Thursday, March 7, 2013

Earth : Pull My Finger, Humans

It is really hard for people to comprehend the role that methane has played in mass extinctions.

During transitional periods of increased tectonic movements and undersea  volcanism, mass releases of methane have been documented as involved in the extinction of entire species and wiped out whole swaths of biological classifications. When ignited, methane releases have released more power than atomic weapons and flattened subcontinents.

I wish I was making this stuff up. I am just repeating it. It's hard to believe but fossils and soil strata don't lie. There are often traces of the methane trapped within the clay which reveal the concentration at the time.

The only thing that can really protect the ecosystem from methane releases is the miracle gas that sustains life, carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide replaces methane in hydrates over time and is harmless. Pray for higher concentrations of carbon dioxide everywhere. Smoke'em if you got'em. Do your part to save the planet. Try burning really toxic lawn furniture or rotting old newspapers every day to try to contribute to the total carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Other than being crucial to agriculture, this appears to be one of the primary benefits of CO2 because it has no effect on warming whatsoever. I can't imagine a dumber course of action than to make a concerted effort to reduce CO2 in the atmosphere. You are signing your own death warrant.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

"We are the only limit on our own power."

Elect a Kenyan in the Kwanstain, you have a third world dictator given first world technology.

Barack Obama was a "Constitutional Lawyer" who doesn't appear to be bright enough to have understood a word of it.

Obama was a crackhead, down-low brother who never showed up for class and had a chip on his shoulder a mile wide against everybody on the planet. It is God's fault his mother was a gangbang whore for the communist party and loved him less than his father did which was none at all. I promise you that if you read about any of Obama's interactions with any other members of the planet before he became President you will hear the same phrase over and over again : "Sneered and turned his back to me." I saw him debating Alan Keyes and when he began to stutter so badly you could not even understand what he was saying he did the same thing to Alan. Sneered and turned his back to his debate opponent.

This dude is scum. I mean, hardcore serious scum as a human being. I knew black drug dealers in New York city that would have thought twice before hanging out with this asshole. Even they would have thought something to be essentially wrong with this person.

I am not being sarcastic when I say I feel sorry for the younger Barack. I can only imagine what it feels like to grow up with neither parent caring enough for you to stick around. That's cold as hell and in many ways his plight is worse than being orphaned.

However, it is also about what you did with all of it.

There is no way that a man like this was ever qualified for the highest executive office in the world.

He knows it. He's a bastard and he hates the country that elected him. Hates it to the bone and would give anything to destroy it. It reminds him of who and what he is.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Mainstream Media Suffers Truth Leak On Amuds

Remember this rule of thumb : if you hear it on Vault-Co it is nutty fringe theory by a raving lunatic. Six months later if the exact same thing is on televitz it means that it is credible scientific fact.

If you apply this rule in all circumstances you will never risk being accused of suffering from total insanity and mental confusion.

Our society is exactly like the Dark Ages except it is no longer legal to beat your shins with steel rods for heresy. This could be considered a kind of progress, in fact. Now I understand why people think they are so much more advanced than their ancestors.

Remember the instant you concede this might be possible you are also conceding that they would have needed pots to transfer and store this stuff. So right there you have been bitch slapped by pottery making, clay harvesting, kilns to cure the pots. It doesn't matter if they were crude clay pots fired by simple ovens. Once you get this far, arguing over whether or not Neanderthals could speak makes you sound more ridiculous than the craziest members of the Spanish Inquisition in the 1400's.

Go a little farther and admit the Neanderthals domesticated some animals and before you know it, you will realize there is barely anything left to attribute to spear-chucking gang rapist cannibal Cro-Magnon. Just stealing this stuff off dead bodies does not constitute innovation of any kind. If a black dude breaks into your home and kills you then steals your stereo it doesn't mean we attribute the invention of vacuum tubes and solid state electronics to that dude. See what is being talked about here?

Typical fraud in the skull game exposed recently. This is the rule in modern "science," not the exception.

When Vault-Co tells you that the Amud were nearly indistinguishable from modern people, no more different from them than Werner Von Braun and Colin Wilson, that is not something I just made up. That's something I learned about by seeing the skulls involved and hearing what a lot of academics talk about behind closed doors nowadays. What they say amongst themselves and what they tell the rubes are two different things, very similar to the sorts of people who work at the carnival.

Gun Control = Misogyny = Hatred of Women

I can tell you with 100% certainty that the desire to leave women with nothing but natural inequalities standing between them and the predations of males is absolutely an expression of repressed homosexuality and a loathsome hatred of women.

When I imagine some strange woman I have never met being menaced by another male somewhere in the world, I find that if I then visualize her pulling out a concealed handgun and sending him packing (I have seen it happen several times in my own life) that my brain rewards me for this visualization with a little burst of serotonin in my brain. It is pleasant for me to contemplate. That is because I am (everything is relative) a very healthy and normally developed male. (Can't speak for the other 99%) My brain is geared to protect women and children even at my own expense. Scenarios that result in them escaping unharmed no matter what becomes of me are pleasing to me. It feels like I have won some sort of victory or spiked the ball in the end zone. Nature has engineered the male brain to work this way.

Although the notion of disarming strange males I will never meet is manifestly repugnant (collective strategies for group safety come into play subconsciously here, again symptomatic of normally descended testicles and male brain development) it cannot even compare to the effect that imagining "women" in general going about with no means to defend themselves against the thugs crowding the ranks of Homo Sapiens. My brain releases a chemical that causes me discomfort and pain when I visualize this. I wish I could be there personally to protect them and because this is not possible, imagining them sufficiently armed to cope without me leaves me feeling distinctly relieved and assured. There's something I don't have to worry about. This is all normal male response from the past 1.2 million years of adaptive genetic changes in the Neanderthal bloodline. Anxieties are relieved when I think of the important treasures of the gene pool (women and children) being safe and secure in their lives and dignity.

Many other modern males don't respond in this way because most of them are damaged goods, albeit a response to diet or endocrinal disruptors in the environment. Some of them are born this way but I suspect a great many just do not develop in the correct fashion as they age in a response to environmental stresses of all kinds including overcrowding.

Now one thing you should know about Australians, particularly the Australian male, is that the entire nation appears to be structured to serve as some kind of rape camp for females. Sorry if that is a really weird thing to say or repulsive to contemplate but I have twenty years of observation here to draw upon. The Australian male (on average) has the most cowardly and craven character you could humanly conceive of. The only thing he is missing is whiskers. One of the first things I realized after being twelve months in this country is that no female is safe left unaccompanied with one of these men. The second their primary protector is out of range the bullying will start and it will escalate as far as the "male" involved thinks they can get without risking injury. Any woman unaccompanied in this country will be bullied by the first male she encounters. You might think that implies the males here are not much better than women themselves. You're onto something there, trust me. Imagine a woman with shrunken testicles and 10% more muscle mass and you're nearly an expert on Australian culture. Surveys have shown repeatedly that more than half the female population of Australia would prefer to die childless old maids than to marry one of the males of their own nation. More than half. That is a profoundly telling statistic. Gun control is tyranny when imposed on males but it is simply another aspect of female genocidal public policy when executed upon women. It is a crime against all mankind to require females to go about without the option to arm themselves. In Australia, it is a means for the males to gang up on the female population and strip them of any means of self-defense against their ruthless depredations. Tell a single mother alone in the suburbs to call the police when she hears somebody breaking into her home at midnight. Ask yourself what kind of sick twisted effete bastard is pleased at himself to leave women in general this vulnerable.

These are the real biological underpinnings of the unconscious urge to disarm other people. Don't listen to what men tell you because they are not big on self-understanding. Nine-tenths of the population of the earth utterly lack the capacity to understand themselves or what causes them to act as they do. Beneath the substrate of their superficial hollow words and chin music lies a hatred of females as the torchbearers of reproduction and a revulsion for all life itself. Gun grabbers are a death cult driven by madness and madmen who are without founding principles for their existence.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Another Advance For Terminator Units

Dissident StomperBot Practices Crowd Control By Flinging Expedient Projectiles

Of all the weird things I have ever predicted on Vault-Co I assume that my ravings about the coming robot revolution in 2003 were the strangest. A lot of people were convinced I was offering proof I was definitely some kind of paranoid schizophrenic. Some thought it was clear I had confused reality and science fiction cinema in my head somehow.

In fact, my constant tinkering with low budget electronics at the bottom of the supply food chain were what tipped me off to all of this. I knew the day had arrived when you could purchase a handful of very sensitive and accurate servos for a dollar. Coupled with the fact that flesh'n'blood soldiers were becoming so hard to maintain and train I knew there would be a huge military boom in this technology.

Making a robot to be your friend and carry on a conversation with you is pretty complex stuff that could be a century away. On the other hand, making a robot that can track and kill human beings is relatively simple in comparison. Most graduate engineers with sufficient supplies could build one that would be effective.

If you look at the design of this robot "Big Dog," (All DARPA funded, remember, military application first) you will see that what they are really constructing here is a titanium Dire Wolf, the ancient enemy of mankind. Only these dumbasses are going to give these wolves dextrous hands with opposable thumbs and instead of communication socially with howls they are going to talk to each other with real-time radio feeds at roughly the speed of light.

This doesn't turn out well. It bodes very, very ugly wars on the horizon.

Scared yet? Then don't watch this because you will have to throw away your drawers afterwards.

Remember, this is what they are willing to go public with. The real tech they don't let you see is likely 5-10 years ahead of this already.

"The ultimate goal of the project is to design robots that could someday aid in disaster response."

Yes. That's it. That is why DARPA is spending hundreds of millions of dollars on their development. I knew they must have a motive for doing so.

Reprint : Who Built The Moon?

An oldie but goodie from Vault-Co.

Lines up to perfectly occlude the sun during an eclipse. We think nothing of it.

Our Leaders, Bravely Waging The Wars That Will Be Fought By Other People

It's a tough job planning World War III but these guys will buckle down until they reach their goals and make the world safe for Israel.

If those other nations were not such a potential threat they would not be forced to always be threatening them. The problem is they are always forced to be over there doing stuff that leads to other nations doing stuff which leads to war. This is Homo Sapiens logic in action.

Find me somebody who knows about the Cuban missile crisis and then ask them if they knew this entire situation was precipitated by Kennedy putting missiles in Turkey aimed at Russia.

Now ask yourselves if these same people ... who are always telling you that peasants like yourselves have no need of civil defense or the right to self defense ... are willing to forego their own vault systems and the armies of men that provide their protection from their own citizens and the consequences of their own actions. Ask yourselves why they are ordering billions of rounds of ammunition and freeze-dried food years in advance to the point where the manufacturers do not have any outputs left over to even spare for the civilian sector. It is because these valiant men are willing to fight anyone who opposes them anywhere with their nations tax dollars, including taxpayers. It is a difficult job for a patriot but the perks are sweet. You get to act like you are rabid and be a ruthless monomaniacal tyrant and eschew all principles that govern the behavior of people who are sane. Plus power, women and all the booze you can drink.

It never fails to astonish me that ordinary people will sneer at the notion of private defense shelters when the government spends enormous sums of their tax money to build precisely those structures for their own use. The difference being that the common man barely has the means to provide for his own defense after the government has stripped him clean of tax revenues.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Amud Literary Notables : Colin Wilson

The author of the seminal book "The Outsider" who described the feeling of having been "imported from an alien world" into a hostile and completely incompatible social structure. Wrote extensively on the feeling that "one's own kind had somehow moved elsewhere and left you in the company of strangers with whom you will never find common cause."

Notice in the photo on Wikipedia the classic curious wave in the hair and natural cowlicks. This man looks like he could be related to me. His eye sockets retreat dramatically on both sides. Observe something in his expression and gaze that tell us this person is very unlikely to want to hurt or exploit us, rather he wants to speak with us, to share ideas with us. We know instinctively how to recognize such people even if we don't know the names of the species involved ... or at least didn't know until recently.

If you read the Wikipedia entry, you will see that despite never advocating any kind of political change he was labeled a "fascist" by crazy R-type Cro-Magnons because he seemed obsessed with laws, principles of behaviour and defining what was the best conduct for men to most benefit one another. Lots of people were disappointed in Colin Wilson after his literary debut when he began to write mostly on things that interested him that were at the periphery of ordinary consciousness, piercing some kind of veil inside our minds that appears to be designed to keep us from discovering the truth about ourselves.

Interview with the New York Times. The melonheads hate this guy because he's a troublemaking rodeo clown going around trying to stir their slave classes to ideas and ambitions they are not entitled to have. Their lot in life is to serve and this critter is putting notions into their heads of their own innate dignity and the all-around goodness of existence. Dangerous men, these children of Enkidu.

100% Amud, strongly somatotyped. Look at face carefully to see resemblance to Von Braun. The Amud females were essentially cloning their males with sexual selection. They must have liked the mix they got genetically after a million years of polishing it.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Feminism Has Liberated Us All

... from families, children, decent jobs, a nation and happiness.

The liberation has consisted of sending women back to 18th century factory conditions where they can toil the rest of their lives at meaningless jobs without the interference of pregnancies with their tax revenues generation.

Betty Friedan never did any work like this in her life, girls. You got suckered big-time. Bolshevite Betty had a maid do the housework 7 days a week and didn't even know how to operate a broom.

From freedom back to slavery and bondage, over and over again. The entire Western world got conned right out of their lives and their futures. People were taught to complain about the suburban bliss of the 1950's, describing it as an oppressive regime. Bake sales, picnics and afternoon tea.

You tell me who works in the oppressive regime now. This problem won't go away for a couple of centuries or so.

It takes a long time to build up a healthy society and civilization and only a couple of years to tear it all down. It is much easier to destroy than to create. That is why the advantage always lies with the destroyers.