Monday, February 6, 2012

Hopetism : When Televitz Failed

These idiots think because the White House managed to average the total number of famine corpses in Los Angeles with the sum aggregate of the flaming armed babies in Detroit, they managed to produce a figure of 8.3% unemployment instead of 9%. This proves we are saved. Except anybody with an IQ above room temperature knows that the real unemployment figure in the Kwanstain is more like 40%+ in the urban areas. What matters most to 'Stainians is presentation. The reality is too unpleasant to contemplate any longer anyhow.

I've got a calculator too and if I add up the collated mean totals of the number of times they are going to get sodomized by a 200 man gangbang train of enrichers and add it to the corrected median of their screams on the imprompt cannibal barbie, I come up with a figure of 60+ inches for the red-white-and-blue rubber mambo pleasuremaster that is going to get buried in their dribbling asses.

Mind you, this is the future as seen through the rose-colored glasses of the upbeat feelgood hit-of-the-summer scenario. The reality is going to be much worse. There is also a downside.

Everything is Fine. Nothing To See Here People.

Nothing. All is well. The future is so bright, I gotta wear shades.

Europe Freezes, People Die Like Flies

Europe baffled after spending 20 years getting ready for global warming, leaving them virtually unprepared for winters of this severity. Their wind turbines are frozen solid, meaning their energy strategy to heat homes with electricity instead of traditional oil is just another tragic casualty of the absolute junk science of globowarmthinkery. They need to drag Michael Mann behind a snowplow naked through Belgium while starving toddlers spit hard snap loogies at him in passing. When they get to the city limits they should force him to swim the Salton Sea. With it's high saline content I am sure it will be as warm as a sauna bath from the ambient air temperature and he should have no difficulty making it to the other side.

The inhabitants of Europe will no doubt enjoy this lovely temperate spring thaw because the cold that is coming is going to make this look like the Bermuda islands in the middle of June.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Vault-OS : Now In Two Flavors

I got so frustrated with my C code in Open Watcom I dug out my old C# ASP.NET version of Vault-OS (was going great guns on this last year until I decided I was going to write something that would run on any machine with an ansi C compiler) and I had a marathon putting together a new menu system and and embedded database. I got this compiling together with aspNetCore, an open source ASP.NET server that can be compiled together with your website, completely doing away with IIS and Microsoft SQL Server altogether.

Looks absolutely smashing. Worked on coding a static instance of the mailslot server (drives all the plug'n'play daemons that drive various sensor and control devices) into the Application handler. That appears to be working well. I also got my barcode image server running so that all you do is pass the type and the code and the web server returns an image with a link to a Javascript snippet that monitors the "barcoding" mailslot to see if anything new is scanned for this field in realtime. This made the crap I had been working on in Watcom look like the Flintstones.

I'm a bit ashamed I didn't find out about the embedded web server until I went back to have a look at the ASP.NET version. I also found out it runs under Mono on Linux and FreeBSD.

I was doing a little work on it this morning and marveling at how incredible it was looking when suddenly out of the blue it popped into my mind what I was doing wrong over in my Watcom C build. My receive buffer was only 1536 bytes and I was sending it chunks of data nearly 6K of form fields. It was timing out trying to process it all in segments. I increased the RCX buffer size, presto, problem mysteriously vanished instantly.

So now I am left with this revamped remarkable looking ASP.NET web server for VOS that is already capable of things I could only dream of in the other version and my C version is functioning again.

I have decided that rather than change back, I am going to forge ahead with this ASP.NET server to release as an alpha version before the end of February for testing. You heard it here, you can hold me to it. Alpha for testing will be released on or before February 28th. Crash, rock, fail, whatever shape it is in I am putting the ASP.NET version up this month as-is to get some feedback. I tried running this as an experiment on a massively scaled down Win 98 on a machine with 64 MB RAM and it appeared to run very well, both with .NET 2.0 runtime and Mono. In all likelihood I will be installing the lite version of Windows 2000 on this machine for my final product, I believe I can get that down to around a 60 MB installation on hard disk with 32 MB RAM sufficient for decent speed.

The C version is still very important to me, amongst other things for running on tiny computers that otherwise might not have the RAM to run the ASP.NET or even an OS outside of minimal Linux or DOS. I will get back to it in coming months but am fixated now on finishing this ASP.NET VOS I originally started on in 2006.

Hold me to it, I am setting this deadline for myself. February 2012 for 1st Alpha version. If testing goes well, I could have a release version by end of March.

Remember, whatever machine you test it on, please replace your boot screen with this image. I did on my little PC/104 box and I get this incredible thrill every time I boot it up.

The Opposite Of Everything They Said For The Past 10 Years

I'm going to give you a simple general rule you will find will serve you well in most situations when you are trying to sort fact from fiction.

If somebody tells you one thing for decades, then one morning you wake up and that person is telling you the exact opposite and they make no mention of the fact they were telling you something completely different for a long time ... that person is full of crap. Whoever it is, you shouldn't trust them. There is something wrong with them and they are not a reliable source of information.

The other one I always tell my son is ... never trust a man who has never held down a day job. It's okay if he got fired, got bored or changed careers. As long as he knows what it is to have a place he had to show up at in the morning and do some trivial, droll labor for crap wages. It builds character in a man to do these things, even if it isn't forever. This means Clinton, Bush and Obama are men who can't be trusted. If Americans followed my rule it would mean they would never have voted for any of these guys.

Round Eye Sockets, Super Focal Lengths, Arctic Predators, Insomnia and The Bitter Unforgiving Genetic Perfection Demanded By Cold Temperatures

Some of you have expressed disbelief about my claim that when I first heard the news of our Neanderthal DNA, I was able to reconcile fifty years of mystery into ten seconds of comprehension. However impossible it sounds, it is true. I have been sorting through that ten seconds for the last two years, one idea at a time. It's a lot of thinking to work my way through.

One of the things that struck me instantly was the association between insomnia, nearsightedness and higher IQs.

My mind solved all three problems in a few milliseconds. This is how it went for me :

1. Neanderthal was not a "night hunter." The orthodoxy had gotten it all wrong. Nobody goes hunting at night in subzero temperatures with wind chill factors that will freeze a man solid in a couple of seconds. The Neanderthal had been a watchman. In cold weather, all the big predators move in to take their prey at sundown. It is the dominant hunting strategy. A sabre tooth would shadow a herd of deer all day long and when the night was coming, the deer would be exhausted and with darkness closing in they would be an easy meal. The only way a hominid and his family could survive in this weather is if one of them kept vigilant until way past midnight. The Neanderthal would take up his place by the mouth of the cave, stoke the fire and lean on his spear while his children slept. His body would be keyed to release ATP into his bloodstream at sundown and increase his core metabolic temperature to bring him to maximum alertness when Homo Sapien's body is cooling and his brain is releasing neurotransmitters to make him sleepy. Neanderthal fathers were required to keep the watch until very late at night and thus would be a polyphasic sleeper, making it up with a nap during the following day. Sapiens is a monophasic sleeper - he goes to sleep when the sun goes down and gets up when it comes up, staying awake all day. A half a million years later, you could predict the far flung descendants of Neanderthals would have a wide myriad of sleep disorders from a biological rest cycle that they have not had sufficient time to adjust to.

Even when I was 2% body fat, my core temperature would rise so high at midnight in my teenage years you could have cooked an egg on my forehead. I didn't understand why other people didn't have this problem at night time. Was it something in my diet? The adults around me didn't notice any of this of course. I had a medical exam when I was 16 and the doctor noticed my temperature was always elevated. If he'd been any good he would have realized something weird was happening there. A resting pulse of 30 and a temperature of 99 around the clock? Those two things don't go together. That is very odd physiology. Perfect for the arctic, though.

2. The anthropologists had guessed that Neanderthal's large orbits and muscular sockets were an adjustment to help him see a larger visual field at night time. They were right about this. It is exactly what you would expect of somebody assigned to be night guard duty for a couple hundred thousand years. Of course, a half a million years later, his progeny are not focusing their powerful eye muscles into the darkness looking for sabre tooth tigers. For the past couple of centuries, they stay up and read or write. Their round sockets are contracting close up every night for six hours before bedtime. This happens during their most important formative years in adolescence, freezing their eyeballs at a short focal length. Nearsightedness.

3. All the computer nerds, scientists, thinkers, dreamers and geniuses you know are Neanderthal genes only. Homo Sapiens goes to bed. The children of Esau stay up late at night, their minds humming at peak performance waiting and watching for sabre tooth tigers that never come. This insomnia stimulates more nerve endings and pathways in the brain when the rest of the world is slumbering. Of course they end up with higher IQs at maturity, for reasons both genetic and behavioural.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Internet 1969

Crude early prototype of Vault-OS.

The Right To Bear Arms Was Intended For Humans, Not Kwanstainians

With an average IQ of 96 in the 'Stain according to this year's averages, I have to agree. Such creatures should not have access to firearms. They are beasts and would be happier in a barn with a stall, fresh hay and a water trough. In fact, the entire system of government set up by the Founding Fathers would be outside of their reach. There is no point in them trying to prop up a system they no longer have the native intelligence to understand.

Kwanstain Multikulti Seige - Zombie Horde

All decorum, civility and the most rudimentary social graces have gone out the window. They must have stuff and will kill to get at it. It's important stuff and they have to have it. Consumer units are actually more brain dead than zombies, come to think of it.