Saturday, November 29, 2014

The Story of Edjamafacashun

Edjamafacashun is becoming a very ambiguous word in Kwanstainia

With half your professions featuring people who can barely speak, read and write around a third grade level and routinely fail general examinations that children used to pass, obviously you are going to have to loosen up standards in order to accommodate all these edjamafacated peeples.

Don't worry, scro, my ex-wife was 'tarded. She's a pilot now.

National Guard Gets Black-Ops International Force

I think I may have gotten some bad poppy seeds in my last tomato sandwich. I just hallucinated I read a story about the National Guard in North Carolina getting an "international" black-ops division.

Free-for-all. Absolute anarchy. Just making it up as they go. The rule of law is out the window. It's just a carnival circus of freaks and lunatics like the end of the Roman Empire.

Oil Crashing, Megadepression Begins

Years of talk about resource scarcity. Created the fracking industry out of thin air.

A healthy economy soars on cheap energy. A sick, feeble, delusional fake economy will collapse with realistic market prices for fuels and resources.

Meanwhile, Kwanstainians engage in violent riots and assaults over discounted lingerie and "ladies" underwear. Reminds me of the damned wrestling in a dank inner circle of Hell in Dante's Inferno over some long forgotten feud that is utterly meaningless. Except it is not just the Kwa anymore. The truth is, birds of a feather flock together.

TDCS Backlash Begins

I really hope this discourages millions of people from using it for decades into the future.

I don't want to share it with anybody but people I know. I like having the advantage.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Earth's Magnetic Field Prepared For Reversal/Excursion

Read Robert Felix's counterpoints to the article in Scientific American

You will see how deceitful modern scientists are when they tell the public there has not been a magnetic reversal in 780,000 years. That is a blatant falsehood. The poles have reversed and stayed that way for over a thousand years and then flipped back. "Oh," they concede, "You know about that. Except we call that an excursion, not a reversal." You then discover that during this "excursion," the Earth went through what looked like a planetwide nuclear war. Electrical storms so big they covered continents appear to have caused tectonic plate movements while the surface was bombarded with thousands of rads an hour. Oh, right ... that "excursion!" Don't you think you could have dropped a mention of the fact there have been over a dozen of those or more?

Robert Felix is the only one of these guys who does not appear to speak with forked tongue. He is also the guy who seems to be confirmed by the facts. The more evidence you have the more prescient that Felix appears to be.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

EndTimes Madness Roundup Nov-26-2014

It all makes sense now.

Still aiming to get at the biological bottom of how this is all triggered in the tenth generation. I think THE HUNGRY APE by Jim Penman here in Australia was the closest I've ever seen to getting it right. The Nobel Committee must have missed out on their copy in the mail.

Systema Champion #1 Is Ready To Party

Kwanstainia, a flyover world colony destined to end up at the bottom of a radioactive crater.

Nation-State versus Trendy Cosmopolitans = Cosmopolitan Ash Statue Bird Baths.

There is a reason the Nation-State has been the dominant mechanism for organisation of civilisations for thousands of years. It is the best way to do it. The world is a museum of marxist failures and all globalism is or ever was is the international extension of marxist ideology. A mistake like that won't just get a single person killed … it can get an entire nation whacked right out of history. Vault-Co is calling it right now in advance and it is going to be a sweep by Russia. The Kwa won't have any concrete structures left higher than a meter on the whole continent when it is over to engrave an epitaph for them.

Aussies Innovation 100 Years Ahead Of The Rest Of The Planet, As Usual

Wind turbines based on gearless superconductor coils that run at 1,000 times previous efficiency

Wow! With all that innovation, you'd think this country would have 100% employment and a negative job vacancy rate, right?

You're right. That's what should be happening.

The True Story of Thanksgiving

An oldie but goodie on Vault-Co.

The reason the early colonists nearly starved to death is that they attempted to run the colony as a communist collective. No sooper seekret magic injuns showed the colonists how to "plant corn." Europe had been continuously innovating in agriculture for centuries before a single colonist set foot in Amerikwa. They were well aware of methods for growing corn beyond the wildest dreams of the indians and their subsistence paleolithic practices. When this fairy tale is supposed to have happened of a fantasy love-in feast between indians and colonists, in reality my ancestors were fighting at Blakemore's fort in Virginia against huge hordes of cannibal savages who didn't have any idea of territorial boundaries - they were simply hungry for some white meat at the end of November. These noble savages who were said to have mystical knowledge of the earth didn't even pause at killing babies and women they were able to catch alone. They had no knowledge of mercy, honor, kindness or friendship, viewing all of these as forms of weakness. Less DANCING WITH WOLVES and more BLACK ROBE.

In the early 1920's, anthropologists tried to blame the indians on Neanderthals as was fashionable back then whenever you needed a stooge to frame for some crime you found in the fossils. DNA sequencing has shown that the North American indians were pure, undiluted Cro-Magnons in their origins, which explains so much. In the Indians you see the Cro-Magnons without a huge army of Neanderthal slaves at their beck and call. That's how far they would progress in technology. Simple hunting and gathering with fighting in-between forever.