Tuesday, July 10, 2012

"Zombie" Fortresses

There is a general meme out there that demonstrates that the common man has only recently begun to contemplate the real world in the same fashion we did at Vault-Co more than twelve years ago.

The fact it takes conditions this dire to get the average man to think even fleetingly this way is proof that most people are slack-jawed dribbling morons only recently down out of the trees. Very recently.

Notice how modern people are almost incapable of thinking about the real world in any context other than as a comparison to some fictional narrative. A house to protect you from "zombies" like in a "zombie movie." We are in a war on "terrorism" like in a "Tom Clancy" novel. Modern man needs the crutch of fiction to even consider a world they otherwise have no kind of connection to - the real one. They have literally entertained themelves to death through the lens of narratives constructed for them by other people. While the world around them collapses economically and lurches towards a third world war, they tell one another stories they think are frightening about the possibility we may be in a "zombie" story. It's all they can cope with, everything else eludes them.

It is a great situation for the super-criminal predator elites because they have nations of schizophrenics who can only turn to televitz to understand anything ... and guess who owns that television and media?

I got bad news for you, Oprah fans. Your fellow man doesn't need to be the walking dead in order to be hungry enough to eat you. They don't even need to be all that hungry. They've been doing it for thousands and thousands of years for no other reason than convenience. Babies, the other white meat. All it takes is a couple of months with the food transport system less than optimal. Mankind routinely creates such situations without any resort to the paranormal or the suspension of disbelief.

Easy to see that this schizophrenic disassociative mindset is going to see the light in the tunnel sooner or later - it's an oncoming train.

The Improvamentation of Kwanstainia

We'll just embrace atheism and leave society to man's better angels. Except man doesn't have any better angels.

Increasingly, the 'Stain looks like a subterranean tunnel of foul, gray-skinned morlocks in the throes of massive genetic degeneration.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Sun Charging For Super Chizevsky Event

Solar flares getting stronger as we approach the maximum

... following on a long period of dormancy, the exact sequence described by the Russian Chizevsky for the EMP super event(s) that coincide with massive warfareepidemic and economic collapse.

If Chizevsky were alive today and he knew what we know now about cyclic magnetic reversal, he'd be warning people that this coming maximum is a likely culprit for a reversal or an excursion, the first of it's kind in at least 5000 years, maybe the big tamale 11,500 year event. The last one saw diamonds raining from thin air worldwide and it wiped out the last Neanderthals, the Clovis people in addition to megafauna all over the planet. The fresh water supply became a poisonous toxic soup of blue-green algae killing anything that drank from it. We find Clovis people with their bones stained green because of it.


Saturday, July 7, 2012

Where The Kwanstain Is Going It Won't Be Coming Back From

Too late to do anything for the failed regime once known as the United States.

If you ever wondered what I was going on about for the past twenty years, all that ranting was when America could have been saved. The reason I don't much care anymore is that moment has passed.

When it was still salvageable I knew that a difference could be made even at that late state in their decline. Twenty years ago, I knew what the future held for my country back then.

I knew it would end up like this. I also know it will get much, much worse in the 'Stain. Much worse than most people could possibly comprehend.

Friday, July 6, 2012

WikiLeaks Is A Government Run Counterintel Op

Always was, always will be. Funded and founded by zionists at the top.

Classic psy-ops like they taught me in the military.

Create a false opposition, staff it with your own people, build it's credibility and then use it to issue phoney intel against your own real opposition. It is almost a paint-by-numbers operation.

Promoting Julian Assange, a bizarre figure with very questionable origins, as the figurehead leader and then pretending that he is persecuted and pursued is all part of this banal, insipid charade.

If the United States sought anyone they could have them rendered within the hour to any secret location they wanted in the world and made into un-person, never to be mentioned again by the media. Assange lives a live of leisure backed with limitless funding and colossal wealth, despite the fact he has no apparent source of income. They purchased him a headquarters worthy of a Cold War James Bond supervillain and we're all supposed to believe he just found the money in a cookie jar for this huge infrastructure and data fortress.

It's a big mutual admiration society where different actors play good and bad cop and the rest of the planet gets squeezed in the middle.

You keep believing, rube. People bank on it.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

"Doggerland" - The British Atlantis?

This makes so much sense in terms of context. It's in the right place with the right relationship to the mainland and if it was the seat of Teutonic rulers over Britain it explains so much about why this period is so shrouded in mystery.

Whenever they discover something like this you begin to get a sense of the scope of history and how little we have really known about what happened in the past.

If the Teutonic ruling classes had actually occupied this central peninsula to reign over the Britons around them and then were subsumed by a tsunami, it leaves you once again with the theme of slaves surviving the death of their masters. You ask them "what happened here?" and all they can do is shrug and give you dumb looks 5,500 years later.

This is almost becoming the core of my understanding of Homo Sapiens. Don't bother speaking to the help that survived, like servants running from a burning house while their master perishes inside. They don't know anything and can't really narrate the story for you of what has transpired. You just see them mulling around outside later in the ashes and wailing but they are otherwise too feebleminded to bother with.

If Homo Sapiens is the original man, why is it he seems engineered to simply follow instructions with no more consciousness or awareness than a domesticated animal? It is a very reasonable question. How did this creature become so accommodated to obedience? Who was it that gave him his orders? Perhaps these people are no longer evident although we can see echoes of them. Homo Sapiens tells you, "I am the original. Those other people were the clones," sort of like Arnie in The Sixth Day. There is something wrong with your story, Sapiens-man. It didn't make sense to me for about fifty years until I began to see what had been right in front of me the entire time. How did they become ingrained as so servile and whence comes their occasional bright flash of inspiration in the otherwise undistinguished sea of drones?

Do you see how discovering we had Neanderthal ancestry made it all click for me in an instant? Fifty years of questions, all answered in milliseconds. It was the Rosetta stone for people like me who had always known the orthodoxy had provided no real explanation at all.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Blathering "r"-Types Get A "K" Response

Iran must have been getting tired of all this "signaling" and "messaging" and "making overtures" and "statements" and other obfuscational confusion that distinguishes the r-Types from actual human beings. They decided to blow some sh*t up to show how easy it is.

The "r"-Type is denoted by his/her lack of quality, virtue, courage and integrity. Any war of nerves, these touchy-feely wafflers are going to lose. Jacob means "to disseminate" in Hebrew. Esau means "Man of Action." In a world with atomic weapons, not being specific is a character flaw and an invitation to a misunderstanding that could lead to global thermonuclear war. Fifty years ago our nuclear arsenal was in the hands of the K's. Today it is in the hands of the "r"'s, a type of peacenik who simply cannot avoid conflicts or maintain the peace.

'Stain Gets Early Preview Of Solar EMP

Millions without power during heat flash that is bound to generate more storms

Get used to the "Derichos" because they are going to become a feature of life. Ancient patterns of weathering on temple external walls in India show that "normally" outside the interglacial it is common for this planet to get storms with 300 mph winds. The only safe place to be in that scenario is deep in a vault belowground. Now you know why all those "burial tombs" also had convoluted right-angle entrances and were built a lot deeper than any resting place for Mom and Pop's bones ever needed to be.

The 11,500 year long Holocene, which is the bubblegum circus popsicle rose-colored glasses feelgood G-rated movie of paleoclimatology ... is coming to an end. Default weather will now resume on this planet. Our entire civilization is like a club of miniature rainbow smurfs who built cities on top of a subway rail which was decommissioned on Long Island for the summer which is set to be restored to regular service in the next 24 hours.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Utah Commissars Call For Registration Of Vegetable Gardens

You couldn't make this stuff up.

The driving force behind the rapid drone deployment is likely the government's need to swiftly outlaw all private gardening of any kind. Controlling food is controlling people, period.

I have known this was coming for ten years and it is why I have always concentrated on technology for covert, secure hydroponics gardens. This is where the future really is going. Sowing big gardens aboveground is not going to work for a variety of reasons unless they are concealed from the air. Those carrots and spring peas will put you on a government watch list of suspected terrorists before you know it.