Sunday, June 12, 2011

Cataclysmic Sun Eruption Rewrites All The Rules

Notice how in one second all existing scientific dogma is overturned and we discover that scientists (at least in the modern era) don't really understand much of anything about much of anything. What little they think they know turns out to be utterly wrong.

Here at a single stroke, the entire premise of Vault-Co for over 10 years is validated neatly. We have said that scientists never knew enough about the Sun to be able to predict what it will do during transitional phases or ever fully understood how it interacts with Earth's magnetosphere. We were right about that. Everybody else was wrong.

We used inductive reasoning. They used ejamafacashun. Edjamafacashun lost.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

"Money Is Just A Concept"

... and when you don't have any of that "concept," it is possible to die screaming eating babymeat amidst a sea of nuclear fallout. But that's the feelgood hit of the summer rose-colored glasses scenario.

It ain't a double dip. It's a double tap.

The housing market will find a bottom when ZOGBux reach parity with bird cage liner

The Beginning of the Panic

Kwanzanians want to know when the pain will end. The pain hasn't started yet.

The thin veneer of multkult is fracturing

Everything must go, the nation is being stripped of all furnishings right down to bedrock

The Kwa has been living in a fantasy world for a long time. Reality bites back.

Who is throwing kerosene on a fire behind the scenes? Worship your destroyers, you will be destroyed. No big surprises there.

Controlling The Food Supply : Another Vial Opened

Then I heard what sounded like a voice among the four living creatures, saying, "A quart of wheat for a day's wages, and three quarts of barley for a day's wages, and do not damage the oil and the wine!"
- Revelation 6:6

Divine admonition to PACK IT.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Sapiens-Bots Protect Their Masters Like Machines

Everybody should own a couple. They're perfect for small chores and odd jobs around the house. I like to dress them up in little jackets as lawn jockeys and have them hold a lantern at night.

I've outgrown the question of asking where their masters came from. I understand their masters. They are simply psychopaths and sociopaths who know how to use these 'bots as tools to get the power they crave.

The question I want to ask is, where did these Sapiens-units come from? They are the real human enigma. One can see the forces of nature producing psychopaths and sociopaths. It makes sense in terms of biological game theory. So their masters are explainable. Where did these genetic wind-up toys that they command come from? I cannot think of a way to explain their existence naturally.

I suspect they are product. Their masters are merely opportunists who learned the command words needed to give these machines orders. Their original creators, I am not sure who or what they were. Those who order them today are simply taking advantage of their basic nature, which is mindless obedience.

If we answer "they must have been aliens," that's just an easy out, which is a Sapiens answer - he always seeks the path of least resistance intellectually. We should be asking first and foremost as to when they were manufactured. If we can narrow down to when they came off the assembly line, we can start to form ideas about how they came into being. The reason it is so hard to track Homo Sapiens in historical time is that before he was interbred with Neanderthals he simply left so little traces behind it is as if he were just a disposable unit with no artifacts of any kind around him. When I imagine his habitat before he mixed with Neos, I visualize this featureless barn with stables painted bland white inside where he was retired to each day to sleep until morning. A stable with no tools, no musical instruments, no art, no weapons, no textiles ... nothing but a mattress to lay on and breed before sleeping.

Postmodernist History Is Bunkum

Diffusion. The only theory that made sense in 1955. Europeans spread out and colonized the world at least 30,000 years ago. They weren't newcomers anywhere. They were the original native people of the planet. History doesn't lie, postmodernists do.

Everywhere you look, the evidence points to the ruling classes being of Neanderthal descent wherever you dig'em up. The less Neanderthal they had in them, the greater the likelihood they were zombified slaves without souls who left nothing but their bones for a witness, passing through eons without so much as painting a cave wall.

What do you call a "human" with no Neanderthal genes? It's a trick question. Humans without Neanderthal genes show no evidence of humanity, consciousness or reasoning of any kind. It's been the case on this planet for a half a million years.

You'd expect them to be overrepresented in both bad guys and good guys. How could it be otherwise? Sapiens can only obey. He has no capacity for good or evil.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Magnetic Fields ARE The Universe

... and therefore capable of causing changes on both the Sun and it's satellite the Earth that have been drastically, catastrophically underestimated.

The idea of a magnetic field being "here" and "there" is antiquated, inferior 20th century science from populist quacks like Carl Sagan. Remember, any science dumbed down to where the sheeple can understand it is likely to be crank science.

The universe is infinite, without a beginning or an end and it is a charged field of magnetic plasma that is infinite.

The executive summary here is that magnetic fields are much, much, much more important than anyone has previously understood. They are not local phenomena. They are fluctuations in a universal magnetic field that goes on forever.

For this reason, it is only very recently that both the protective and destructive potential of magnetic fields has been grasped and even then only by a small subset of mankind. Too late for most to do them any good.

The Kwa Is Looking At A Very Rough 2012

British doing the post-game analysis

This is childlike introductory thought on the subject. The sort of people who write for the mass media are universally unqualified to be writing for the mass media. Not a Mencken or a Twain in the bunch. H.L. Mencken couldn't get a job writing for a newspaper nowadays.

Anybody who thinks these kinds of debts are ever paid off doesn't know history

China says they are out of zogbux, forever. Last person in the Kwa turn out the lights.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Breakup of America : First Moves To Sell Idaho To Chinese Nationals Taking Place Right Now

It's over, Kwanzanians. You're finished. It's time to throw in the towel and you never really even put up a fight.

The Kwa will be divided up into subplots and used by China as a landfill for it's industrial waste. The current tenants will be ground up to use as road base when they repair the interstate highway system to facilitate garbage delivery. Kwanzanians will finally discover reliable careers as rubber-mixed tarmac.

In ten years, the Kwa will not exist.

Mind you, this is the upbeat optimistic feel-good hit of the summer scenario. They probably will not get off that lucky.

Chittum Classic From 2003

More timely now than when it was written.
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