Sunday, January 6, 2013

Gun Control Makes Us All A Lot Safer Say Professional Criminals, Psychopaths, Rapists and Various Enrichers

Just look how good it is working in Australia.

The Oz man-chimp lives off a diet of Fosters and beer peanuts and it lacks the genes required for awareness and learning. It thinks it is thinking but it is really just imitating human behavior. The reality is that the average Australian knows absolutely nothing about anything of any consequence whatsoever and therefore has no frame of reference other than what it's government gives it. The Australian edjamafacashun system has dumbed the population down to the level of single-celled amoebic dysentery germs. They believe they have never been brighter and it's all that wind whistling between their ears that makes them feel like singing.

You may pity the Kwanstainian but wisdom says the Australians have it harder because they don't even know what they don't know. They don't even know they don't know what they don't know which is a lot like knowing less than nothing about anything. If they knew they didn't know what they don't know at least they'd know that but alas that is just something else that is blissfully unknown to them.

You can put man-pants on a man-ape but you can't make him smart enough to merit wearing them.

Original Incans Were White European Ruling Class

With huge skulls.

Reading this article basically left me speechless. I verified it with three other sites.

The original melonheads look to have been overthrown by their slaves not long before the Spanish arrived to overthrow them.

This synchronized so perfectly with my existing theories about how these civilizations started that I was shocked. Here are the bones that prove the theory was correct.

Notice the look of terror in the woman when she died. Slave revolt.

Man is not a learning animal

All that populist rubbish about ordinary people being capable of learning is a folk legend. 99% of mankind do not learn from history, keeping in mind history can be something that happened ten minutes ago.

You can shorten this like I have done by saying "Humans don't learn, period."

Saturday, January 5, 2013

If You Hate Your Kids, Get Them Vaccinated

It's the easiest way to bump them off legally. After all you were only doing as you were told.

Modern medicine is a spree killer. What a toxic inversion of words, ideas, meanings and intentions. In our declining society, everything does the exact opposite of what it says it does.

Now onto the next crisis. Barack is really digging into his agenda for the next four years. Coming up ... mandatory vaccinations/lethal injections with no exceptions. The people who paid to put Barack in office again are going into overdrive.

Nobody likes an I-Told-You-So

... but I did tell you so.

Holocene is over. It's time, grasshoppers. The long party is at an end.

How Microsoft Kevorkianed Itself

You put an idiot in charge and you get what you deserve.

Ballmer has mostly concentrated on moving operations to Israel while the company literally falls apart. It has been his consuming obsession.

Frankly, after buying a new IMac for Christmas, nobody would be happier than me to see the entire Microsoft company dumped from a cargo carrier into the desert outside Tel Aviv. It's all yours fellows - do what you want with it because we don't want it anymore. Another thing that becomes worthless once you get it. Pick through the scraps of office furniture and drag off whatever you think you can sell.

Election Then False Flag Then Reaction

All within a month of "winning" the Kwanstainian election.

Barack Obama isn't just an amazing creature of unlimited religious-like superpowers, he is also so lucky that spree killings happen at the exact moments he needs them to for policy reasons.

All those "paranoids" who guaranteed that Obama would go after guns if he got in again? They were all right. Everybody else was wrong.

Obama is supposedly a "constitutional lawyer," so surely he must know he has to call a constitutional convention to change the 2nd Amendment. Apparently they are just skipping right over that whole "rule of law thing" and going straight to the stuff they want to do like Oliver Cromwell. See how boring history is? It just repeats over and over again. If you know anybody who doesn't think history is boring, it is because they are not sufficiently familiar with it. History is a drag because it is just the same play over and over again with a change of actors.

I talked to enough people from the former United States before the election to know they did this to themselves. They either supported the media selected candidate Mitt Romney or they were actually stupid enough to vote Obama again. They rejected Ron Paul and now the pain is coming. Ron Paul was the last chance gas station.

Civilizations are dysgenic by nature and rarely last more than 200 years. That's just enough time for everybody else to "get their boots on" and get involved at which time the entire society goes straight down the drain.

'Stain government now to provide direct assistance and logistics to criminals to wage war on the law abiding. 

Manboons are not a learning animal. Melonheads made them beasts in the shape of men to work behind a plow or fight in mass battles as sport. They are not complete human beings, rather a fraction of a real person, a replicant, a simulation of the true man of the Earth, the Neanderthal. Homo Sapiens is a like a pale washed out photo of a human.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Cheese Eating Is Not Even An Innovation

It's something that happens accidentally. It is not really a discovery.

If you can simply harvest an animal's milk, be it a goat or auroch, sooner or later you are going to have a misfortune which results in cheese. It is literally a product of spilled milk in the right temperature environment.

Far from being a gigantic leap of faith, it is the only theory that explains the bones of Neanderthals and the teeth in their jaws. If the orthodoxy is right about those teeth chewing mammal meat at the rate of 6000+ calories a day for a lifetime, there is no way that Neanderthal teeth could look the way that they do.

The reason people would fight the cheese theory is that it is like a piece of wool and when you pull on it, you are going to find you have suddenly unraveled the piece of whole cloth that is modern anthropology. All the assumptions made by the orthodox start to appear really absurd and untenable.

Why, you ask.

If the Neanderthals survived off cheese protein as a major staple in their diet, it means herding was a mainstay of their existence. Right there, you have basically tossed a live fragmentation grenade into the maw of modern science. That is all it takes. The whole edifice begins to crumble apart into gibberish.

Far from painting the Neanderthals as supermen who traveled around in hovercraft, it portrays them in an entirely different light altogether. It depicts them as fairly placid, abundant and stable populations who really had no pressing need for fantastic innovation in their lives. There are a variety of reasons to believe that individually they may have been pretty spectacular but there would have been very little cause to develop militant regimentation of their ranks or specialization of labor. All the pressure for Homo Sapiens has been a direct result of his unending, ceaseless warfare.

If you think about it long enough, you will see a bunch of really bright people who rested on their laurels and pretty much mastered existence without much warfare for long periods of time. People essentially coasting on their own superiority. People who had domesticated all the existing breeds of animal husbandry and had so conquered famine and need that they rarely found a demand to investigate new avenues.

Now imagine these people suddenly facing a tidal wave of invasion of spear-chucking zombie hominids from the south who outnumbered them a thousand-to-one. These zombie replicants didn't need to be smart or innovate or domesticate or exercise long term strategic thinking. All they had to do was chuck spears, rape and cannibalize and they could inherits hundreds of thousands of years of accomplishments by default.

It is truly an instance of "the second mouse getting the cheese," literally. Neanderthals had fought and eliminated all the big predators, cleared the continent of most opposition, developed all the breeds critical to the foundation of larger population societies and solved all the big problems of achieving abundance in almost any conditions. They had "set off the trap" and cleared the way. All Sapiens had to do was to crawl forward and  nibble on the cheese.

The explanation fits the facts because it explains amongst other things why the human brain has been shrinking for more than 20,000+ years. Their completely opposite and incongruous sexual selection criteria never selects for the same kind of brains or intelligence and they cannot maintain the windfall they fell ass-backwards into. What they stumbled into by chance they lose by design.

In terms of the r/K ratio, it also explains why the human race appears to be a blend of 80% sex-crazy polygamous war monkeys mixed with less than 20% monogamous, conservative, stable and long term strategy thinkers. It explains why everything that the 20% build up the 80% will immediately endeavor to tear down. Once you can explain this, you have explained almost everything important. Deep in his heart, Homo Sapiens is a rape ape who wants to kill everything and the Neanderthal remnant will never be able to hold the line against these lunatic creatures. That's why civilization is always in decline. Saps always has bloodshot eyes and a euphoric expression talking about "progress" and "openmindedness" because he is insane. There is nothing that lasts long with mankind for this reason. Mind you, the evidence is that the worst change-revolutionary-junkies come from different strains of Neanderthal gene expression itself (Mousterians) but it is the general madness of the Sapiens breed as a whole that makes him so receptive to all of this agitprop and so eager to listen to it's message of self-destruction. Part of his innermost essence resents all these restrictions on his "natural self" and principles of conduct that are so innate to Neanderthals. He wants to be "liberated" from whatever temporary organization that the Neanderthal remnant is able to assemble and go back to his "real self," which is a bloody vicious warlike chimpanzee who answers to no law but tooth and claw. The two breeds don't belong together and are no more compatible than oil and water in the same bottle. You can't mix them no matter how many rapists insist otherwise.