Saturday, February 27, 2010


Stay chilly.

Queensland is right in the shotgun of this one across the Pacific. Supposed to be hitting here in 8 hours. I am going to bed, hope I don't wake up underwater, praise God.

Vault-Co says it for past ten years, we're nuts. It's different when other bipeds say the same thing long after it is patently obvious. Not being nuts means being no brighter than a shiny red button. The cutoff score is being able to walk and chew gum at the same time. Anybody that bright or god forbid brighter is some kind of nut and needs professional help.

It's not the biggest quake ever recorded. It's that we are having them practically every week nowadays and they show no sign of abating. That's because ITZ COMING.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Road To Armageddon : Paul Craig Roberts

The Kwa has gone off the rails and is actively seeking a Third World War with three nuclear powers.

There's a reason they are called "Dark Ages"

It's because they are dark.

Once this process is started, can it be reversed? Realistically, can this sort of blight be turned back?

No. A wise and prudent person knows that this kind of illness is only cured by death. People who don't understand what is being talked about may tell you otherwise. Vault dwellers understand that death for a civilization doesn't necessarily imply the death of an individual. The whole point is for individual survivors, the "remnant," to go through the cycle and come out the other side carrying the values of that civilization forward. The bloom is followed by the nadir, then the decline and the collapse. The ants are supposed to survive when the grasshoppers die as winter approaches. This is the reason that the human spectrum includes ant-like personality types. That is what they are supposed to do.

If it smells like a Depression, looks like a Depression, feels like a Depression, sounds like a Depression, then it's a Depression. Not a "cyclic recession" or "slow starting recovery." Modern people are insane. They think if they all take a vote and get a consensus then they can decide this isn't a Depression, it's actually a boom. They have become too stupid to continue living. You do not pull out of a Depression by pretending it's not a Depression. You first have to recognize the problem correctly, then you can come up with the solution. Anything else is the pathetic flailing of lunatics and similar to the hysterical thrashing of a man who finds himself in quicksand. You'll only make it worse with all that vain unfocused struggling.

U.S. Holds Treasury Auction, Nobody Shows Up

Other than primary buyers who must buy debt bonds, this is the first time since World War II that Kwanzanians have found no buyers for their debts. The smart money is ditching the U.S. dollar and seeking other sanctuaries. The few bidders for highest yields are likely the Fed Government trying to bid up their own debt to make it seem safe. That's final hour desperation.

Shortly before it collapsed, every hegemon in world history has claimed the rest of the world could never live without it. Immediately afterwards they have found out that everybody could do just fine without them.

It's getting so obvious a Kwanzanian could figure it out

"Policy of Encirclement"

Oh, man, this is scary stuff.

Seriously, I thought I knew a lot about China's military outlook but I had no idea they believed they were being deliberately encircled by ballistic anti-missile systems. This is the first I've seen of this and the person being quoted in the article is pretty connected to the top of the Red Chinese military structure. If they honestly feel this way about the recent moves to put ABMs on the continent we're all in deep sh*t. I thought the focus would have been the provision of arms to Taiwan (to be expected) but if the Chinese feel this is only part of a larger strategic plan to surround them and render their own nuclear arsenal ineffective as a deterrent then start worrying about World War III in the very near future, before 2015, maybe in the next year or so.

Sometimes I feel like I could research six hours a day and still miss important things going on in the world. I would have missed this except Rowan offered a link to the article in the comments for the blog post below.

Totally out of left field. Never even knew this was a widespread sentiment in China.

It turns out the communist Mao Tse Tung was a better strategic thinker than anybody in Washington, D.C. ... he advised the Chinese people to "dig tunnels everywhere, store up food and water and seek parity of force but not dominance - for such things lead invariably to war." For those of you who wonder how much damage the collapse of the American educational system could do to the country, consider that it may have led directly to the insanity of these provocations by people who simply don't know better. Building an ABM system directly on a man's border is a good way to get your ass kicked. It's the equivalent of atomic twinking in a rough neighborhood.


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

First Rate Fallout Shelter In Montana

Generator room is superbly outfitted.

Britain Moves All Rare Books Into Salt Mine

Just for the next three years, you understand. It's temporary. Sheeple come and go but the nation's literary treasures deserve the kind of deep rock protection from radiation and blast that only a salt mine can deliver.

Nothing to see here, people. Keep moving along and paying those tax revenues, nothing to see here. Just keep up your sheeplish activities right through the next three years without incident. No time to panic now. The best thing you can do is drink and be merry. Keep buying those consumer goods and driving through those takeout windows.

I can't wait until the elites begin vanishing into shelters around 2011. Everybody relax, you fellows hold down the fort up here. Have another Diet Coke and put on a pair of sunglasses so you can watch the show. We'll be sure to check up on you once in a while and good luck with all that.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Monster Icestorms VS. Planet Earth

Preliminaries. Only the warm-up for coming years - or cold-down, as it were.

Remember, predicted every day on Vault-Co going back to 2003 in print where it could be seen by anyone.

Economies suffer (to say the least) during the onset of a new Ice Age

Robert Felix was right. People will be fighting in the streets for food in the very near future. This winter is going to bodyslam Amerikwan agriculture. The harvest is going to be nonexistent if this weather continues well into March.

Russians being buried alive beneath snow and worse is on the way

Sun Basically Silent For Four Years Solid, Then Decides For A Larf To Shoot Out A Million Kilometer Magnetic Filament

Scary, terrifying stuff going on up there. This is called a "Hyder Flare" and it represents a massive surge of magnetic field energy that bursts into an arc on the surface. They are extremely rare ... this one is the most colossal ever recorded. It just came out of nowhere. The Sun has some very weird things going on in the interior. It looks like it is getting ready to kick off a whacky dance number as we approach 2012.

The auroral lights are going crazy, non-stop at night. Check out some of the comments at that page.

Anyhoo, don't worry. At worst it's the preliminaries of a K-T Boundary style extinction event, so don't sweat it.