Friday, February 28, 2014

Is Russia Ready To Fight World War III In Crimea?

The 'Stain has the worst possible leader to cope with a crisis like this.

Pray the Kwa has the wisdom to keep their rag-tag army of retards out of this conflict. Russia will dropkick their ass in a conventional war. If they choose nonconventional that would be most unwise. As the computer said in WARGAMES, the best strategic move is not to play.

If Russia gets Crimea back it will hardly be the end of the world but the dopes in the Kwa could turn it into just that if they are dumb enough to get involved. Just like Syria, every conflict in the world is one that the 'Stain should steer clear of.

Born Confused, Then Downhill From There

Spike Lee, notorious racist, bitching about ghetto flats getting purchased for a million dollars a pop.

Even if something miraculously good happened to black people, would they know?

I've lived there. It looked like a demilitarized zone following a campaign of organised carpet bombing being reclaimed by crawling ivy. The streets were choked ankle deep with AIDs-infected syringes and crack pipes. I traveled to and from my apartment at noon, when black people are all sleeping. I locked the door and blacked out the windows so nobody would know who lived in there. I was there for three months and it felt exactly like living in a war zone hidden under the floor of a barn. I heard gunfire and angry yelling all night long. Twice people beat on my door looking for somebody who had moved away years ago. Nobody was more pleased when I moved out of that dump. I considered it practice for a post-apocalyptic environment.

Some of these black families have been paid enough money for these post-atomic ruins they live in to retire happily for the rest of their lives and leave a big sum of money to their kids. They probably will enjoy lives of ease sheerly rewarded for evacuating a huge blighted dump while you continue to work for a living.

It still isn't sufficient for Spike. Remember kids, hating people because of the colour of their skin is wrong, at least if you are white. Everybody else is fine with it. That means anti-racism is really nothing but anti-white, the worst kind of racism of them all because it is vile racism based on envy, malice and spite, nothing more. Don't hate us for being beautiful because it means that you must be ugly as sin. Never forget that hating whites for their virtues is the same as nakedly hating the Neanderthal for his or her race. It is the vilest sort of racism and bigotry.

Spike can't stand the fact that white gentrification has transformed his public sewer into a beautiful suburban sanctuary where mothers feel safe walking their babies at 3 am in the morning, formerly the practice of people who had arbitrarily decided to commit suicide. Maybe Spike liked it better when they had shot out the streetlights and used to drag single mothers coming home from work into the crack houses nearby and gangrape them for days before killing them. That must be the "culture" he wants to preserve.

I remember coming off the train late one evening because of poor timing and hearing some girl screaming way off across the blocks at midnight and thinking the only thing that could ever fix this toilet is a tactical nuclear weapon airburst at 500 meters. Turns out, I was wrong. Just moving the inhabitants out of it seems to have fixed it up fine.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Kaboom : The Beginnings of the Death Of The American Republic

This article was really funny. 

There was also something very true in it.

Around the time the culture wars were being waged in the 60's, there began to appear a wide array of caricatures of things. Hollow imitations of things with the real vitality sucked out of them. The appearance of substance but only the outer forms of things. This disease spread unchecked until nearly everything in America became a caricature of itself. Increasingly it was like a stage play where the actors are just going through the motions without making any kind of an effort.

I think this was the purpose of the culture wars, postmodernism and the culture of critique. To literally suck the genuine life force out of things and bleed them dry until nobody believed in them anymore. To undermine the foundations so as to cause the guardians to fall asleep … because they developed the conviction that nothing was worth guarding.

The tragedy is that America coming out of WWII and the 1950's was anything but the fake utopia of hollow lies that the media is constantly revising our memory of. It was a real utopia of sorts, with limitations but nothing like all previous civilisations that we know of. America could only be made to believe it was fatally flawed by creating a fantastic, mad ideal that could never be realised and then announcing America had come up short of this bizarre ideal. When in fact the founders of the United States never aspired to any of these wild, foreign, subversive, occidental ideals but had strove for far more modest goals … and had hit nearly all of them by 1955.

The problem with success is … it sows the seeds of its own destruction. It attracts the wrong kinds of people every time. The improvamenters and enrichers. They can smell success the way sharks smell blood in the water and it always smells like an opportunity to them to move in and tear everything apart.

They did a good job on America and today only Kwanstainia remains.

Fox News represents the nadir of this transformation. A faux neoconservative cable channel built by far left Bolshevists pretending to be in opposition to the far left Bolshevists now in power. All of them hollow actors playing at roles, nothing authentic left anywhere. The real life of the civilisation drained out until it is as pale and bloodless as Bill O'Reilly.

Chimpmanzee Scienmajistics

Bear with me, I will walk you through it. Soot from volcanos blocks sunlight and leads to global cooling, preserves the laws of thermodynamics. So far, so good. Soot from human activities traps heat by passing sunlight one way but not letting heat escape out. This special soot is called "carbon," which mysteriously is the same name of a substance actually found in the atomic chart but somehow isn't like that kind of carbon at all it is a special carbon with special carbon powers. Also, give me money and I will fight teh warmthinkery on your behalf for teh winnarz.

They must be doing a lot of peer review. (Link courtesy Vault-Co reader)

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Third World Dump Proves Voting Doesn't Work

Nope. It doesn't. When a nation is as far gone as the 'Stain you can vote all you want, it won't do you any good.

The U.S. Constitution was written with Oliver Cromwell in particular in mind. The monster in the half copper mask with a steel glove over his fist and a cape. As the Founders predicted, the Constitution would not stand against human stupidity forever and someday the Republic would fall.

I find it amazing that people in the midst of the decline never realize they are in the midst of the decline. Every ten generations like clockwork and people never learn anything. Manboons are not a learning animal.

Mainstream Gives Up, Now Trying To Amend Theories

But the evidence is piling up faster than they can make straw man documentaries.

Still insisting only primitive peoples reached North America. I don't think so.

The evidence points to very sophisticated mound builders and monolithic construction societies far advanced beyond the Indians. Maybe the Neanderthal was not quite the revolutionary explorer they are trying to suggest - perhaps the Neanderthals were making a journey in seal boats that Melonheads traversed in true sailing vessels made of reeds or wooden hulls on a weekly basis. My ancestors could have been waving in their little boats at full armadas cruising by on their way to the Americas.

There is extensive evidence of far more than mere Viking expeditions. Huge swaths of the United States are filled with ruins of buildings and pyramid structures that would have been impossible to the simple hunter gatherers who came later. Everywhere you look, you see the afterglow of what were once very sophisticated seafaring civilizations who imposed a common language and a common cultural norm worldwide, something impossible to do even today. I do not think such a thing is even desirable but melonheads have worked towards conformity of this sort for eons.

I think it was Allan Bloom who pointed out that multiculturalism is designed to accomplish by stealth the destruction of all cultural variants and merge them all into one common culture under a world hegemon. Each culture in turn is destroyed by importing its enemies until there are only atomic groups struggling for their share of the pie under a socialist government. Very clever, I think. I have read of this sort of thing before in scripture. Nimrod gave his people mushrooms from the forest to pollute their minds and then told them that there were wild boars roaming around everywhere. These people he conquered first mentally, colonizing their minds with his lies. They then fell easily under his rule and went to work on his great tower in Babel for him. Truly, nothing new under the sun. Globalism is just good old Nimrod up to his same old ancient tricks.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Climate Clown Busted, Files For Bankruptcy

Michael Mann is one of the biggest frauds to come out of Penn State in years, a college famous for buggering little boys and faking scientific data

Mann refused to turn over his scientific data in court!! In order to prove his own scientific claims!!! How on earth does somebody funded by taxpayers get away with stuff like this for as long as he has?!?

I don't know what they are putting in the drinking water at Penn State but stop drinking it!! It apparently makes you into a pathetic jerk!

This planet is run by idiots, fools and madmen. Mann will hopefully be unable to get a job washing windows at intersections after this. We live in a world that rewards people like Mann for just making stuff up out of thin air. This guy was big science with a capital "S" for twenty years with this bogus climate garbage. Think of how many people there are out there with real aptitudes not working in the field, denied tenure and refused any funding for research into reality.

The tenth generation of men is always the worst. They are the bitter fruit of declining civilizations. Mann is typical of the sort of people who dominate science nowadays. Everything that ever came out of his mouth was lies. Later, he'd try to dummy up what looked like some science to support the stuff he had fabricated. This guy was no scientist.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Endocrinal Disruptors in The Water Supply

So obvious and yet they are only now concluding it

The composite girl on the left makes me feel strange. She's too masculine. All the women in hollywood look this way and frankly they are just not attractive.

The girl on the right is all woman. She elicits feelings of respect, attraction and a desire to protect her. You glance at her face and jumping in front of a bus to keep her safe seems like the most natural thing in the world.

(Link courtesy Vault-Co reader)

Moonbats Are Humorless Dweebs

Scientific evidence for what most people already knew deep down

No amygdala. Can't make value judgements which means they cannot understand absurdity, contrast and juxtaposition of opposing ideas.

They are also seriously devoted to "changing the world," a recipe for increasing drab misery and the total volume of human suffering if ever there was.