Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Is Obama Mentally Disturbed Or Just A Moron?

The perfect President for Kwanstainia.

In the military, we called the condition "so stupid it doesn't matter."

The guy's entire life is constructed from lies. He has lost track of who he is supposed to be, where he is supposed to be and what year it is. He's been reading off teleprompters for so long his mind has gone completely blank.

This is a near perfect match for the Kwanzans, who themselves can barely remember what is going on anymore.

Confused, much, Kwanzanian? I can imagine what that feels like, going around in a pall of gray fog everywhere, trying to think ... getting mixed results. Let's vote for this guy. He will fix it. "Change." He fixed it alright. He fixed your a** pretty good, he did. I'd accept a plea of insanity based on aspartame intake, otherwise I'd say nation of fail.

2011 : The Herald Of The Black Swan

I got an email last night from a guy who has been ridiculing me for about ten years.

He said he is quitting his job and moving to the outback on a mountain ridge. He also asked how did I know about all these things in advance. I told him to read the blog and he'd know how I knew about these things. People who cannot learn or reason do not really believe anyone else can either. This is why they always figure you must be a prophet or have some supernatural insight in order to know which way the wind is blowing. Think about that and it explains a lot about true human nature.

Humans trust their own minds far less than the opinions of others. They actually believe it is proof of some pathology to think independently of the herd. They won't necessarily come out and say these things in the open. It is their real conviction at a deep level, however.

Since humans trust the opinions of others and the apparent consensus, imagine how powerful you could be if you could buy up media and manufacture that consensus. That's all it takes to program them like robots to do what you want and think what you tell them to.

Idiocracy : Trying To Help Will Only Get Your Ass Shipped Off To Rehabilitation Night

For the smartest guy in the world, you're pretty dumb sometimes.

Assisting the manboons in any way will only lead to grief. I wouldn't be shocked if they give this poor guy the electric chair.

The good men retreat to tend their private gardens in times like these.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

2010 One of Coolest Years Since Start of Holocene

Some people might concede this might be the start of a Little Ice Age. They are just reactive. Like animals. It's grown so obvious they'd be willing not to think but to just concede. They will never think about anything. They won't because they can't.

At Vault-Co we've known the facts of the matter since 1999.

This isn't another Little Ice Age.

This isn't a Dalton Minimum.

It's a Maunder Minimum. At a minimum, it's a Maunder Minimum.

The big chill. The grand freeze.

It is impossible to imagine worse timing on the part of the manboons for the West to crater. It's almost as if a man on the brink of death with three different kinds of debilitating disease chose that exact moment to walk up to Mike Tyson on the street and call him a bitch.

The Disordered Desk

I was at work last week and somebody said to me, "They've been told to clean up their desks on the other side. They've heard the research that associates a cluttered desk with higher productivity, but lately the pendulum has swung the other way and more and more bosses have said they don't care what it signifies, they want to see the desks cleaned up."

I told him,"You know, I have a funny feeling if we went to the homes of people with cluttered desks, we'd find their homes looked the same way. We'd probably find that the homes of employees with neat desks had their homes neatly laid out as well."

We both had a big laugh.

Then I said "You know, I bet if we went back around 40,000 years in the family lines of people with messy desks, we'd find that the caves of their ancestors had a cluttered appearance much the same way."

Weird look ... then we both had a big laugh.

I said "So you were saying you were familiar with the research that clearly shows people with messy desks tend to do more work and solve more problems than their colleagues, right? So how do you explain bosses who are less interested in what the evidence says and more interested in appearances? That's a kind of failure at problem solving, right? Namely, how to hire and retain people who get more work done? That is their role as a manager, after all. It's almost as if they'd forgotten altogether what the subject was to begin with."

Weird look. Thinking a bit about it. Shrug.

"So if intuition in one line of genes pushes for certain kinds of disorganization whereas the larger majority push for certain kinds of organization even if it doesn't solve problems, we would probably be right in assuming that mankind is divided into two kinds of people - people who can solve problems and those who can't, because of the way they reason about the world."

Shrug. Uncomfortable shuffling. Knit brows. Shrug.

"If their ancestral caves were also cluttered and the neat freaks had caves that were much neater going back 40,000 years, we could safely say we were looking at some kind of speciation, couldn't we? That's a fundamental difference in temperaments."

Shrug. Shrug-shrug. Frown. Shrug.

"What if we could trace back the messy bunch over 400,000 years and find sloppy haphazard caves going back twenty ice ages or more? We'd definitely be able to describe the messy problem solvers as a separate class of mankind, right? What do you think?"

Shrug. "I dunno. I forgot what we were talking about."

Then we both went back to work. I at my messy desk, he at his neat organized one.

Two species of man, mixed together like oil and water, in the same gene pool.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Kwanstainian Peasants Begin To Peel Off - Not A Country Worth Working Hard For

Pretending this is a first world country when it has all the trappings of a third world country is patently ridiculous.

According to a law that was passed by machines in the U.S. in the last 48 hours, any Kwanzan can undergo rendition at any time for any reason if the government says they are "subversives." It doesn't matter who they are or who they know. The Constitution has been shredded and there is no reason to even bring it up anymore. The only right any Kwanzan has is the right to work and the right to die when their usefulness is at an end.

Apparently, the usefulness of almost all of them has come to an end. Like livestock put onto a temporary pasture until the slaughterhouse truck comes for them.

Kwanzania Being Systematically Stripped Of All First World Infrastructure and Furnishings

A couple years back I was having lunch at work and one of my co-workers was making fun of how rapid I described the transition of the West from 1st to 3rd world. He said to me, "It has taken two centuries of building up the society, what happens to all this stuff we see now? Electricity, plumbing? It's not going to vanish. I don't see this being a problem for at least two hundred years. According to you, it's all going to happen instantly."

I tried to explain to him that I had been all over the world and lived in many countries and that I had drawn a conclusion from my observations over the past fifty years.

Inhabitants of any region don't resemble their environments. Their environments resemble them. There are no special places on the earth that exude strange eldritch gases that make the people who live there a certain way. This is what multiculturalism teaches.

Once a certain critical mass is achieved and the delicate fragile balance we call a "first world country" is overturned, things begin to unravel very, very rapidly. The residents themselves are quite capable of demolishing their surroundings overnight. I know. I've lived in the before and after ... if you blinked, you would have missed the transition. One morning I was living in a bright tropical verdant green dream. The next I was in a smoking, post-apocalyptic landscape. In a single day.

It is the illusion of permanence in dead institutions and structures that men think make things they way they are. In fact, everything they call culture is merely gene expression. There is no constant outside of genetics and if those change, the environment can transform in a few hours to reflect it. I laugh at all attempts to legislate Mother Nature. You might as well pass laws against the actions of the wind. Larger frontal lobes are the only reliable defense of the commons that exists.

Cell Phones Are A Result of Black Hole Research

... and many other truistic true-style truisms.

Some of these guys are in Shoah business. Other guys are just in show business. Whether academia, law, politics or some other flim-flammery like astrophysics, it's all just different ways to avoid having to work at a real day job.

I always think of Yoda when these guys start to pitch this hooey. "Enlightened, I am." Yes, I bet you are, Yoda.

Increasingly, people are realizing that the majority of all tenured, institutionalised (!) academia generates effectively zero, nothing, nada, zilch and in return they spend their entire lives in idleness at taxpayer expense. Formal academia is high quality, complex welfare for people otherwise no more employable than most bums and vagrants. People like this never make anything better. They just make such a wild display of sophistry and gibberish that they stun others into assuming they must be smart.

It bugs me in particular this whole business of post-plagiarism for the past 38,0000 years. The Neanderthal hybrids have been in the trenches with the soldiering iron in hand all these millennia and when they come up with new technologies, be it a new flint arrow head or the cell phone, there is always a Sapiens in the wings claiming credit for it. This is not a trivial phenomenon. For every real Neo-hybrid innovator, there are at least a thousand people taking accolades for his work. I just see it as the Philo Farnsworth/William Shockley effect over and over again. Whether it's a Nobel peace prize for Barack Obama or Al Gore, you see this tragic circumstance repeated again and again. In addition to world peace, Al Gore also invented the internet. See what I'm talking about? Jacob means Swindler in Hebrew. It's a person who gets by as a result of leeching off somebody else. Does God love the parasitic and infertile over the creative and innovative? There's something to think about.

J.R. Nyquist on the Terrible Emptiness

Men have no better angels. When their faith and fear of God vanishes, it creates a terrible vaccuum into which the most horrible things imaginable rush in. The psychopath could never recognize God - as Nietszche pointed out, who needs the competition? God is just another male in the way of what they want.

It doesn't matter if God exists or doesn't exist. You're not a good atheist until you realize this. Men have no better angels. Only fools and idiots speak of principles without divine sanction. The king monkey will just throw those principles out if they represent restraint and replace them with values that permit them to act however they wish.

As soon as the Bolshevists came to power in Russia, they set out to eliminate the intelligentsia first. The men who had written of a perfect managed State based on altruism were the first to kneel at the edge of mass graves.

Every useful tool in history has advocated a nation without a God and almost none of them were allowed to live long enough to see what a nation without God looks like.

Man is not a learning animal. Man has no better angels. If you don't know these things yet, you're either young or stupid. If you're young, there's a chance you will understand these things someday. If you're stupid, you would not understand anything if you lived a thousand years.