Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Britain - Sodom & Gomorrah II

Who is going to miss Britain? Who is going to pity the British?

The real question is, who would have fought in World War II against the Germans if I could send emails back to a teletype machine in 1939 A.D. with a couple of these articles attached?

I predict the entire British army would have thrown down their arms and welcomed the Germans as great liberators and the straightest line to a brighter future.

Sorry, my friend, but it's true. It doesn't matter if it is pleasant or not. The fact is, it's true.

Amerikwan Anarchy : Manufacturing Criminals From The Law Abiding

Let's face it, actual law enforcement is hard and criminals are dangerous to question or stop. Why bother with these kinds of hazards when you can just manufacture criminals out of gullible, easily managed law abiding folk?

Today in Australia we had another cop get the crap beaten out of him by unarmed impulsive bystanders. This brought a chorus of calls from the press to make assault on a cop a particularly severe crime, as compared to assault on a mere peasant. It also illustrates the comical laugh-a-minute nature of Australian government that they claim peasants have no call for arms in the name of self defense in a nation where not even cops are safe from random assault. If an armed police man gets his ass beaten in a public street by teenagers, what on earth do you expect an ordinary serf to do when he is charged by same on a daily basis? It's logic, Australian style.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Ummm ... doesn't the Constitution say that only Congress can declare war? Against a named opponent, supposedly one located in our space-time reality? Somebody other than a mystical, seemingly omnipresent group called "Al Qaeda" (arabic for "The Toilet")??

... well, perhaps in normal situations, but not in .... WARTERRORHORRORPANICFEARMINDNUMBKILL!

Now stop asking so many questions and get busy melting down that reclaimed scrap metal into guns for your drafted kids! Get used to war rationing of chocolate bars! The enemy is here, there, everywhere! They say butter side up, we say butter side down! Death to the somewhat vague and undefined enemy!! He deserves it!

This is choice :

"It's not just the Middle East. It's not just the developing world. It's not just nondemocratic countries; it's a global problem," he said. "Threats can emanate from Denmark, the United Kingdom, you name it."

Wherever goy forget their place, as a matter of fact!

.. but this is legendary :

Today, as the top Pentagon adviser on counterterrorism strategy, Vickers exudes the same assurance about defeating terrorist groups as he did as a 31-year-old CIA paramilitary officer assigned to Afghanistan, where he convinced superiors that, with the right strategy and weapons, the ragtag Afghan insurgents could win.

"I am just as confident or more confident we can prevail in the war on terror," said Vickers, 54.

Pardon, let me see if I'm getting this correctly. The same guy who used American tax revenues to build Al Qaeda into a terrorist organization is now assigned to destroy it? I'm sorry, it appears I'm trapped in the Stanley Kubrick Dr. Strangelove universe. Please point me to the nearest call box where I can warp back to my home dimension.

The Era of Cheap Food Is Over

Globalism, the economic gift that keeps on giving.

First, economists said it is cheaper to get my citrus fruit from Paraguay than 300 meters down the street from where I live in Queensland. If anybody begged to differ, they'd use the magic supernatural phrase "free markets" which caused an ordinary person to clam up in awe at their impressive edjumification. This works on people who have never actually read anything about free markets and don't know what that phrase means or what the Austrian school was actually about. I've often inquired a bit more deeply with those touting globalism and discovered that not a single one of these useful idiots even knows who Hayek was.

Then, as it turned out, it's a hell of a lot more expensive. But, this too is good and "inevitable" and "economic." That's a scienmajific fact. In addition, apparently we will experience worldwide super famine and billions will die of hunger from this insane ponzi scheme. That too is good and only a non-edjumificated person would argue otherwise. It's all good.

Avian Flu Pandemic Ready For Release?

I went to community college in Denton, Texas for a short while after I got out of the Army back in 1985. Our dormitories were in the decommissioned barracks. I have a contact there who told me independently of this news that something really big is up there.

FEMA has set the place up as some kind of command center and lots of traffic at night in sea containers on the back of military transport. Apparently the rail line system is being rebuilt.

One funny thing I noticed there was in an abandoned building at the rear of the facility, a huge chainlink fence area around a big concourse beside the disintegrating rail tracks. I used to run an obstacle course at night that went all the way around this large concrete plaza. I usually finished up by climbing the Denton Water Tower freehand, several stories off the ground.

It creeped me out because it almost looked like a location where you'd process prisoners for a death camp. I had that instinctive impression more than once. Of course, it was decommissioned at the time and fallen into disrepair. I heard it is all fixed up and ready for reception now. Let those boxcars roll.

Amerikwan Demockrassee Is An Illegitimate Sham

It wouldn't matter if more than 6% of the population was allowed to vote anyway, because Diebold Machines would just update the results with a single SQL query.

Elections as held now in the United States are less credible than a third world Latin American dictatorship where all the ballot boxes are brought to the Presidential Palace for counting.

Amerikwa needs foreign observers to certify elections because the current Amerikwan population, with an average IQ of 97, just don't have the brains left to make sure the elections are representative in any way, shape or form.

Those who count the votes hold all the power.

Anybody notice the incredible, mind-blowingly psychotic media blackout on Ron Paul? His name has been taboo to mention in any media for the past 14 days like somebody somewhere threw a switch that changed the space-time continuum so he was never even born. Spooky stuff. The former U.S.S.R. had a more honest society under the Soviet Commissars. Good enough for Amerikwans, apparently though.

Good, simple expedient small game traps

Had to link this page because it's simple, elegant and concise. Print this page off and store it as a guide when the time comes to trap small birds and other safe game aboveground on a regular basis. You might want to experiment with building a few of these just to learn the details.

Note that scraps and leftovers including sprouts and spoiled grain serves as excellent bait for these traps, allowing you to convert a disastrous situation (discovering a barrel has leaked and fermented the contents) into a potential fresh food source for the vault.

Some facts about capturing small birds and hares after a nuclear war :

1. You should go over the catch with an alpha/beta particle detector wand when you retrieve it. If you get a ton of clicks the second you get near it, this bird has gotten into something contaminated by fallout and is too polluted with radeonucleotides to consume. Try disposing of it and reset the trap. Better luck next time, many birds will not be contaminated if they have survived off the ground eating berries or safer grub. Many hares may be reproducing quite rapidly in the post-nuclear environment and the younger ones are likely to be the cleanest or even uncontaminated. Most hares that feed on roots and vegetables will be quite safe to eat.

2. Never eat any of the internal organs as this is where the dangerous stuff tends to accumulate, in the body fats and internal tissues. Clean the game and discard everything but the meat. If you can scan this and it is clean you've still got the best protein. Beware of relying on just this resource as your only protein. The exact remedy that many mountain men relied on ... eating the internal organs to get a more complete diet, cannot be practiced following a nuclear war. So it is good to plan on supplementing this meat with other food products. Many people have starved to death in early colonial times in America eating rabbits, because the most essential parts of the human diet were missing from this menu.

3. Post-Nuclear literature has predicted several different kinds of plagues following a nuclear war and at least two of these are suitable for eating. Researchers expect a plague of insects, both on the ground and in the air, followed by a plague of birds, followed by a plague of hares, a plague of rats. At certain times in Medieval England, the wilderness was sometimes overrun by rabbits so thickly populated that one could wade through them and snatch them up by the ears with almost no effort. Eating rats and insects is left to vault-dweller discretion. It might be possible to capture unlimited numbers of birds and hares each day by simply resetting traps aboveground near the shelter entrance. The strategy described should take into account the resources and labor involved each day in cleaning and cooking this catch.

Is Cheap Desalinization Right Around The Corner?

Wow, like a lot of the new technology, this seems custom designed to benefit the small-scale vaults of survivalists and their inhabitants.

It would be terrific if a mechanism were found to desalinate water without nuclear heat - it's a great bargain to generate electricity and pure water at the same time but the greenie neanderthals keep suppressing desalinization plants in Australia for this very reason.

If it can extract salt from water molecules it could sure as hell also do duty as a general water purification system. It sounds like it would be substantially cheaper than a matching carbon filter from Berkeley Systems or various competitors.

2008 : Communism Wins

The reason that Amerikwa was beaten is that it became an even bigger communist country than Red China. In a war of communist economies, the nation with the cheapest labor supply will win.

Take a look at the prosperity in this sad regime in Asia and imagine what the United States would be like in the year 2007 had it not been eaten out by termites over the past century. Think of it with real currency backed by gold, no federal reserve and a government only 5% the size it is now. People never anticipate the power of a true free market economy, it is always greater than the sum of it's parts. It boggles the mind to think of the heights this nation might have reached instead of the depraved and degraded state it has descended to now. At present, their only remaining cash export is interracial sodomy porn. Everything else is dust in the wind.