Sunday, May 6, 2012

Who Is The Original Man?

Many of you are curious to know why I believe Homo Saps is a chimera, a golem engineered for a purpose. It is merely because all the evidence indicates that is the case. Homo Saps seems to be the product of several different gene combinations to produce a new, crazy critter which was customized to exterminate the Neanderthal. They got spear chuckers from Africa, social skills from Asians and put it into a blender with Rhesus monkey genes to produce Homo Saps. Homo Sapiens was a monster, Neanderthals were the "normal ones.The evidence says that there was Homo Sapiens in the African but no Neanderthal in anybody but Sapiens. There is no evidence of any kind of gene exchange with Africa from Neanderthal to the natives there at that time.

Notice that fraud Paabo is still working in the field. Incredible you could stage a hoax bigger than Piltdown Man and in a few years be up standing with the authorities coolly discussing the complete collapse of the hoax you perpetrated.

I quote ...
"Rozzi believes the jawbone provides crucial evidence that humans attacked Neanderthals, and sometimes killed them, bringing back their bodies to caves to eat or to use their skulls or teeth as trophies. 'For years, people have tried to hide away from the evidence of cannibalism, but I think we have to accept it took place,' he added."
In all fairness, Homo Sapiens is the end result of the exterminator going back to breed with the females of those he was supposed to exterminate. They couldn't even do one thing right. They took the females instead of killing them as they were commanded to do. I can see their melonhead masters rolling their eyes now.

A lot of work has gone into concealing the truth for centuries and covering up what Homo Sapiens and the Neanderthals really were. It pales beside the massive coverup of the origins of the melonheads ... or the other name they were known as .... "the serpent people." It is a very politically sensitive subject. Although almost everyone from Europe has some ancestry both Neanderthal and Melonhead, there is one particular group that has not interbred. It has kept the original strain nearly intact. I think that the modern day "serpent people" do not want the peasants knowing that ancient civilizations run by both Neanderthals and Sapiens later on were far more egalitarian, "democratic" and prosperous than any of the current toilets we live in trying to pass themselves off as societies. They don't want you to know it wasn't always like this.

How hard has the media and orthodoxy endeavoured to ignore the melonheads? Consider this - halfway down the page here - there are parts of South America where the corpses of seven foot tall redhaired melonheads stick up out of graveyards and are exposed to the rain where anyone can photograph them, anytime of the day, unrestricted!

Why Are Melonheads so Melony?

It's obvious. As human brain size increased from generation to generation, your ergonomic direction would have been to pack the new mass into an oblong head perched atop the spine. It would have required stronger neck muscles and greater balance to stabilize this large head for walking and even running. It is not that a melonhead might not have been able to walk and run, certainly this design with the skull elongated is feasible up to a point. One of the limiting factors on the increase in brain mass would have been the skull being so large it was unwieldy.

Pumpkinheads would have looked ridiculous. We know because some skulls remain of this direction of development. Numerous problems with a skull shaped like a Thunderbirds puppet.

It is also apparent that as skull shape moves in this direction you increasingly become ill-suited to manual labor or vigorous movement. You're going to need to find somebody with a smaller head to do your work for you. Your mind is full of plans and you're not going to realize them by trying to do it all yourself the way a Neanderthal would. You need delegation of tasks to creatures more mobile and obedient.

Here are the other benefits of the oblong skull:

1. It was the only way the mother of a such a creature could survive childbirth. If it is a problem with the ordinary skulls of Homo Sapiens, imagine a woman trying to give birth to a child with a spherical skull.

2. Retention of ordinary human symmetry in the face, lending itself to communication and social class stratification. People would have perceived melonheads as being one of "them," except higher in social rank and superior in cognition. (Exactly as they do today, as a matter of fact, with the far less melonous) If they had been pumpkinheads it is likely that humans may have swiftly come to view them as an alien species, not a man.

3. Expanding back instead of uniformly outward, you provide for a slower evolutionary process including minor adaptations of the nerve cord in the spine, allowance for changes during growth to accommodate brain tissue movements and no need for any radical advances from one generation to the next. It is not as if the melonhead was a complete overhaul of the way the human nervous system works in order for them to survive. It permitted gradual expansion from a smaller brain mass to a larger brain mass.

4. Lastly, the wealthy can buy their way into higher social classes by paying doctors to practice skull deformation on their growing children. Throughout history, one basic principle of social organization amongst humans they insist on is the right for people with bad genes but lots of money to gain mobility into higher tiers on the class ladder through artificial means. This is why we see skull deformation practiced worldwide throughout ancient history. It is the equivalent of prep courses for the SATs. We can assume that the true melonheads were elite, buried in a remote location and considered a breed apart but this didn't stop rich kids with fake squeezed heads from mingling in the upper classes and assuming many positions of responsibility.

Again, the hard proof will come someday when the global graveyard for melonheads is discovered. This will alter all human history in an instant and confirm all the theories I have put forward here on the blog.

"The Avengers" Rife With Subliminals

I saw "The Avengers" today. It was a crap movie, vacuous rubbish. I figured with it doing so well at the box office it would have to be at least a decent film. Not even close. If you've seen the trailer, you know what happens in the movie and it isn't much of anything.

The script was a bizarre fortean blend of references to global governance, the human need for subjugation and various secret school symbolisms. These completely incongruous elements were haphazardly thrown together with a plot that was barely comprehensible and seemed like it had been written by a child.

I really liked Christopher Nolan's "The Dark Knight." I thought it showed intelligence and respect for the genre and was authentically concerned with the motivations of people both good and bad. The refusal of people on both ferries to blow up the other was genuinely uplifting at the climax and rarely seen anymore in Hollywood films. The concession of Batman at the end to assume the role of the villain was very much consistent with everything that had happened. The film was a reminder of what movies are actually supposed to do for the people who pay to watch them. The only part of it I didn't enjoy was the clearly engineered plot device that made it seem noble to bug everybody's phone in Gotham "because of the crisis." Was obvious this was inserted after the second draft by some screwy human tapeworm in the background, just like the references to "necessary torture" you've seen in recent Hollyweird flicks. You're dreaming if you think there is creative freedom there in sodomite central. The government must be insisting on final review of every script.

In fact, other than the creepy subliminal messages in "The Avengers," I didn't find a single thing of merit in watching it. You can always catch it on cable later if there is nothing on so I wouldn't advise you to waste any money on it.

Saturday, May 5, 2012


Solar storms have only recently been recognized as a problem and it is obvious that the Sun is ready to lob a few our way in the very near future.

Our already unstable magnetic field is just one brief flash of electromagnetic energy away from a polarity flip or an excursion.

You have to admit that when it rains it pours on this planet. It is enough to make you wonder if all these things are somehow intimately connected.

It is perfectly okay to predict it, declare it imminent, explain how catastrophic it is going to be and concede it is inevitable. If you prepare for it, you must be crazy. The thing about 99% of the population is ... they just don't make any kind of sense. Ever. On any subject. Examined closely, all of their ideas are so insipid they are impossible to articulate without feeling shame and embarrassment.

Who is expecting ITZ?

Your lips are saying no but your eyes are saying yes. Plus you bought 450 million rounds of ammunition.

This is like that thing your old friend Tex was talking about ten years or so ago. Nobody likes an "I told you so," but of course I did tell you so.

Sucks When Your Religion Is Debunked

The most devout of secularists is on the back foot and waffling nowadays. This media shill is desperately backpedaling to warn people not to jump to conclusions. It's too late for that. They have fallen behind the conversation.

No reasonable person with the capacity for objective thinking would attempt to make the case there is no supreme being in light of what we now know about the universe. Only the most zealous radical humanists continue to cling to such pagan notions.

Of course, this in no way implies for an instant that any of the world's religions have it right. That's something that men will always have to take on faith.

Here's what we do know:

1. There is a supreme being of some kind. All we can say for certain is that whatever it is, it seems to like us quite a bit. It has given us a universe amicable to our existence.

2. It appears that in "liking" us that it may have some anthromorphic qualities we are not projecting onto it. It seems capable of giving a damn and is capable of "like" as opposed to the complete indifference one would expect of a creature so superior we cannot comprehend it.

3. It appears to be quite outside the flow of time altogether, leading one to suspect that time itself is just another convenience it has created for us as part of the cosmic terrarium it has put together for us to exist in. This is another tipoff that whatever that thing is up there, it's basically inherently nice and generous. It isn't Nyarlathotep or Cthulu. It is something very abundant in mercy.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Kwanzanian Girls Forced To Double Task "Jobs"

Hard times produce innovative new opportunities for Kwanstain females. Makes it more important than ever to be specific about what you want on your dog. If Obama had a son he would probably look like Catherine Scalia.

The future looks brighter every day. Kwanzanians know how to make do. We can start to see the light at the end of the tunnel now. It's an approaching train.

Also, new resourcing on the horizon for Kwanstainian youth who might otherwise go underutilized.

False Flag In The Works To Frame Iran?

It would certainly seem so.

I wonder where these idiots plan to set this thing off. They will probably pick a very unlikely spot to create surprise and terror at the unexpected nature of the target.

It looks like this story has been confirmed by several different sources including Gordon Duff. It's not just one guy generating the story, it has been confirmed in a couple different venues.

I don't think this looks like cointel just to scare people. It really appears they got caught making off with it and too many people leaked it to shut them all up.

Quite a few broken arrows out there now floating around. All no doubt melted down to beat into plowshares, I am sure.

Open Plot To Scrap Britain With Emperor

I can't understand what is so surprising in all this for ordinary people.
Did they really believe the people behind the European Union were motivated by altruism?

They are former marxists staging a revenge coup through stealth, plain and simple. Modern people are dumb enough to fall for it.

Melonheads have been planning to return their slaves to the stables for almost a hundred years. H.G. Wells inspired their plans with his socialist utopian schemes early at the start of the last century.

From where I am standing it seems to me the opposition has been zip to nil - the modern population is practically brain-dead flatlined. All good men have retired from the field and left politics to the scum of the earth. Those who have not given up have been destroyed, killed or simply ruined.

God bear witness to my sincerity, what I would not give for an aircraft hangar with a dozen fully loaded Liberty Primes all fueled up and ready to party at my command. It's not just about kicking commie ass, it is about kicking commie ass while broadcasting mojo slogans at 1000+ decibels to wipe out a century of their whispering sibilant bullsh*t in ten minutes of glory. I'd send them wading right across the channel towards Brussels. Get'em boys. It will do them some good to be on the receiving end for a change.
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