Friday, April 23, 2010

2010 : Smurfs And Rainbow Ponies Fail To Make An Appearance As Scheduled

Ten years ago they promised us all the globalist socialist utopia would deliver us into an earthly paradise.

Ten years ago, Vault-Co said the future wasn't going to be like that at all.

We said it would be a mindshattering apocalyptic horrorshow where man's better angels had given way to what Rudyard Kipling called The Gods of the Copybooks.

Everybody knows what this is, nobody will say it out loud

Who was correct? It's one decade later and let's look objectively at our world.

Why would this be secret?

Are they putting pinatas filled with candy up there in orbit? To detonate and shower the Smurf village with treats when the time comes?

It's to shower a rainbow over the nations of our opponents. That's what it would be for.

If you believe that, you go outside and wait with your bowl for that rainbow stew to start falling out of the sky just like the world mass media promised us ten years ago.

The rest of you need to pack it.

P.S. For those of you who were unable to guess, this is automated resupply for platforms that have already been up there a long time. They want to cut out the human pilots and just shuttle them back and forth by automated control.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

VAULT-OS : Update

Worked on a new web site for Vault-OS last night. You may have noticed I have been sitting on the domain name for two years.

I have spent the better part of a week trying to rebuild my Win98 machine after the hard drive crashed. This machine sits in the hub of my test network and distributes new builds automatically to all participating machines when I have something updated.

I tried to load NT Workstation and Server onto it, discovering a lot of things in the process through massive fail after fail. By the way, Win98/SE has the capacity to be a real pain in the ass to reinstall, uninstall or modify. You'd never guess it but if you'd worked with it as much as I have you discover it is a very nasty piece of malware after it has been installed and you will often end up formatting your hard drive in order to get rid of it.

One interesting thing I've discovered which I'd like to pass on is what a wonderful base platform that NT Workstation is for almost any x86 box, particularly embedded equipment. My two "Sentry" boxes now both run NT Workstation and they have microdrives with FAT partitions on them. NT Workstation was a lot easier to install on both of these than Win98 or WinME and Workstation just seems like it was designed to be a robust, hardy little networked machine tough as nails and very adaptive for whatever you need it to do. It runs really fast and tight on as little as 16 MB, only takes a little over 100MB on the storage disk and will integrate so rapidly when you put servers on the same network (NT/2000). It seems to "try" to fit in and make itself useful, whereas Win98 is a kind of consumer product that seems to be designed to make it really hard to boot around with on different platforms. I say this having gotten it down to as little as 12 megs total hard drive space, too. Win NT Workstation is way friendlier to systems like we need in an underground Vault. Experience shows it is also far more robust long term.

For these and other reasons tonight I will probably be converting even my dev box to NTWS for my test network. This means that I will not be able to guarantee Win98 will run seamlessly when I get a release candidate. I may put a chapter on it in the book and I will mention these concerns there as well.

The DOS version is languishing for failure to integrate into the total system, sort of like Windows 98. I can't release that version until I am certain it operates transparently with all other machines on the network. It will continue to be underway for a while after I release my first version of Vault-OS soon on the Win32 platform.

Monday, April 19, 2010

*Bump* Shelter Building Hysteria In China

Keep moving along, people. Nothing to see here. Go shopping and think happy doubleplus good thoughts. Your governments exist to insure government continuity. Unfortunately, somewhere in the mix your outcome went to the back of the priority heap. Buy some gaffer tape and plastic sheeting and hope for the best. Think of your tax revenues working for us around the clock and take pride in knowing you contributed in some small way to a safe and intact government that will survive anything. Not that there is anything to worry about, you understand. M'jest sayin'. Yassum. Whatnot and what have you.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Science Klowns Attempt Thought, With Mixed Results

Read the article and tell me you can't see the conclusion pushing it's way up the scientist's nostril in every single sentence.

Robert Felix passed more brain cells in his last bowel movement than all of these bifocal wearing dorks put together. They don't know which end of a test tube to fart into. It is tragic to read this stuff - you want to blast an airhorn in one of their ears and when you've got their attention, read their own words back to them one at a time until they get a hint.

You wouldn't need formal scientific training of any kind to read about those magnetic spherules distributed evenly all over the planet, followed by the admission they are often produced by high pressure explosive compression, to recognize elements of Robert's latest book.

I just don't understand how you can go into scienmajistics for a profession with such a clear bias against rational thinking. Honestly. Didn't they used to screen these kinds of people out of medicine and science and encourage them to pursue careers in something they had more aptitude for like housecleaning and yardwork?

Gerald Celente on Alex Jones

Pretty good. I always enjoy listening to Celente. He is good at summarizing a lot of information into a single paragraph to reach a conclusion.

It's an hour and a half but most of it is very interesting.

Planet Laughs Heartily At Pathetic Deranged Manboons Scampering About On Surface

If this planet was to sneeze, 95% of all the hominids on it would die swiftly and quietly without so much as proper burial.

People have no concept of how Monty-Pythonesque they sound when they fret they might "destroy" the planet. They're worried about it.

It is not the planet that should be packing it's bags. It is chimpmanzees and their civilization who are being served their walking papers. The planet is going to be just fine. This planet (or our Sun) shrugs, everything on it dies screaming in nothing flat. Not a single talking head on televitz will ever be able to change that.

These apes believe they are so in control of the environment they can threaten the continued existence of this mighty antediluvian quondam which has seen billions of species come and go upon it's surface for ancient endless cycles of existence back into the hoariest antiquity. They can't even control themselves and they believe they can threaten this planet. The only thing they can threaten is their own existence, not that of the Earth.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Biggest News Flash In Vault-Co History

UPDATE : Mainstream media pick the story up earlier than expected!

Apparently, half the "physical gold" on the planet is fake.

Bad enough most "gold shares" weren't worth the paper they were printed on but this is truly bad news.

This hits the pockets of the movers and shakers in the world who determine the fate of nations. This is a game changer. This is a swindle on many of the chief swindlers - and these kinds of people don't get mad, they get even. A fraud like this is sufficient to get a lot of nations canned in Argentinian-style collapses.

The Chinese recently discovered a lot of "gold" they were sold by the United States was in fact tungsten bars. This shook confidence badly in the credit rating of the U.S. and world markets responded accordingly. This discovery is equivalent to the sound of the United States being flushed historically down the toilet in terms of any sort of economic future. Many of their debtors are routinely assured by the issuance of these "physical gold" certificates to keep them at bay from one week to the next.

When historians of the future bulletpoint the incidents leading to the third world war, you can rest assured this is going to be on there in big bold print. It's a watermark in the history of the decline of the West

This is a lens focus for Vault-Co regulars. Now we know why it was so important to the U.S. government to keep J.P. Morgan solvent. In fact, it's obvious. It's as easy as Enron to claim profitability when the certificates you are issuing for gold are fraudulent.

EDIT : Seriously, this is a Defcon Upgrade if ever there were one. I'd start consolidating your preps and getting it together if you've been procrastinating. The only way I can see the Kwanzans weaseling out of this one is to start a Third World War to draw attention away from their dollar, rapidly approaching the value of Chinese newspaper.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Kwanzania : Festering Commie Hellhole

The 'Kwa is a hollow shell of the nation it once was and it all happened because the sheeple were told that their Constitution was a "living document."

Sociopaths and psychopaths changed the lettering on the barn to read SOME ANIMALS ARE MORE EQUAL THAN OTHERS. The Kwanzanians didn't notice because there are almost none left who can read.

Where the 'Kwa is going, there ain't no coming back from.

Monday, April 5, 2010

None Dare Call It Treason

Commie squeeze play with a John Birch Society spearhead being constructed in South America to complete the land invasion after the nukes soften them up. Resistance is futile and escape will be impossible.

In terms of Manchurian Candidates, it just can't get any better for the Bolshevists than to actually place their point man in the Presidency. Obama is stripping down the military of the Kwa until it is virtually defenseless, with a combination of meaningless wars fought on several different fronts externally and a blanket surrender in the interior.

It's no longer a strategy. It's preparations to enable an atrocity. No civil defense program, no political representation - the Kwanzans will be cut down like cattle in a feedyard cull.
We support Ukraine and condemn war. Push Russian government to act against war. Be brave, vocal and show your support to Ukraine. Follow the latest news HERE