Sunday, September 29, 2013

False Flag

Vault-Co Right, Everybody Else Not Even Close

I told you this is why you get those Facebook queries all the time in your email.

Why? They need to know who will miss you if they put you on a boxcar to a FEMA camp. Totalitarian regimes want to know who to specify when they make up lists.

If they make you vanish, then make everybody who would notice vanish, did you ever really exist at all? This same sort of thing took place in the old Soviet Union all the time. They'd clear out whole blocks of dissidents in one fell swoop.

If modern people had a brain bigger than that of a squirrel this might change things. That's why this revelation won't have much impact at all.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

VOS : SCADA Controls Test

Sample of the Real-Time Raphael Vector Controls Available in Vault-OS

I know most reasonable people have long abandoned the idea that Vault-OS will ever see the light of day. I don't want to bore you with all the code I have written that turned out to be not quite exactly what I needed it to be. For example, I wrote a bunch of DXF drawing server code that I chucked once I realized I could handle nearly all the "diagrams" in Vault-OS on the client side for display. I didn't know how this should work six years ago, I just assumed in order to draw a map or a layout on the screen I would have to do it by preparing a bitmap server side and sending it down in the cache. That was the wrong idea. I have thrown all that code out. I knew I could not do it via SVG because SVG has never been properly supported on older browsers like the thin clients I purchase for a buck and intend to serve as workstations in a Vault at very cheap cost of ownership.

I figured out how to get SVG import going on-the-fly into REST services on the browser side and then break it down into controllable chunks for the SCADA system for display. So it can get stored as an SVG and displayed with dynamic control in Raphael even on very old machines and systems.

The code you see above was tested on Internet Explorer 5.5 and I found both the JSON REST service and the JQuery/Raphael/JQUI all seem to run the exact same way they do on Firefox or IE 9. You would not believe how many nights of coding it took to get it this far.

Anyway, got quite a lot to do. This is really getting somewhere now, though. This runs in 814K, a single executable, no configuration, no additional files, no installation, no DLLs, no nothing. On DOS, Linux or Windows ... you just run it and it works. All configuration takes place internally.

Simple clock in upper right corner. I don't have a screen shot yet but in the authorized page there is a Telnet-like terminal running in the browser for power users to operate everything from the command line. Very crude at the moment but that is working, too.

Next up is regex wildcard matching for resource URLs in the built-in web server. At present I have hardcoded the JSON REST calls as a static address, this will never do for production code. My basic paradigm is an OAuth style scheme with the control sensor/switch/device addressed along a path interpreted and dispatched dynamically rather than just a literal lookup. I have some regex code that compiles to a 4K library I will be using for this.

The next time you see this program those crude buttons that act as a menu along the top will be replaced by a proper DHTML pulldown menu in JQuery-UI.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Scienmajistics Fails At Failing

Planet has had oxygen atmosphere a billion years before it was previously believed to be hospitable for life.

Only off by a billion years. Everything else is accurate though. Well, except for just about everything else that we have exposed on Vault-Co over the years. But otherwise.

In a sleep of a billion years, what dreams may come? Time enough for ten million human civilizations to rise and fall and be forgotten. Ours is unusual only in that previous civilizations never quite had this many assholes living in them. I say that with confidence because it is hard to imagine people as bland, mindless and vacuous as modern people even existing for long at any time in the past or the future.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

When Giants Ruled The Earth

This series is interesting not only for the information about these sites but also about the ridiculous efforts of the "scientific" community to discredit them.

See if you can keep your tongue in your mouth when he gets to the part where the ancients were growing artificial islands using magnetic basalt crystals. Lots of people have never heard about this incredible stuff because it is way out in the ocean and the only reason that modern people found to go out this way recently was because they were fighting wars. (yawn, usual)

When I first got to Australia I heard many stories about megalithic structures that were found all over the continent by early settlers, since buried or destroyed. I personally swam in Sydney harbor and glimpsed the deep stone (likely phoenician) moorings in the walls of the harbor only a few months after I arrived.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Understanding Neanderthal and Sapien Brain Differences


One is a legacy system introduced by organized gang-rape 38,000 years ago. A vestigial brain type which has been steadily vanishing for the past 20,000 years and is being constantly replaced by the Saps brain, which is best summed up as a "brain" that doesn't seem to work. At all.

Sapiens can't live on stolen capital forever. Nobody ever does. It is the problem with people who survive by stealing or raiding the wealth of others, including their genetic wealth. Sooner or later, the best thieves are going back to that mud hut they came from.

The 'Thal brain which is largely responsible for any aspect of civilization which is good or life-affirming, has been outbred by the Saps weakest, craziest members for millennia. It is amazing there are any marginal hybrid 'Thals left ... but this tells you that these genes must have been very, very special to persist for so long despite their dwindling share of the chromosomal pool.

I am sure that Melonheads have contributed somewhat to certain aspects of civilization that reinforce hierarchies and power structures, which 'Thals are always working against. The difference being is that Melonhead innovations (like Edward Teller and the hydrogen bomb) always seem to be about dominance and death. Only the 'Thal makes everything better by simply coming into contact with it. They always seem to give so much away, even allowing themselves to be cheated out of their own profit from their efforts ... if it appears it can improve life a little bit for everybody else.

The Neanderthals were the good ones. All men are filthy rags before God but ten thousand Homo Sapiens put together never worked as much general benefit to all men as many Neanderthals did in a single day of their lives. They would seem to be the best sons of God, if heaven could be won by good deeds. Of course, that may be precisely the reason God despised Esau, who thought himself so good he was indifferent to his creator and perhaps took his pardon for granted.

Sunday, September 15, 2013


You have to watch this. It is really funny. "If memory serves me right, there is an airport somewhere around here ..."

Syria Is A Critical Moment In World History

It really is. Hold fast and don't let them snow you with any of their false flags. They'd love to detonate a nuke in Omaha, Nebraska right now and blame it on anybody over there. Don't be fooled if that happens. Keep telling anybody you know that this war is just another scam. Ten years on there must be a few people who are beginning to suspect the whole past decade was just a big stage show.

Typical Day At The Vatican

They are the anointed of God. That's what they say. They also require their own internal police force just to keep a lid on the sheer horrible magnitude of crimes committed every day within their own walls.

The hall of Oannes is a stain on the fabric of reality and all its representatives are a blow to the dignity of mankind and the majesty of God. Here is a prayer that they all get the wages they have earned.

Finally, with some free flow of information, the world gets to see them as they are, not as they have pretended to be for 2000 years. The Byzantium Pope was a demon worshipping son of the devil and they have not changed a bit in the past two millennium. To think I once confessed to one of these creatures my sins. It makes me sick to even remember.