Friday, March 6, 2015

Much Closer To The Truth in 1972

I have never changed my expectation. 

I have only changed my expectation of the schedule. In 1972 I believed a Grand Minimum was thousands of years away. I know better now.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Crazy Browser

I use this browser for testing VOS at home. It is 710K, HTML5 compatible and displays all pages flawlesssly. Very fast. Loads nearly instantly.

You might consider it as a replacement for those colossal bloatware browsers, especially on small footprint systems like Windows Lite installations. I run it on my tiny Windows NT workstation setup (16 MB) on my PC-104 platform for VOS. No spyware, no overhead, the pages pop up really quickly.

C-Squares For Extremely Fast, Condensed GIS Data

See here - innovation from Australia.

At the moment the primary purpose of saving location coordinates in VOS is to record shortwave contacts and radio signals on a central SVG (Raphael display) map where you can view overall statistics to see where the largest number of survivors are still transmitting. You will also be able to attach data received from radio transmissions to illustrate what cities got hit the hardest, highest background radiation, etc. and other arbitrary notes. This could be invaluable in building a profile of what areas are safest or in recovery and what is to be avoided at all costs. Even if you never go there, it is information that can be passed along to other hams to help them understand what has happened in their own countries.

Stored in this format you can keep and search large sets of GIS data with little overhead for complexity. Microsoft SQL Server has a special datatype for this reason to support GIS data and optimize SQL queries but with the C-Squares format it is trivial and has none of these requirements.

A candidate for inclusion in the first version of VAULT-OS.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

What Is Your System Connected To In An EMP Burst?

This is a good guide to understanding what sort of long range cabling your home may be integrated into during an EMP burst from any source.

Yes, most of these are optical. Did you know that they all have dense copper shields around their core? This amounts to being a planetwide web for electromagnetic fields which terminates at national grids. You can see what all the worry is about for nukes used tactically in this fashion. You may have heard anecdotal stories about atomic tests in the Pacific blowing out street lights in Hawaii. They did it by inducing a current in these undersea lines connected to the power grid in Honolulu.

When people ask if "VOS" (Vault Operating System) will be safe during an EMP burst, the answer is "no" ... if it is connected to this grid.

An internal intranet is an entirely different matter in your shelter. Induced currents in the short runs used in such a system are scarcely a threat with proper standard baffles used against normal electromagnetic fields.

Kwanstainia Is Not The Winnarz Of Scienmajistics

Vault-Co has been telling you one story for a decade.

Everybody else has been telling you another story. Flynn Effect, blah blah blah.

Which story turned out to be true?

A good reason not to teach Kwanstainians basic math - or critical thinking.

The President who promised to bring us out of Afghanistan and admitted he isn't sure what the mission is there has committed more troops and taken more casualties than the prior administration ten years after this fiasco began.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Neocons Pushing World War Three

Paul Craig Roberts explains why the neocons are shoving the U.S. towards World War to conceal the evidence of their misdeeds. Con men set fire to the office to burn the records that show they were embezzlers.

A former CIA asset in the mainstream media clears his conscience and agrees with Roberts that it is all in the interests of promoting a third World War.

A reader provided a link to the new Autocrat being deployed in Russia. Alongside the new tech that dropped an AEGIS destroyer dead in the water, the odds are in favor of Russia in any conflict that Amerikwa is dumb enough to start. As predicted here on Vault-Co 15 years ago, they will get their asses waxed.

Tenth Generation Perverts

The Ottomans were exactly like the late-era rulers of all declining civilizations.

They were a bunch of vile Jimmy-Savile-style degenerates who neglected the traditional family, child-rearing, duty, honor and the martial and masculine virtues. Their end was the same as all the others.

History is a play you can see different parts of over and over again, depending on the timing of your birth. Part of me is grateful to have been born a month before they shot John F. Kennedy. It is the best vista from which to parvue the death of the Western world. During my life I have gotten to see all the classic plot points and watch the same lines of dialogue that are part of the classic play. If there were no change of actors it would be unbearable. (Nietszche)

Miserable Tyrant Scum

Don't impugn their character

What a dark day that critter crawled out onto the surface of this planet. She is just another mini-emperor in waiting from her failed generation.

Everything about them is just so wrong. I am not speaking in the abstract. I mean biologically. You just know that there is something really damaged there.

Anon. Conservative On The Coming Rabbit Rout

Excellent breakdown of the factions that will emerge from the coming economic collapse.

One of these teams you don't want to be on. It was the team easiest to join when times were better.

When things aren't so good, people begin to sober up and realize just what they have done to themselves.