Thursday, September 15, 2016


Let the bodies hit the floor! Let the bodies hit the floor!

Three hundred years after men discovered the cause and cure for scurvy, ships continued to set to sea and lose half their crews to scurvy. It was force of habit and men find it easier to die than to think or to learn. The lie that man is a learning animal is contravened by the evidence of history. The irony is that the human thought to call himself  "Homo Sapiens" - thinking man. Everything is always the opposite with words used by men and they think people like me who simply think out loud and tell the truth in plain language are damaged. This tells you everything you need to know about them.

Official anthem of the New World Order ...

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Another Socialist Paradise Achieves Nirvana

Socialism is a form of government that always makes death seem more attractive.

Ten years ago whenever I read glowing praise of Hugo Chavez I would chuckle.

Always ends like this. Manboons are not a learning animal. They could reproduce the same lesson once or a million times, they would never learn a thing from it.

In Australia whenever I hear the locals touting the success of their own socialist utopia I always think "I need to get more food with storage life in excess of twenty years."

This is why I think Australians are utterly incapable of self-understanding. The inability to identify the problem means problem solving is impossible.

"I do not believe that man will be 'better' in the future; I do not believe that man is ever better or worse; he is always the same. But at certain times the demonic erupts into mankind not only secretly, among criminals and psychopaths, but openly and on a large scale; it takes on a political life and sweeps whole nations off their feet."
 -- Hermann Hesse - Author (1877-1962)

Mainstream Media Flatlines in Relevance

Nobody is reading. Nobody is listening. Nobody is interested. Everybody knows it is baloney.

They are no longer just accomplices or minions. They are themselves prime villains in their own right.

The purpose of the mass media is to promote the mass media's interest and suppress all real news from the real world about everything.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Too Weird To Describe

Did Hillary Clinton DIE after the 9-11 Ceremony? One news station reported just that and then it was deleted from their online archive.

This might explain why the Democrats called an emergency meeting to discuss their options. Since most public figures do have doubles they can resource if they need to, it may be that they sent her double to meet the press to buy them some time.

Wait before you open the champagne. This will not stay quiet for long if this is the case.

Monday, September 12, 2016

New Madrid in our Lifetime Is Guaranteed

You will see the New Madrid fault repeat during your lifetime. You heard it here.

They know it is coming and are trying to cover themselves by warning people to prepare.

In 1812 the 8.0+ quake that struck knocked down a lot of log cabins, depopulated whole colonies and settlements, toppled mountains and turned high altitude cliffs into new waterfalls from subduction. When I was stationed at Fort Riley in the Army I took a great interest in the history of the New Madrid fault and read a lot about it in 1984.

Today a quake of similar proportions would kill several million people and turn many major cities on the fault line into rubble. It would be easily the worst natural disaster in all of recorded American history. The aftermath alone would be barbaric as a quarter of the United States might lose power, heat, drinking water and food for an extended length of time.

The geologists believe that the next one is long, long overdue. This is usually an indication it will be a doozy as stresses build up on that continental plate.

The stresses aren't just building up in Kansas.

Canaries in Coal Mines

They keep dropping off their little trapeze bars inside their little cages dead as a stone and the political pundits keep telling us we are in recovery.

Don't see it but the essence of decline is loss of the ability to respond to feedback from the real world as described by Oswald Spengler, Edward Gibbons, Lothrup Stoddard.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Europe on Brink of Massive Revolt Against Globalism

They can't keep destroying their own countries if they are no longer in office.

Nobody really knows where Angela Merkel came from or how she managed to get elected. Like Barack Obama, her past is a closely guarded secret. We know she was a Stasi informant and worked for the secret police in East Berlin. Somebody must have noticed her at some point and decided she had great potential as a possible political puppet.

Farmbot Genesis - Ultimate Garden Automation

The perfect setup in every way except cost and materials.

Version 3 of my permaculture lab is going to be this plus built with scavenged/ubiquitous parts that can be found everywhere. That stepper motor and rail frame is not as complex as you might think. The raw parts are cheap now on EBay. It needs to run on cross-platform source code that can be compiled for any platform and run through the web server logic.

All that thing needs is a monitor display in CD-OS, solar power and fish nutrients tank and shelter dwellers will have arrived. The food will practically grow itself.

Farmbot Genesis is a good step towards the ideal subterranean garden system.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Paul Keating Was The Last Intelligent Prime Minister That Australia Had

Time to bow out of America's War Party

I have been following the former Prime Minister for years and it is obvious he was the single brightest man in that office in the past half century.

Australia needs to get a foreign policy of it's own. Not simply act as a satellite of the United States and be dragged into an endless series of meaningless wars. World War III is coming and Australia either needs to get ready to fight it with nukes of its own or officially become a neutral nation and benevolent towards all. Doing nothing has not been an option for a long time but Australia is good at letting decades slip by without taking action on anything. We need leaders, not these drunken caretakers who squat in Canberra at present. Leadership. The real thing. Not cheesy substitutes or weaklings who act as agents of George Soros. Leadership. Male authority with martial virtues.

"Australia needs a foreign policy, and it needs it urgently. Australia does not have a foreign policy," he (Keating) said talking in Sydney on Tuesday.
"We both need and deserve a nuanced foreign policy which does take account of these big seismic shifts in the world. And we can't ever be caught up in some containment policy of China ... to assist the Americans in trying to preserve strategic hegemony in Asia and the Pacific."
Can we elect this guy again? The bums since his time in office are a succession of born losers and they are going to get everybody in this nation killed. I mean it. They are assisting in genocide. If Australia stays on its present course this will be a radioactive plain of cobalt salted earth where nothing is going to grow for a thousand years. That means I am going to have to improve my food storage plans considerably.
We support Ukraine and condemn war. Push Russian government to act against war. Be brave, vocal and show your support to Ukraine. Follow the latest news HERE