Monday, June 4, 2012

ITZ Dispatches

Luckily the government paid off trillions to the crooks to keep this from happening.

5000 years of economic fundamentals in the West were never going to impact on us because we are edjumafacated. History holds still for us. We were special. We don't need no thinking because we have moxie. It is all a matter of being positive, that is what is important. Reality does not constrain us because we have a certain attitude that preserves us from all things.

Fundamentally, modern people are all insane. Every one of them.

The reason that Mike Judge's IDIOCRACY was a science fantasy is that a population like you saw in the movie could never go 500 years maintaining even the trappings of civilization. It is impossible. In real life, that same kind of people would have begun to experience wholesale degrading of their conditions around ten years into the first generation. Exactly the way we are now. It would require autonomous self-repairing machines to run everything as originally designed without any help from humans and of course there is no way a race of men like those who are alive now could possibly create and maintain that kind of technology.

Choosing A Survival Retreat Location

Good article on some of the factors you should take into account.

My location is a compromise between access to public transport for commuting and the real distance I'd like to put between my family and the nearest city. For economic reasons I had to settle on the location I ended up in.

Protests at Bilderberg

This is my home state. It's a crying shame to see the Fairfax police reduced to a private security force for the Bilderberger. Somebody else pays the taxes for their salary which is just how they like it at the Bilderberger.

These are the focus meetings for the world crime syndicate and it is good to see a lot of people are starting to realize it. Note comments about sheeple and sports - at some point you are just making a fool out of yourself with what is going on in the world, whether you realize it or not. Watching the common man obsess over his spectator sports you begin to realize he is such a coward it is the only thing he is permitting himself to feel any passion over. He wants to stay safe and as far away from reality as he can get.

Against the wall for the entire lot, clearly violates the Logan Act and constitutes high treason

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Was There Always A Lithosphere?

Some scientists suspect the tectonic plate system is an anomaly left behind by a terrible catastrophic event.

This is discussed by Robert Felix in his books - the suggestion there is that the crust itself may have occurred as a negative charge on the outer surface when the inner core of the Earth was charged positive by a sudden magnetic reversal. The two of them were antagonistic and the outer skin of the planet was permanently separated by the force of this repulsion, left to float on a bed of magma as a geological formation in it's own right.

If this were the case it would go a long ways in explaining how the tectonic "conveyor" belt works, dragging the surface of continents into the sea and under the plates in a grand cyclic action that never ends, continuing to respond to the differently charged interior and exterior. We'd also know for certain that most of the evidence of prior civilizations is destroyed in this fashion.

When we find ancient monolithic structures on the floor of the sea, what we are really doing is discovering the ruins of the prior world as it marches towards the rifts at the bottom of the ocean to be subsumed. It is like attempting to run halfway down a conveyor belt to look at rubbish on it's way to the incinerator.

The Sapiens Utopia

One of the things that really bothers me about the Sapiens dreamworld - a low parenting investment, high promiscuity, broken family instant gratification atomized individual consumer secular "paradise" - is that the reality is what you end up with is a lot of single women forced back several hundred years into what constitutes chattel slavery. All the feminist ideals lead women directly back into the primeval world where they are the lowest rung of society, little more than sexual toys to be traded at the whim of the powerful. All of the protections that arise from the conservative model of the nuclear family and the extended kin structure are lost. With no men to protect them and each of them alienated even from general social altruism as another faceless caregiver, they are inevitably reduced to the level of barnyard stock, which is the status women had in the ancient past before the rise of the West. Without religious principles underlying the marriage contract, even then the married woman is only worth the lifespan of her good looks until she can be traded up for a newer model. The media is cheering on this absolute degradation of the female everywhere you look like it was just another form of "liberation." Yeah, it's just another success story alright. We are losing our mothers, our daughters, our sisters to international conglomerate pimp cartels and we're told we should feel good about it while it is happening.

They are put on the auction block to have their sex and human dignity sold for public consumption because it is the only option left to them. This is where all this garbage was going and right now a vast number of women have been forced into prostitution and pornography in these economic conditions because the whole framework that formerly provided for them has been demolished in the last couple of generations.

Octomom is actually the fulfillment of the liberal ideology - huge nest of dependents by different men, single mother with sole responsibility for child rearing, complete dependency on the State. (Which has thrown her to the wolves.) She did what her society had brainwashed her into believing what was best.

The only chivalry permitted in this hideously evil, vile world is an offer to appear in adult porn. All the liars who promised the Octomoms of the world that the State would provide for their every need if they eschewed traditional marriage and family are nowhere to be found as she descends to her knees to earn her living. Fifty years ago the man who made this proposal to a mother in public would be savagely beaten and then publicly lynched, but we don't live in that world anymore. Women are "equal" now, so men are to believe they can look after themselves and no man is permitted to stand up for the chastity and dignity of all women on principle. The healthy man is told that this bitter toxic excuse for a civilization is the "good" and his instincts to protect females from this kind of depredation is "evil."

All around me I see this wreckage and cultural horror and we've got the same idiots who ushered this era in still on televitz telling us it is all the greater good. The human suffering gets worse, the old world is forgotten or derided as "nostalgia" and the dismal tide washes away the objections as if to simply comply and offer no resistance was the highest moral perogative.

Doomsday Shelter Spaces Completely Sold Out

Check out the swimming pool at the bottom. No vacancies but no worries for Vault-Co irregulars.

You may only have a 3x3 meter box in the ground with a portable toilet but it will always seem like a paradise if you survive a solar flare or magnetic reversal.

The guy working on this retrofit is worried about the same things that I am. In addition to everything else, also like me.

Neanderthals are crazy people who do things that make sense, every day, all year 'round. Having a vault just makes sense all the time, no matter what other people think. If other people could think, they'd have vaults of their own. The thing about the ancient rodeo clown is that he is too stupid to understand that he is not capable of doing certain things. He does them anyway. It's the incredible power of severe retardation when it comes to the socially acceptable and physically plausible. Just make sure you use good judgement at all times.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Klaus Dona: Hidden History of the Human Race

This is a lot of fun to watch. Sort of a grab bag of interesting archaeology from all over the world.

The internet is helping people to consolidate all this information in a way that all of our highly paid academics have failed miserably to do.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Kali Yuga Comes : Madness of the End Times

Crazy and more crazy. Is this in any way associated with the rapidly escalating changes to the magnetic field of this planet? Imagine if you had iron filings in your brain. (You do, albeit in an organic form) Now somebody drags a supermagnet across the top of your head. Okay, you didn't feel anything, you've got some sort of resistance to mild changes in magnetic fields. Now imagine we drag the supermagnet over the heads of a billion people. Would it surprise you if some of them wigged out and turned into zombies? Yes? No? Went to war? Debauched the currency? Did wild, self-destructive things that make no sense?

Any of your ancestors who studied the relationship between sunspots and behaviour down here came to the conclusion that the two were intimately related.

Today the stock market plunged along with the rest of the world economy but the Obaminator said do not panic, everything is going to turn out swell. I can taste that globalish rainbow stew a brewing, free for all and everflowing like manna from heaven. As sweet as honey and you'll only have to work 30 minutes a day but only if you feel like it, mostly by Tweeting. Seriously, that's a true story and edjamafacated people will confirm it for me. It only lacks printing more money from the presses and it all our problems will vanish just like they did in the 1930's when F.D.R. applied the same panaceas. Create another 10 government jobs by spending a million in fiat money, that should do it.

The rule of law cannot be maintained by a bunch of mental patients. Mental patients don't care what the Constitution says or any other document. They are making it up as they go along. So what if the President  is not eligible to hold the office? Who cares? Only people playing with a full deck. That doesn't include the majority of the population or the police.

Indonesia Attempts To Improve Gene Pool

They would have succeeded if not for those damn po-leeshmens. Why you got to harass me, lawman? I dint do nuttin!  If you've ever seen an episode of COPS you know exactly what the scene was.

I love orangutans. But not in the way that Indonesians do.

Reminds you why God put Indonesia on a faultline.

Strange horrors appear in lands where there is no rule of law. There is a way that seems best to a man and what have you. Sapiens gonna sape.

When some anthropologists suggested early on that Denisovians might have been an interbreed between Neanderthals and Homo Habilis I knew that theory would collapse later on. Trust me, there is no way that any Neanderthal has ever had sex with any primate for any reason in the past one million years. Not a chance. They'd rather die on the long walk. A much more merciful fate.