Friday, February 6, 2009

VAULT-OS : Stage One Functional!

I was running the PowerBasic client for a week and half in the shelter in December and I really missed the capacity for a good graphic GUI. Every time I wanted to have a nifty lookaround or update some files, I was missing the graphics capabilities of a strong, easily configured GUI front-end. I got sick of the console after a very short while when I wanted to stop the program and examine something on the machine or copy a file.

... so I wrote a similar client in C++ Builder 4.0 for Windows 98 in just under 6 hours of work the first week of January! Basic management of I2C, IPX and SCADA control over parallel port 8 relay system to control lights, fans, dehumidifier, AC, battery charging and sensors for temperature, humidity, passive infrared, CO2 and a 1-wire oxygen sensor normally sold for cars.

It stands alone on a version of Nano98 running on a board with 8 megs of system ram, 20 megs of storage space on a flash card. So far in testing in my study it is running perfectly day in and day out without a glitch. My only problem so far is turning off the RAM swapdisk to keep spooling to a minimum. This device is sending IPX messages out on the Ethernet link and maintaining data in a DB2 database with no problems. It doesn't matter if the master server is even plugged in or not, this has no affect on performance.

What is even cooler is that I tailored the Windows theme to look like a green monochrome version of PipBoy - even my icons look like VFD images. I also changed the LOGO.SYS to display VAULT-OS instead of Windows '98 when it starts up. This system can be monitored on a B&W portable television or switched over via a VGA selector to the main color screen at the touch of a button.

You can run a thin client on this little box if you want over Citrix but the thin client takes up almost as much room as Nano98 does on the storage card.

If you want to crush Win98SE down under 5 megs of storage space, you should use UPX to compress the executables. They will need the same amount of RAM in memory but they'll store and load in a much smaller package in most cases.

Phil Brennan on The Ice Age Extinction Cycle

This is quite simply a must-read article.

Phil Brennan is going to get kicked off NewsMax pretty soon if he keeps writing stuff this raw. They like their news with a dab of perfume and some makeup over there and Phil isn't working in their vein anymore with some of the stuff he is writing.

Basically, I knew about all of this in 1998, a year after Phil. This is the reason I set to work on the shelter. I knew everything was coming to a head in 2012 and that this would be the start of a new Ice Age, which had come to mean something very different to me than it means to everybody else. Ice Ages are about more than cold weather. They're not about glaciation. They represent a tipping point in which everything down here changes. Not just the climate. The magnetic field of the Earth changes and with that change it triggers massive volcanism on land and on the ocean floor.

It's a bottleneck. Without it, we would never have gotten more complicated than a lemur or shrew. It's a cycle and it is the reason we exist. I believe that the Creator has manifested himself through this cyclic phenomenon and produced mankind. It's all just a little too convenient and it seems designed to produce better men.

So before you despair about people, remember they ain't quite the immortals they act like. Could be they're some dross about to be skimmed off to reveal the fine smelted silver beneath. Always keep in mind that the cycles are designed to operate this way and without the decline man we would never have the energy to slingshot better men.

As you get older, you'll start to see how all of this is part of a much, much bigger cosmic picture. It's the nature of the universe, these cycles.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The United States Empire Is Finished

The last people to get the news like the British before them : the people who live there. They see it but they still think cappuccino service will not be interrupted.

Paul Craig Roberts on the country that is not taken seriously anymore except for it's nuclear weapons. The War On Terror was a hoax to try to jumpstart a wartime economy in recognition of the fact their fiat currency system was also a hoax.

Nations are the most efficient and stable form of social organization the world has ever known. Nobody has ever improved on this arrangement. Globalism and multiculturalism killed the West like a cyanide pill. The truth is, these protomarxist ideologies are failed ideas just like all of marxist ideas have always been failures. The European Union was imposed on unwilling people who were too slack to fight back during the good times. The mass media is trying to use the same old tricks to frame the struggle to oppress the opposition but this time that won't work.

Part of America's weakness revealed is the utter loss of ability to restrain it's former client states. The U.S. is now a nation that is shouted down by what was formerly a colony. If they can't even maintain the rule of law on their borders then they are not going to be able to help Swindler Central when the chickens come home to roost. This time, beany babies are going to orchestrate their own strategic defeat and the U.S. lacks the power to save them from themselves through intervention as the hegemon.

The corporate failures we see going on now have implications that extend decades. There ain't no coming back from where the 'Kwa is going.

The same idiots who said all this would never happen were the same morons who claimed China would bolster the world economy. They can't bolster themselves and very soon they will have to start selling their American holdings.

Anybody who thinks this will end in a nice slow glide into penury and pauperism for the U.S. without a nuclear war at the end isn't thinking hard enough. Try thinking it through again and you'll see how this ends the same way I did a decade ago.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Tolerance Is Seen As Weakness By Psychopaths

Pretty good article by Peter Hitchens, sounds like a general rant but it's actually touching on a quite a lot of resentment out there that is normally never mentioned by the mass media. There comes a point when people will start to fight back, unfortunately it's usually only after they have lost the means to do so.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Washington Times Finally Gets It : Globalwarmthinkery is Baloney, We're About To Experience The Mother Of All Famines

Vault-Co got it right. Robert Felix got it right.

There will be fighting in the streets over food long before people start to freeze to death in appreciable numbers.

As Robert Felix also pointed out recently, this is a hell of time for governments to be disarming their own people. It could be a gun will be the only thing standing between you and hungry people soon.

Even A Mild Dalton Minimum is going to lead to massive famine. A Maunder Minimum will reduce human population to 10% of what it is now.

Vault-Co says it's going to be worse than the Maunder Minimum. If you look at Robert Felix's charts in ICE AGE NOW, it is apparent we are the crest of the warming wave. After this there is a cliff we fall into in which the Sun apparently goes out altogether for quite some time. I'd describe it as "maintenance mode" for solar output.

The Secret War Before 9-11

Notice while you look at Raimondo's links that 90% of them have been pulled off the web. If the mainstream media had their way, the very mention of this story would cease to exist altogether. That tells you a lot.

London Selling It's Best Shelters

Wow, this is a doozy. This is what my next shelter is going to look like. This is what you would call a hardened facility.

Bargain prices for what amounts to priceless construction. Apparently the British government has given up on even surviving WW3.

This is the exact same place that James Herbert set his post-nuclear atomic rat story DOMAIN, which is probably one of the most awesome post-apocalyptic books ever written. It's out of print but if you can get a copy I highly recommend it.

Verbal Slip By Israeli Ambassador

Yep. Itz coming.

How many Prior Nuclear Wars On Earth?

Footprints in Mexican volcanic ash dated to 1.3 million years ago, which is just another way of saying they were either made by aliens or almost all existing anthropology can be thrown right out the window.

Once you start to realize that the Earth itself may be far older than previously thought, all sorts of things are possible.

Read that book mentioned above by Dalrymple. Was a real eye opener for me. Basically most paleogeologists say one thing in public and another behind closed doors. The reality is, nobody is certain just how old this planet actually is.