Sunday, November 25, 2007

Basic Assumptions About Storage Life Overturned!

Just last year, somebody wrote a comment stating that my food storage claims that many foods remained pristine 7-10 years after being stored was an exaggeration and they complained that I seemed to routinely exaggerate most of my storage life estimates. They didn't realize that my education came from the same sources that theirs did, only my hands-on practical experience was that the "official" storage lives published were drastically conservative, even for food that was stored with few precautions.

I expected my food to expire at the same time that the "experts" had suggested. They didn't. I have since concluded that most of these conservative shelf lives you see in print are to avoid being sued for causing somebody to get food poisoning.

The two most critical environmental hazards to avoid are humidity and temperature. Some varieties of damp will make food go off overnight. High temperature will foster bacteria as well. You should store your food in sealed containers somewhere it is dark, cool and dry. This alone will keep most kinds of foodstuffs edible a long time. If you want to pack your own long term storage food, get oxygen absorbers and mylar bags and seal the food up in airtight containers. This can make stuff last practically forever. If you're packing for these kinds of time frames, I will give you the same advice I do for software development : the documentation should travel with the implementation. You have to label that box/bag/drum on the spot with the date packed, a list of the contents and any special notes about sealage or methodology, i.e. oxygen absorber and mylar. We have a standard form at Vault-Co that goes on everything with a water resistant spray adhesive the second the lid is tamped down. Later on you can put a fancy bar code on the drum or an RFID tracking tag but make sure a human-readable failsafe label is on the food so if it's found by a supermutant or your children in the far future, they will know what is inside it.

The cheapest and most ubiquitous foods for really long, long-term storage are powdered milk, white rice and rolled oats. If you kept these sorts of foods dry and cool I expect they could be eaten fifty years from now and perhaps even sustain you for a while until you found something better. Since sugar, brown sugar and malt make rolled oats and powdered milk really easy to eat, they are excellent companions for these foods. I am of the opinion that white sugar kept dry will last at least ten years without an oxy absorber and still remain safe to eat. It doesn't take much more to supplement this diet and you will survive the very worst of famines in combination with clean drinking water.

Don't Fear The Reaper

There is nothing worse than a badly administered civil defense program unless it is no civil defense at all.

Radiation is not a supernatural force. Even the neutron bomb can be shielded against. Radiation can't penetrate rock and overhead cover. Even in the worst scenario, a little radiation ain't gonna kill you. It's a lot of unrelenting radiation that finishes you off.

Teaching people to simply reconcile themselves to the fact they will die from the bomb is nothing less than criminal stupidity in government officials. It's the blind leading the deaf and dumb.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

New Vault Wing Under Construction

Awesome. The Japanese love to build massive infrastructure. Tokyo is crawling with megalithic architecture, you can see where a lot of the inspiration for anime comes from.

Emperor Justinian : The Original Neo-Con

When you look at the sorry collection of traitors and bastards at the helm of the West and feel overcome by despair, it is good to consider the succession of klowns who dismantled Rome in it's final years. The last Roman Emperors were a pathetic, rancid lot of rotten meat walking around in manpants.

There are parallels in history to explain what we are seeing today. It's not new. This has all happened before. What has changed this time around is the technology available to these fools to destroy their own civilizations. There is no recorded parallel there as far as we know.

Russia Prepares For Nuclear War With The United States

Sorcha Faal is pretty accurate with this assessment. It's a good picture of what is really going on in the world whilst the sheeple read up on Britney Spears and Paris Hilton.

Russia and the U.S. are starting to rub each other the wrong way and it's the United States that is the aggressor. The Amerikwans have backed themselves into a fiat money corner where it's either fight or collapse, the traditional denouement of empires.

You and probably most of the people you know keep telling yourselves that World War III won't happen because the nations involved have too much to lose. You need to take a good look at this planet again and ask yourself if they actually have more to lose by remaining passive as their catalogue of errors piles up on top of them. The Vault-Co premise is that nations in fact have very little control over their own actions, just as few men have little control over their own destiny. They are a product of their own behaviour and it's consequences. Mankind in general cannot often change their fate by simply reacting to the outcomes that they create through their unconscious habits. They are like passive prisoners chained to boxcars that run along rigid preconstructed rail lines.

At some point in 1998, I began to understand that there was a global nuclear war coming and that nobody anywhere would be able to do anything to avert it. All you could realistically do is accept it and prepare for it as an inevitability. This true control over one's life, minor and regional as it may be, is a thousand times more powerful than marching around with a beret and a no-nukes placard. That's just beanbaggery straw man mental masturbation with no payoff at the end. Building a Vault is realpolitik.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Thumb Gauge Explained : If Vault-Co Says It, We're Radical Fringe Nuts. If They Say It Then It's Orthodoxy.

This stuff is so old it is sneezing dust. We put all these ideas up on Vault-Co nearly 6 years ago concerning climate change.

History Shows Climate Changes Lead To War and Famine

Climate Change Will Send Asia Back To The Rice Paddies

Climate Changes Will Tilt the Balance In Favor of War In Most States

The Four Horsemen Are Coming

Remember, these pinheads think the world is going to be heating up from increased CO2. We should be so lucky, we'd have record crop harvests. Vault-Co says the world is headed into another Ice Age where everybody will be colder and drier even if they don't get glaciated. If you think people will fight 'cuz they're irritable in warm weather, wait 'til you see'em squabble over the last frozen scraps of food in another Ice Age. Now that will be a proper war. Heating is the gay escapist scenario for commie she-males like Albert Gore.

If you think you can handle the truth, get ready for Ice Age II.

Where is My Bowl Of Rainbow Stew?

What happened to the globalist paradise? Banning a U.S. Carrier from landing at Hong Kong? This can't be right. Check the roster, I was scheduled for the alternate happy feelgood universe where life is just one big shopping mall. I'm supposed to be working ten hours a week carving Nike Logos into subatomic surfaces with a nanolaser by now.

Anyhow, looks like I got derailed into the parallel world where everybody is running around screaming and weeping with nukes going off and their hair falling out. This sucks. I'm putting in for a transfer.

What The 2008 Recession Is Designed To Segue Into

Television rots the brain. The worst thing it does, as is pointed out in the article, is convince viewers that anything they don't see on televitz must not be "important", interesting or credible. It is the ability to focus the attention of the masses on stuff that is insipid, just plain dumb, off-topic or irrelevant while they are literally robbed blind, the furnishings are stripped and their gold fillings are pried out. Television is hypnotic and whosoever watches it is made stupid. Part of television's control is making it's destructive influence into such a cliche it no longer registers on the brain. People on television make fun of what garbage it all is, concentrating mainly on the content, as though the medium itself in terms of it's worth as a mechanism for transmission of information was above question.

Years ago, it was only a few bookish and eccentric loners like me who knew these things. We read books like Jerry Mander's Four Arguments For The Elimination of Television and celebrated in our lonely nerdish little way that a single chink of twilight had shone through the fog of the idiot box reality smokescreen. Small circles of people who still read books understood what Mander was talking about ... the other 250 million people were little more than drooling vegetables on automatic pilot.

The Internet has certainly started to change things. Not as much as many optimists expected, though. Call me skeptical but I have trouble believing the harsh glare of the real world will ever be able to compete with the toxic rose colored light emanating from the electronic Pied Piper From Hell. People would rather listen to a pleasant little saccharine flute as they plunge to their deaths on the rocks below than wrestle with the grim possibility they may survive if they are willing to think for themselves.

What is dumber than Creationism? Evolutionary Theory.

It's true. My problem is not that I am poorly informed in either, rather that I know a thousand things about both that most of you will never hear.

Creationism is stupid. It doesn't meet the criteria needed to even be accepted as plausible.

Evolutionary theory used to be better when it was offered as a theory, before it turned into a religion in it's own right. Needless to say it is exceedingly weak in light of recent revisions and just doesn't hold water. Creationists are useful in this regard in the same way scientologists are useful in attacking mainstream psychology, the craziest and most irrational "science" in the history of mankind. It's not that I agree with scientologists about their alternatives, rather it's their criticisms that are very poignant.

Carl Sagan's universe as presented on COSMOS used to be my secular faith. I believed in it with a fierce devotion for sixteen years from 1981 through 1998 with little or no doubts about it's general accuracy.

I know today that it is all a bunch of made up crap. Every word of it.

The truth is (you will always get it on Vault-Co if nowhere else) is that we aren't sure where in the hell we are, what the hell is going on or what the hell the paradigm is that will explain it for us. That's the truth. So try this. Let God be true and every man a liar if it comes to that. Believe what God says and keep your mind open to different angles cast on scripture. Without declaring it an allegory outright, instead consider we may be getting the Reader's Digest Condensed Version in Genesis. I suspect there is much more to this story than we realize.