Monday, May 31, 2010

Planet Shaking Itself To Pieces

It hasn't even started yet.

Wait until this thing blows.

You want to talk about cold, imagine the first years of Ice Age II + Supervolcano eruption + Worldwide Ash Cloud.

Famine. Massive emigration. War over fresh water and food.

Interesting times indeed we live in.

We saw this coming at Vault-Co more than ten years ago.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

CONFIRMED : Russian Troops Arriving In United States After Invitation By Janet Napolitano To Quell Internal Unrest

It's all over the internet, the U.S. government has admitted the request was made and they are not commenting on the reason these troops have arrived.

I'm just the messenger. I couldn't make this stuff up.

Twenty years ago, this was what the entire generation of early 80's survivalists were warning everybody about. The John Birch society was the first to suggest this was going to happen someday and that was in the early 60's, not long after they shot John Kennedy.

Tyrants of all flavors have used this strategy to suppress dissidents for thousands of years. The fact is, foreign troops won't have any compromising sympathies with the locals. They won't hesitate on the trigger. This is why many cities in the ancient world hired mercenaries to quell internal civil disruptions.

If they are from the 'hood, they can't be deployed reliably because there is the danger they are not going to fire on their own mother and father, friends or fellow citizens. So you bring in another army from the outside that will feel no pity and not identify with the citizens of that nation. They can be relied upon to obey orders and commit atrocities without pity. It has been a winning strategy for autarchs going back into the mists of antiquity.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

I Feel A Song Coming On

Unemployment benefits cut for several million people who will never find jobs again on June 1st.

Hole in the gulf pouring out a million barrels a day.

Quake activity all over the world, Katla potentially about to blow in Iceland.

American economy hanging by a thread powered by wishful thinking.

This is a lovely hurricane season approaching.

Ohhh, it's gonna be interesting times.

A Supergerm Amongst Supergerms

This is likely to become ubiquitous. It happens when people treated for a condition in the U.S. show up in a hospital in Britain, or from Britain to Australia. Invisible and almost intangible, superbugs spread past the feeble defenses of men wherever there is congress of people and transit of the ill.

The only real defense against this or any of the other rapidly emerging superplagues is a vault.

The Migrations of Frogs

Is a major earthquake about to strike Greece or Turkey?

Frogs move en masse before earthquakes. It's a phenomena that has been observed going back to the 12th century. Amphibians must sense something changing, either seismic vibrations or some kind of change in the Earth's electrical field. They know when to bugout and they've proved it by doing so before many, many major quakes.

Ecuador Volcano Erupts, Emergency Evacuations

Massive quakes around Gaua volcano in Vanuatu ... Ring of Fire ready to pop it's corks?

Hey, people ... in case you haven't noticed yet ... there's a whole lotta shaking going on.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Another Interesting Vault Built By A Single Person

Not bad. I'd keep the steel forms inside if it were me but it is obvious he only has a few to work with so he has to reuse them when the concrete is dry.

Otherwise impressive work.

Zero Hour - EMP Pulse Back To Stone Age

This is excellent, link courtesy of a Vault-Co reader.

Check out the roundup of current solar system phenomena on other planets in addition to our own. This would be the first time I've seen them all gathered together. Pretty daunting.

ALERT : Super Volcano / Extinction Cycle Event Now Acknowledged To Be Eminent In Mass Media!!!

You heard that right.

No longer just on survivalist boards. Not just on the fringe anymore.

They are trying to prepare the public and they are inadequate themselves to comprehend the consequences of an event like this. Whatever happened to the globalist utopia and the kingdom of smurfs and rainbow ponies? It hasn't quite sunk in yet.

The smurfs ain't coming.

The truth about mankind in general is this:

They can't handle much reality. Even then, only in the most minute doses, diluted with sugar and honey.

PACK YOUR RICE. I've seen the future and it's a hungry place.

Biosphere 2 Sixteen Years Later

Creepy photos of the last gasp attempt to study civil defense realities in the United States.

It ended in dismal failure like everything else in Kwanstainia.

Would make a great scavenge trip topside. You never know what might've been left behind.
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