Friday, August 31, 2012

Food Prices Jump 10% In A Single Month

You probably think that is some kind of lurid Vault-Co headline exaggeration. It isn't.

There were so many crop failures worldwide due to climate, particularly to what appears to be a year without summer in Europe, that there just wasn't enough food to go around.

Imagine what nature can do when she gets serious about this. She is getting serious. Puny mass scale agriculture practiced by humans can be swept aside in a year and never return. All it takes are a few mild adjustments to settings of average temperature, rainfall, early frost and cloud cover.

In all fairness, you know what rolls downhill to the third world. Right out of the gate, the first world will starve the third world to death if the food supply gets tight. They will be able to offer a better bulk price bidding on the open market. The tragic thing is that the currency in many third world countries is probably worth more than the funny munny of the first but they are able to press a psychological advantage with the printing press and their armies. People are conditioned to believe their paper with pictures on it is "higher value" when all the evidence says it isn't.

Smoothie Guzzler Falls Off Roof Accompanied By Violins and Sad R&B Ballads

It's all the fault of you heterosexuals!

UPDATE : Lavender Jackboots of the Gay Gestapo Crushing Free Inquiry and Human Freedom

Of course, their suicide rate and life expectancy is only a fraction of that of normal people even before AIDs struck. But if they did die, it's all your fault! You made his loafers so light they floated right off the rooftop!

If two narcissists are in the forest and a tree falls on one of them, can anybody hear them cry? Only if they do a sappy YouTube video. It's going viral! No really. That is a truthism of sorts. I just know those crocodile tears in this video are so genuine. I bet you really, genuinely missed this guy ... for about fifteen minutes. Kind of like Dr. Evil talking about being inconsolable for twenty minutes if something happened to Mini-Me, then just making another clone to replace him.

I am not the first person to observe that it is really not the right to be married that is sought here. It's the right to get married, in public preferably, with one of them wearing a veil so they can mock the world around them which is basically their entire raison d'etre. Gays don't want to be married, that's a drag. They want to party and howl and be free to act on all impulses. I would bet you anything that not long after gay marriage is shoved through they will be making it easier than ever to divorce your spouse, preferably through a one-hour online application for $5. Now it's off to the rave to celebrate being single again! Wheeeeeeeeee!

You can have a nation based on the nuclear family. Or you can have this. If you have this, you won't have it for very long before it is replaced by something or somebody else who has their priorities straight.

Hey gays, if you are so worried about right and wrong, you should make a sappy video for people like us with Asperger's. We've got a suicide rate about ten times yours and nobody ever weeps for us. I'm sure with your intolerance for injustice you'll march right into the studio and start cranking out ridiculous propaganda like this on behalf of all us Neanderthals. If anybody deserved violins and slow dissolves it is us. You didn't know all this, did you? That's because Neanderthals are tough as hell and we never let anybody know what kind of pain we have. We were never looking for pity the way you and your kind are to manipulate others into doing what we want. Neanderthal is a strong creature with or without his tribe and he will be until the end of time. I guess that's something we have inside that you don't and never will.

If you doubt this video's authenticity or question it's origins, it probably means you yourself are gay. There is another video linked from this page that explains how anyone who opposes their regime is themselves gay. Wow, I wish I could say that about anybody who ever stood in my way politically. Adolf Hitler should have told the Allies, "You are only opposing me because you are gay." It's the all-purpose answer to any question concerning sodomite politics.

Remember when you think of sodomites, Barack Obama wants you to think of him

GMO Corn Destroying Agriculture Planetwide

Superbugs are taking advantage of the freaky climate shifts to wipe out food all over the planet

I can't believe somebody was ever permitted to create and engineer this science fiction disaster food.

They've screwed up the food supply so badly I am now scared to even eat anything with corn.

Madness on this planet. Truly a mental asylum run by the inmates.

'Stain Preparing for a Post-Israeli Middle East?

According to Romney advocates, the intelligence community is expecting to ditch Israel soon

This is really bizarre news. I have trouble believing that Obama's administration would endorse it.

I could see them cutting funding or restricting lobbying but I cannot believe they would just cut the country loose altogether. That would probably trigger an enormous spate of false flags worldwide.

Apparently it is so simple even 'Zanians are figuring it out.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Naked Political Corruption In Kwanstainia

U.N. Oversight For Corrupt U.S. Regime!! These Elections are RIGGED!! 

Note that the result of the vote in the speaker's response was already in the teletype reader before the vote was taken!!!!

This Isn't A Grand Minimum

 But it might as well be.

All the things I have read lately indicate this is a Maunder Minimum and it is going to last a little longer than the Little Ice Age. It may start to clear around 2250 A.D. or thereabouts with a return to warmer temperatures.

From what I have seen it looks like after it abates 250-300 years from now there will be another agricultural boom for a couple hundred years followed by another more severe minima. This will be one cycle prior to a return to a Grand Minima. So I've been worrying about snowball Earth scenario for over a decade because I did not quite have as much information as I do now.

It's a Maunder Minimum which we are already in. The coming solar max is the peak of his warming cycle signaling it's end. This will be sufficient to pound our existing civilization to dust. No saving throw. So collective and group efforts are pretty futile unless they occur at community level.

A Tsunami Of Failure

When you live at the end of a declining civilization, it seems to you that everything has all fallen apart at once.

Except it isn't true. It is all the problems that the civilization has been ignoring for decades (example : illegal immigrants bringing strange diseases) that suddenly start to pay off in terms of the capacity to generate anarchy, chaos and social collapse.

Before you know it, the number of crises approaches a critical mass which even the most determined people will recognize is well beyond their abilities to cope with. They knock each other over like dominos, with one exacerabating the effects of another and then becoming a deluge.

You can imagine how in this environment, the tyrant and the dictator starts to have an appeal to all of the lower stratums who do not even know how to begin to start to solve any of these problems. This is why the left is so anxious to surrender more and more executive powers to Obama after he has entered office. They won't come out and admit they would otherwise have no clue of what to do about all these things.

This is really where the left and right converge on their common ground near the end : stupidity.

Alaska, The Last American Stronghold

Governor of Alaska Knows Exactly What The Hell Is Going On

So much quake activity now in Alaska going unreported and volcanos becoming active everywhere you look. The residents of Alaska know something terrible is happening and are not waiting for the Federal Government to take steps to prepare for an emergency on their behalf.

I have heard Alaska is still a decent place to live for the very reason that they are so far away from the rest of that open sore formerly called the "United States." The cold temperatures discourage the unfit and the big talkers. They don't do so well in situations where they can't get by through social engineering and have to actually look after themselves a little.

"The Man" Has Let The Brother Down Once Again

His radar only give a brutha twenty minutes warning of a collision! With that thing below down there, whatchacallit - sea floor! Yassum!

Typical cracka setting up a brutha for failure with his negligent technology. Trying to portray a nubian as unqualified and what-not and what-have-you.

Another reason we need to return to melatonic technology and manuals printed in ebonics. They need submarines with gold hubcaps, carpeted interiors, fuzzy dice hanging off the periscope and jacks in the back to make it ride up out of the water. Oh snap that would be one pimped out submergin' vessel.