Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Dead Hand, In Operation For Forty Years

People don't understand why the Soviet Union built this thing if they don't know who the real aggressor has been the past seventy years.

The Kwa has been putting forces on their borders and trying to triangulate them inside a grid of missiles for decades. You probably heard about the one time that Russia did the exact same thing to them - it was called the Cuban missile crisis.

People who say one standard for thee, another for me, sooner or later get served universal justice. Dead Hand is that justice and I have been convinced since 1998 that it was going to be used, sooner or later. Nowadays, I expect sooner.

This is the reason I designed my shelter the way I did, in the configuration I did.

Don't kid yourself about World War Three. It is going to be nothing like World War Two.

Lunatic Gilliard Introducing A Police State In Australia To Stifle All Criticism

It is true. Gingers have no souls.

This barren, toxic witch is so poisonous that every chair she sits in has to be fumigated immediately afterwards. She is the antithesis of life itself, an existential black hole which leeches off the organic energy of every other living thing around her. An abominable hag wrapped in a skin bag to disguise it as a human.

Australians must end this monster at the next election and she must be compelled to call the election soon. She has long outlived even the trappings of any democratic consent to her offices.

Clearly the witch is taking direct instruction from Cass Sunstein, the new Commissar of the Kwanstain, who recently decided that all protest around government officials will be banned effective immediately.

Tell me again why we fought the Nazis in World War II? The Nazis were like badly behaved boy scouts compared to these tyrants. More and more people are silently coming to the conclusion that America fought on the wrong side in the second world war. Nobody is telling them to reach this conclusion, it is happening a thousand times a day independently all over the West by people simply considering the evidence for themselves.

Magnetic Field Cracking Open?!?

It should be, because the Sun is entering a Grand Minima.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Political Correctness/Postmodernism Does A Massive Faceplant And Leaves A Crater Behind

After decades of being on the fringe, you would think this moves me inside the sanity circle now. But you'd be wrong.

I believe in an even more radical theory - that the Solutreans/Clovis people were Neanderthals escaping genocide in Europe. This means that Neanderthals had survived long after historians believed they had perished.

You will hear anthropologists discuss the "remarkable robustness" of the Clovis people, including their thick bones and powerful ligaments ... but they cannot admit they were Neanderthals when it is so obvious they were. Amongst other things they were slightly taller than modern people which is forbidden to associate with Neanderthals because it might then lead one to learn about the Amud.

Obviously, Europeans have dominated the planet for at least 50,000+ years. They are not the "newcomers" anywhere. It is everybody else who is kind of a spinoff of varying degrees, not the other way around.

Incidentally, before the culture wars started shortly after Kennedy was assassinated in 1963, this theory was called "diffusion" and it had been widely held for over 200 years or more. This was also the year I was born. It became politically forbidden to speak of shortly thereafter like the bulk of all serious science and inquiry.

China and Russia Prepare To Tag Team Kwa

They don't like each other. They just work together.

When it is over, they will have their own differences to settle.

First priority is to turn the Kwanstain into a 3000 mile wide charcoal birdbath that glows green at night.

John Titor Was Right? Start of Civil War II

Good on Virginia. Home of Thomas Jefferson, the brightest man who ever stood on U.S. soil.

Step down, you Kenyan marxist bastard. Step down.

Outrageous Naked Vote Fraud

It is so obvious even the dumbest sheeple should suspect something is wrong.

Unlimited Power Is Unlimited Corruption

Anyone who supports arbitrary "signature" warrants created in secret is too stupid to live in any country that has more than a subsistence standard of living.

Think about the corruption and incompetency you see in everyday life. Now imagine that lunacy empowered by "legal" sanction to just make up stuff and order people to undergo rendition to secret camps and be executed there. It is much worse than the last days of the Roman Empire when emperors need only gesture to have someone killed.

Preview of Life In The Kwanstain In 10 Years

Really good read. See what it looks like when it's every man for himself and nobody believes in any universal principles of right and wrong. This is the natural condition of mankind plus modern technology to complement his madness.