Thursday, March 9, 2017

Neanderthals Just Chillin' With Aspirin and Penicillin

Primitive gorilla people accidentally discovered advanced medicine at least 50,000 years earlier than mankind, when mankind was a spear chucking life support system for a pair of testicles.

They probably discovered it in their 8 stage compression ovens when they were making fast-drying bitumen compounds into ergonomic grips on their weapons. Those gorillas got lucky more than once .... with their 3D perspective etchings and floor mosaics. Someday soon the orthodoxy is going to break down altogether and then the floodgates are going to open, you better believe it. The first order of business is to reassign credit for domestication of all animals followed by giving them props for every single major work of cave art in Europe starting with La Croix, which everybody knows is Neanderthal work by now anyhow.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

It Was Never The Heat You Needed To Worry About

This planet doesn't need protection from man. Man needs protection from it.

Cold is the natural climate of Earth. It is normally always much colder here. The Holocene is a brief summer flourish in the midst of an ageless cold wasteland.

If you wonder why the globalist opposition is going mad dog foaming at the mouth insane over the new President, just look at what the guy is doing. Curses, foiled again. They are twirling the ends of their handlebar mustaches and regrouping. Trump is messing up all of their plans.

Pesticides Are A RACKET! They are the SOFT KILL option.

Self-referential logic that justifies the use of pesticides because pesticides are already in use therefore if the insects are adapting we need to use more pesticide. Don't be ridiculous, we have no choice but to use pesticides because we already used them and they don't appear to be working so we will have to try more pesticides.

It is nothing but three card monty with chemistry instead of playing cards. Guess where the benefit lies? One of these chemicals is protecting you from a scourge of bugs that never comes. When it does come, natural organic growers always seem to stave it off with elements as harmless as charcoal and peppermint. Something is really wrong here.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Nano PI Zero - Cheapest PC Yet!

Got the Nano PI Neo running my server! Excellent clone from China of the Raspberry PI Zero but much, much cheaper! This board is a really good candidate for building parallel supercomputers with distribution solvers. I actually have a BEOWULF supercluster (4 boards) running in MS-DOS 7.0 with it's own customized supercomputer BASIC language. The problem is I have not been able to think of an important task for it to solve other than image recognition so far. It is extremely good at that, able to circle 32 faces in a group photo in a few milliseconds. The store for this computer supplies acrylic stackers to build towers of them as distribution solvers.

Think about how cheap this tech is getting! It could soon be a reality that I could sell a complete case with screen and keyboard and my server code burned into ROMDISK so it always boots up! I could build the router itself into the case (running $4 nowadays) with 8 jacks for Cat-6 cabling, you could literally plug'n'play a shelter in a couple of minutes! If it fails for any reason, you could afford a couple spares as replacements and just switch the backup drive from one to the other to resume! That would really be my dream, shelters all over the world running CD-OS after the apocalypse and it becoming as ubiquitous as a PIP-Boy everywhere.

Hmmm ... you know, with the size of this little board, I could actually start to think about manufacturing one of these things for real as just another server (this one mobile) in the CD-OS network ... geolocation and mission omnipresence everywhere you go.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Instant Zero-Configuration Shelter Networking I.J.W. (It Just Works!)

Just one instance of my server running is a marvel. The real magic starts when other instances are linked up. You can see hosts available through the UDP autodiscovery in addition to simply typing in IP addresses and hailing others through my unique JSONP cross-domain calls. Once added, you can then PING that host to send it this station's manifest, which could consist of publish-subscribe provisions including transmitting things like diagrams and logs. If you choose to initiate this linkup every time the server starts, the remote server will participate in a rich messaging system pooling all data and control systems between stations where authorization exists.

Still working out some of the finer details in the publish-subscribe model but the really important thing is that it just works and is so simple it has very little reliance on hardware configuration of any kind. If your network is working and the server instance is plugged into it, chances are it will take about 5 seconds to connect the machine to all other participating CD-OS servers - as a persistent relationship from thereon which is reflected when the server starts up or initiates this connection as expected.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Stealth Technology - State of the Art in 1975

China VS. Zombie Pilots!
In 2017 it is a flying turkey that China could blow out of the air a thousand times a minute without using more than a few cents of electricity. The Air War in World War III will be a drone war.

The United States continues to project itself as the most advanced nation in the world from the 1970's. A lot has happened since then but America has not been keeping up. In a nation where the majority of the population reads and writes at a 2nd grade level you'd expect progress on any front to be in very short supply.

Socialism Keeps Winning

Only The State Can Organize The Means of Production

... otherwise people might starve without'em.

I can't believe it! Only last year the mass media was telling me what a marxist paradise it was down there. Everything free.

Kek Justice Strikes Down The Unrepentent

To anger Kek is to look into the abyss

Starbucks sits empty and it's stock is plunging. I have avoided them for years.

Self-Kevorkianism By Kek Justice - MAGA!

Target is on greased rails to disaster.

They asked for it. They ignored their customers and decided they would impose their own culture on them. Bad idea. They'll be lucky if they are not sold off at the end of this year.