that torture, captivity without trial or any violation of the Geneva convention with regards to captured prisoners was a severe violation of my duties as a soldier and would be punishable by death or incarceration.

4. I was taught that any deliberate murder of non-combatants is a crime whether committed in war or peace, over there or here.

5. I was taught that fighting and killing other soldiers is the only legitimate occupation of a soldier. I was taught that fraternization with civilian populations in occupied areas or exploitation of civilians under occupation was strictly forbidden.

6. I was taught that dehumanizing any civilian for any reason, unless he was a combatant, was strictly forbidden by the rules of land warfare that governed honorable men in war.

I have no idea what happened to the American Army since I got out of it. I don't recognize it as legitimate nor do I recognize the American command as legitimate since it violates my loyalty oath, which is to the United States, not Israel. My oath recognizes the President as commander-in-chief, but if the President's cabinet is composed entirely of dual citizenship zionists I do not feel that the Presidency is legitimately held or his orders are lawful under the Constitution of the United States.

If I was in Baghdad today, I would take off my uniform, desert my unit and immediately make for the nearest safe point of egress out of that country. Since the American government has never produced a legitimate reason for the invasion or occupation of Iraq, I would not consider any of my oaths binding to the military or to the President, nor feel any more loyalty to them than had I awakened one morning to find myself mysteriously drafted into the Gestapo in 1942 and forced to salute Hitler each morning at breakfast. I don't work for the bad guys and neither would any good and decent man.