Sunday, August 31, 2008

Declining Societies Lose The Ability To Solve Their Problems

Think about all the words that have been written about the ineffectiveness of preparations for Katrina and remember that America has had four years to address these problems.

Like women, no end of discussion. Unfortunately, nothing ever seems to get done.

It was like this with the Roman road system. For the last 200 years of Rome's existence, they discussed, planned, plotted and analyzed how best to repair their roads. Vast bureaucracies were formed to study the problems, fortunes in tax revenues from the public coffers spent on conferences of the best minds to decide how to do it swiftly and efficiently.

They never did a single thing to their roads. Not so much as a handful of pitch. Archaeologists say all final attempts to remedy them were by the people who lived in front of them, usually a patch over a pothole with a bucket of mud and some straw. Just holding it together for a few more weeks.

Oil shutting down production in the Gulf in preparation for hurricane swarm.

Gustav, Hanna ... more ... a hurricane generator?

Saturday, August 30, 2008


The Black Seas are getting a little dicey

The Navy continues to be really important in war ... if you're preparing to fight World War II. Unfortunately, Kwans, this is World War III. The Navy is just a quick way to sink a lot of metal to the ocean floor in the modern era.

The ever-growing nightmare of the third World War

The neocon plan for everything failed miserably

Everything about neocons is incompetent in all regards

U.S. determined to prod Russians into nuking them They won't drop it. Subconsciously, they want to die and take everyone else with them.

The Russian stealth cruise missile easily defeats the "defense shield" technology

Maybe some people think a grand fiery Ragnarok is better than hobo destitution.

Britain is finished, might as well finish themselves off

America too. Time to turn off the lights and go home.

Squeeze all the nations in, we got room for everybody

PC/104 Low End Units Phased Out Worldwide

Just got another one of these cards off E-Bay for $20.00 + S&H. Easiest embedded PC to set up ever. Plug in flash card with boot rom and OS, off you go. These kinds of no-fan systems usually have a MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) of 100,000+ hours or around 12 years you can run them without interruption before some component will begin to misbehave. Probably it is possible you might run one 20 years without ever encountering a hitch and if you did it would likely be something you introduced in software.

Average specs is something around a Pentium I/II with 32 mb SDRAM, PCI/ISA bus, 4 com ports and one parallel which is more than enough to control anything.

Because almost all PC/104 units have a watchdog function, you can always recover gracefully from a crash with a reboot automatically and if your software keeps track of it you can run self-diagnostics and log anything out of place before resuming.

Something like PowerBasic is ideal for these cards but you can run GEOs Ensemble or Win98/SE at a good pace with all the functionality that entails. IPX is still an excellent basic communications protocol between all terminals because it is so simple almost nothing can go wrong.

I was thinking of making this unit the dedicated controller/terminal for power management in Sparkgap, as well as managing water and fuel pumps from the silos farther up the hill.

Blinders Off : Everybody Begins To See WW3

It's so simple even Bill O'Reilly gets it now

Amerikwa has no other options left

I am not faking astonishment.

It takes a long time to sink into the Asperger mind just how slow the average human being is. It's like watching paint dry. IT's ReAlLy S-L-O-W-W-W-W-W-w-w-w-w-w ...

Slowly ... slowly ... you can see the wheels turning in there ... right ... oh, right, World War III. I see now. That's like bad, n'stuff. Have any of you thought about the implications? We should ... like ... do something!

Meanwhile, I'm still a combination of stupid/nuts.

Friday, August 29, 2008


McCain's old. He won't see the end of his term.

Will the President be a woman after all, as John Titor hinted?

Russia is already paranoid about McCain in office ... it won't help if the Vice President's last name is "wormwood" in Russian, otherwise "chernobyl" according to two of my Russian dictionaries.

I have a tentative connection with this woman through relatives who live in Alaska. She looks a great deal like one of my aunts.

At least he didn't choose Joe Lieberman as his running mate. That'd be practically like having the Knesset govern the 'Kwa directly.

Did I mention I have a sickly feeling in my stomach nowadays whenever I see any 'Kwans on television at all in any situation? I am trying to remember everything so I can relate the history of the end of this country to my grandchildren. I just have this instinctive sense we are coming up on the apocalyptic, mindshattering conclusion to all of this soon. Itz most certainly coming.

Russia+China+NKorea+Pakistan = Kwa Doomed

Russia is on top and kicking ass.

Russia and China have a leash around the bankrupt Kwa's throat

China knows which horse to back in this race

Extraordinary warning from Russia to Amerikwa

Good time to test your Topols

Yes, they work alright.

This editorial is a desperate plea by weaklings to turn back the clock to a time when the Kwa and Brittania mattered. Alas, Russia and China are holding all the cards, the U.S. is only holding ZOGBux.

Russia can cut their oil. China can close the Panama Canal. Then nukem 'til they glow. Game over. You lose, Kwans.

The Kwans better hope their government doesn't pull a Katrina in their response. I have a sneaky hunch the U.S. will be lucky to get off a single bird before the first strike. Now make fun of Bert the Turtle.

The Media is a Poisoned Well Of Toxic Lies

A woman without a family is a wretch and the same can be said for a male, not because I want it to balance out in some insane feminist formula for gender equality ... but because it's true.

More and more stories like this lately. It must be in response to the perceived decrease in the incidence of divorce.

The mediavitzim are waging a war against mankind, one mind at a time. You get the females first, the males can be picked off one by one later on.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Nano98 - Windows in 7 Seconds, 4.5 Megabytes

Equip your micro Windows with tiny drop-in tools from this page. Compress these with UPX and they will load faster, run faster and exit faster. No more half gigabyte word processors or spreadsheets, try keeping all apps under 1 megabyte in size with no registry access for fastest performance.

If you want to get rid of the windows splash screen, edit the msdos.sys file, add line that says logo=0 unless there is a line there already saying logo=1, then just change it to changes. Do this under the [options] area.

If your compact flash has room (280 megabytes), you can run .NET 2.0 runtime in addition to ODBC driver for FireBird Database at a decent pace even on a 233 Mhz Pentium machine from this setup. Networking is relatively easy, particularly if you have an onboard Ethernet chip. Turn off Virtual Memory and force all applications to be fully loaded into RAM when running. This not only speeds them up like crazy, it makes them load much more quickly with no paging to disk. You'll need at least 64 megabytes of RAM for decent performance, 256 megabytes is even better. Note that universal data access can be accomplished through the MS Windows Dbase ODBC driver to read and write databases that are also being written to by DOS-based terminals with file sharing on.

28 Days Later / Rabid Horde Watch

The experiments detailed in the first part are honestly the scariest kinds of research I can imagine. It only takes a little development for it to have military applications and possibly escape the lab and infect humans.

I have read about many different kinds of bioweapons that attack the inhibition centers of the brain designed to turn your enemy into a raving mob of lunatics killing everything in sight. It is not too big a stretch to foresee these kinds of deployments in a war between Russia, China and the United States.