Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Kwanstainian Future Now Locked In Beyond All Hope Of Remedy

You can drive nature out with a pitchfork, sir, but be assured she will always return. Would you spend your inheritance and all your worldly possessions in an attempt to train pack mules to be thoroughbred racing horses? No? What about the very best trainers, the best stables, the finest equipment and fancy dress for the mules?

Yet what has happened in the former United States is a thousand times more ridiculous than that endeavour.

There is a reason the world looks the way it does. Men make their own fortunes through the expression of their own innermost nature. It is not the soil beneath their feet but rather the fertility of their own souls that dictates their fates. It's not the passage of laws but rather the passage of feet that change history. Demographics is destiny.

Nothing will save the Kwanstain.

Food Will Never Be This Cheap Again

All the indicators point to ever increasing prices for basic grains and staples for many, many years to come. The end of 2009 might be the last time you get to stock up on cheap, affordable storage food. If you have the money, I highly recommend it.

Remember, you could do worse than powdered milk, white rice, sardines, tuna fish, wheat biscuits, oats and lots of sugar. They are available just about anywhere in the developed world and they remain relatively cheap and most important of all they will last very long in storage.

Monday, October 26, 2009

PRAVDA Has Become The "Voice Of Truth!"

Britain is a depraved, subhuman land of neoprimitives and degenerate drunken neanderthals. Their ancestors would have welcomed the Germans with open arms as conquering liberators in WW2 had they known about any of this. It could not have possibly been worse than it has turned out with multikultists running the country.

Note that the British disarmed their people during what seemed like good days when they were soft and stupid ... and now the country is awash with guns in every criminal hand at all quarters. The law abiding were the only people to be disarmed.

Europe is doomed. The Kwa' soon to follow.

The Kwa - A Failed State

The Kwanstain is an affront to God and a dismal fate to be contemplated for mankind. This is the reason the Neutron Bomb was invented and why it will soon be put to good use by the Red Chinese.

Exterminate The Useless Eaters

The WHO organization has been perfecting genocide in the three-dose killshot in third world countries for decades and now the technology is finally perfected enough to use on the obsolete and troublesome inhabitants of the West it was intended for. It is likely a two-doser today, with perhaps the first half of the key already there.

Of course part of the plan would involve killing off most of the best microbiologists in the world in advance, those who might be competent to examine the multiple parts of the vaccines and discover the hidden viral payloads inside.

Kill the hoi polloi before they start to wake up or else change them into passive females. Male is a complicated process that produces creatures capable of resistance to authority, whereas female simply happens in the absence of anything else.

Soon the campaign for mandatory vaccinations will begin and if your children go to public school then sorry, it will simply be administered with or without your permission.

The plan will be implemented because there won't be anybody left to oppose it. Whosoever depopulates his enemy, defenestrates his opposition.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Russian Leadership Reads Vault-Co

The Russians are seriously preparing for global thermonuclear war during the next couple years.

Kwanstainians are waiting for the shopping malls to reopen.

They'll never know what hit them when the time comes.

Obama is a colossal joke in terms of leadership.

The Russians believe the process of encirclement continued under the present administration is tantamount to preparations for nuclear war.

Kwanzanies are laughing it up at reality television shows like DANCE YOUR ASS OFF in the meanwhile.

Two Vaccines : One For the Elite, Another For The Cattle

Guess which one is poison?

I heard that this is the case all over the planet, it's just the Germans are bright enough to have figured it out.

They're getting one type of medicine.

You'll be getting another.

Of course it will work slowly, over the course of many years. It will get the job done, however ... which is disposing of those "useless eaters" as Henry Kissinger described them. (Including all those who will not be useful to the regime)

Obama declares "national emergency" for non-pandemic ... mandatory vaccinations approaching soon?

... or is it in preparation for something expected to happen this week?

Peter Schiff has warned all investors to divest of ZOGBux immediately!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Right Before The Flag Goes Up, Even The Sheeple Manage To Figure Out What Has Happened

It's like that joke in CITY SLICKERS ... "Even the cows can operate the VCR by now."

Stupidity leads to death. Collectives and consensus won't protect you. 99% of human beings in the West have the wrong paradigm for the world around them because they are placid, vapid morons.

While the West argues about how many angels can dance on the head of a pin, the Russians are fixing to wax some ass. The stark gulf between the Russian leadership and the Amerikwan government is so broad it can only be compared to a bunch of kindergarden children facing off against a platoon of Navy SEALS. The poor Kwanzanians can barely focus their thoughts long enough to come to a conclusion.