Monday, March 31, 2008

Globawarmthenkery : By Morons, For Morons

Only possible in a society so poorly edjumificated they cannot locate Canada on a map. Only possible in Amerikwa.

No society with the education level common in 1955 could ever fall for the global warmthink story. Not in a million years.

Only Oprah and Dr. Phil's primary viewing demographic could ever be talked into something so inane by sheer repetition.

Brawndo! It's got electrolytes! It's got what plants crave!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

John Titor : Boycott of 2008 Beijing Olympics Begins

Titor said there would be no Olympics held in 2008.

Titor said that 2008 would be the year that the principle of time travel was first demonstrated to work inside the CERN Hadron Collider.

Titor said something would happen in 2012 so catastrophic that he could not describe it, something like the "parting of the red sea." NASA says that for the first time in recorded history, the solar field is in perfect perpendicular alignment with Earth for when it flips magnetically in December 2012. Nobody living has ever seen an event like that before. We're looking top down on a magnetic field that will flip violently in the one of the biggest solar maximums ever recorded in 2012. Even NASA is suggesting that the way that magnetic rip affects this planet is unforeseeable at this time but that we can expect it to be something apocalyptic in significance.

Titor suggested the President in 2008 will be female. The jury is still out on that one.

Lastly and most important of all - Titor said that three billion people will die in a nuclear war that starts in 2015, a first strike by the Russians that will annihilate the U.S. government and most of the urban population.


Wow. Watched this movie against tonight. I can't believe how good it is. It's even better in the repeat viewing.

You do know our entire civilization has been cheated out of a real culture for a hundred years, right? Our culture is imported and imposed on us, like that of the Bolshevists in the Soviet Union. It's not a product of market forces. It's something crammed down our throats. Nobody wants what they are selling. Without a socialist cartel, there'd be no Hollywood. Once you've been exposed to somebody with real, as opposed to pretend, talent, you'll be rendered unfit for that Hollywood crap ever again.

These are not our movies. These are not our ideas. These are not our values. They are alien to us, we instinctively want to vomit them back up. The problem is not the label on the can, it's the fact that the dog doesn't like that dog food. Given a choice other than starvation, the dog would not eat that food.

If the world made any sense, this movie should have swept the Academy Awards and won almost every single honor that Hollywood had to give. If Hollywood rejected this movie, I'd have to say I reject Hollywood. They don't have anything I need. They're not selling anything that I want to buy.

Did you know those sets were mostly real? That CGI was barely used in this film? Look at some of the costumes. They're utterly incredible. The acting is unbelievably good, it's natural and so convincing that it is difficult to believe that what you are watching is a movie. You feel as though you have been there - you have been a prisoner brought to the pyramid by the Mayans to be sacrificed. You go through what they went through, you truly sense the barbaric and vile nature of the Mayan Empire. It's horrific and yet you can't look away because you know this is what happened and this is really the way it was. If anything, you sense that only a small vision of the real horror of what the Mayans were is displayed in this film.

When the little sick girl prophesies their end and Jaguar Paw leads them all to their doom at the shore of the ocean, it makes you want to stand up and cheer. Of course, this movie is so complex it is really not about the Mayans at all. It's about the Neoconservatives. But you know that, don't you? This film is ultimately not about the Mayans at all. It's about our civilization and the vicious, hideous monsters who rule our nations and sacrifice human life to their dark gods. Mel Gibson made a political film that is the cinematic equivalent of the Citizen Kane of jungle movies.

I think like IDIOCRACY, this movie was simply too good to be permitted to get wide distribution and any promotion. It's just too good.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Humidity, Fungus & 12 Volt Negative Ion/Ozone Generators

The big problem with all underground shelter is humidity. Not only when occupied, but especially when unoccupied.

My goal before this summer is to have an automated system that runs the air conditioning unit/dehumidifier at a threshold set to keep the shelter cool and dry inside at all times. It needs intelligence to know when the shelter is occupied - through passive infrared detectors (I have 12 now I bought at $1.50 apiece that put out a 3 volt signal when a heat source is anywhere in their detector range out to six meters) and when it is unoccupied.

I had an idea that it would be great to constantly flush the entire shelter with ozone when it was unoccupied and then turn on the fans and import clean air when occupants arrive. This would suppress the growth of all mold and mildew in combination with the dehumidifier. There might even be a timed release of vaporized tea tree oil or another fungal antigen, say every thirty minutes a small spray in all areas, maybe staggered at intervals.

Of course, the other advantage of passive IR is that the shelter can turn on the lights and then the fans, greet the shelterees with a prerecorded WAV file and immediately give status reports on every major shelter system ... food, water, temperature, air quality. This for me is the real result I am working towards, to make the shelter self-diagnosing in all regards. For example, using a magnetic reed switch to know if the positive pressure valve in the storage drum is open and that someone should close it if the shelter is put into pre-attack check mode.

I bought an absolute truckload of bracket mounted reed switches of all kinds but I have not mounted them yet because I want to improve the air quality so they don't rust internally.

Herein has been my dilemma - first continuous power from solar and wind available 24/7 charged automatically, then automated AC, then intelligent climate control. I still have not made it past step one. I am reluctant to mount any more electronic components until I solve the humidity problem. My Rabbit 2000 monitor has accumulated chunks of crusty white fungus inside the casing that look like alien spores, although it has not affected the board's functionality as of yet. I cannot install any more computer hardware until I purify the air down there and all surfaces.

Archdruid Promises All Heretics Will Burn Inside The Mighty Wicker Man

Christianity is irrational and flawed according to crypto-bolshevist double-plus goodthinkers. However, global warmthenkery is enlightened and edjumificated. All intellamajent types know it because they have secret knowledge and a consensus-type mob chinnery. To question the impact of farting cows and decomposing baby nappies on our anthropomorphized earth mother is tantamount to witchcraft and will be punished accordingly. Managing carbon molecules through pieces of paper exchanged for big cash makes sense. Moving the papers around for fiat paper will restore Gaia to balance.

Do you want to always be ten steps ahead of everybody else like Vault-Co?

Here's the secret.

The average human being has an IQ of 100. That's 9 points higher than Koko the Sign Language Gorilla. It's 16 points higher than the average black american and a full 30 points higher than the average black african.

Anything the masses agree on, is always false. On those rare one-in-one-thousand instances where their crude, ape-like brains accidentally fall ass-backwards into the truth, they are only right for the wrong reasons. Otherwise, they are always just plain wrong, period.

The corollary is that any idea which is pushed for mass consumption and finds a reception, will also always be false. If it was true, it would find no fertile soil in the bleached and deserted wasteland that the average human being has the gall to call his or her mind. The only thing that sticks in that dry craw is b*llshit.

If you want to start a popular movement to promote anything, you will never succeed by assuming the average human being has superior reasoning to a field sparrow. Your chances improve exponentially as the quality of the idea you are seeking to get a reception for comes down.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Smell Of Rainbow Stew Cooking Up On The Old Globalist Stove

Yes, we're all moving towards a brighter future with dancing ponies and smurfs and Teletubbies skipping hand-in-hand towards a better world for all consumer units everywhere.

I. Need. More. Concrete.

Cookie Jar Tapped Out : Entire Country is a Do-Over

Importing migrant labor from Mars could not make up the revenue shortfall.

They have not even gotten the bad news yet.

What is planned before the end of G.W.'s term?

Lind points out that losing that war right now would be a historic turning point from which the Amerikwan military may never recover. Maybe it is desired that no troops return home except in body bags so that obstacles to NAFTA will be minimal and scattered.

Portrait of an Asylum Run By The Inmates

Random selection of the tripe broadcast on Amerikwan televitz.

Please, airbursts all around for the edjumificated. Synchronized overpressure rings if possible. Is it really come to this?
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