Sunday, March 9, 2008

Pleasantville Is Dead Forever

What amuses me is these guys who just figured it out and now decide it's just a matter of rewinding fifty years of destruction back to what was already fine the way it was.

Sorry, real life doesn't work that way. Humpty Dumpty has had a great fall, lies broken and nobody can put him back together with legislation. Western civilization was great, of course, glad you finally deduced it, Sherlock, but you can't just say let's all have a big do-over. It's not like that in the big boys world.

It ain't reconciliation time, it's escape strategy time. It's time to pack bags and run to the roof for the evacuation choppers. Cancelling the multikult festival this year ain't gonna quite cut it.

The time to do something was twenty years ago. We passed the last chance gas station a long, long ways back there. What was formerly the Western world is now only a series of small ethnically fragmented provinces of people who have nothing in common. Vast stretches of land have already seceded from nations into the hands of hostile ethnic minorities with an almost infinite number of imaginary grievances to settle. You can't just yell out the window for Biff Baxter and The Beaver to come back inside, you're welcome guys, it was all a big misunderstanding. That strong homogeneous culture is gone and the forces that created it are gone as well. The stadium is empty, the spectators have all gone home. The West got destroyed and now it's over.

It's the perfect powder keg and now here burns the perfect fuse to set it all off.

Read history. This happens again and again and again and people never learn from their mistakes. Darwinism clearly fails when applied to human civilizations. They do not adapt to feedback from the environment and learn from their ancestors experiences. Man is not a learning animal. Only a few freakish mutants like me out of the billions of people on Earth are actually capable of learning and even people like me still remain largely creatures of habit all things considered. The rest of the human race is incapable of ever learning anything.

All civilizations become multicultural, descend into internal civil conflict and then are destroyed from the outside. You could set your watch it is such a reliable cycle. All exchange economies that convert to fiat currencies always collapse into economic penury and utter ruin, which in turn requires them to take their broken and penniless military remnants into warfare against opponents they have no chance of beating. It's like an irritating song that just plays over and over again through the centuries. The banal lyrics and medley repeat again and again and always the generation that embraces their own destruction thinks it's a brand new tune that they alone came up with. They think it is sexy and original and in fact it's the eternal death dirge that is calling them into their own tombs.

The end of the Egyptians began the instant the first Black Pharoah ascended the throne.

I hope Obama wins. He will Zimbabwize that nation so fast that Vault-Co will be able to close up the blog for good and go home. Obama is truly the poisoned pill the patient needs to end it's suffering. I want it to be over for Amerikwa. Obama is a sock puppet for the CFR and I have no doubt whatsoever he has marching orders to wreck the nation to smithereens so that the amalgamation into the NAFTA slave plantation can begin.

Something Truly Eerie - Read This

Technically, I don't believe in ESP.

The reason I reprinted this article is that when I was 12 years old and living in Hoffman Estates, Illinois, I had a dream one night so disturbing and powerful I woke up crying from it.

I don't want you to think I have dreams like this all the time. I had maybe two dreams like this in my entire life, this was one of them and I never forgot it.

I was outside in the streets playing with kids who always seemed to be too far away for me to catch up. I'd follow them but they'd vanish behind a house and I could never tell if they were the children I knew.

I heard a loud, bone rattling clicking noise coming from far away. Like a giant insect approaching.

Then I heard a voice that was very deep and inhuman coming from the open window of a nearby house. Behind the drapes, in the shadows, something that wasn't a person was bellowing "They'll never get away with it! They killed Ma and Pa! We will make them pay! Kill them all!" and this turned into the sound of women screaming. I went weak in the knees from terror and felt like running.

As I turned in the direction of Chicago, there was a massive flare of light like a sun and a huge mushroom cloud rose over the roofs. I could hear my stepfather yelling to me to get down on the ground from our house nearby. I lay on the ground and somehow a blast wave blew by and knocked out all the windows but I was not injured. I saw flaming people running down the street yelling for help.

The sky became so dark it was like night and my skin began to burn. I woke up and I never, ever forgot this dream.

Then today, I read this strange article. Make of it what you will.

John Birch Was Right

This is the new word they've been using behind closed doors now for at least ten years. That's right. It would be hilarious in a Monty Python skit. Except it's really happening. They changed a few syllables and now toss the word around freely all the time. It's really a more accurate translation of Karl Marx's original word.
"How can Iowa be ranked with Mississippi? That's not what I see. That's not the quality. That's not the communitarianism; that's not the openness I see in Iowa," Hillary Clinton told the newspaper then—a remark that prompted immediate criticism from Mississippi Republicans.

Missile Defense : A Hoax To Cover Missile Offense

Missile defense was never going to protect the sheeple. It was designed to serve as a cover story for the militarization of space, against the advice of all our ancestors in the 1950's. Modern people think they are edjumificated.

The worst possible thing that could happen in the worst of all possible worlds is to move the arena of nuclear war from land-based ICBMs into orbital platform environments. That's exactly what they did while their agents in the media told the sheeple that a benevolent umbrella of safety would result. All they did was ramp up the second Cold War into the wild-eyed stuff of Sunday Supplements in 1955.

Trust me, you got no idea what they have waiting for us all up there. Ugly machines that will rain hell on Earth during WW3. Even I would probably crap my pants if I knew the truth. It can't protect anybody from anything, it's all offensive hardware. It's not about shielding civilians, it's about killing the enemy when the time comes. There is no substitute for civil defense, never was and never will be.

Read the comic book subtitle above. The war that will never happen if America remains strong and alert. Says it all right there.


The problem is, this guy is sugar coating the truth. :)

"Nears recession." You have to be kidding me.

Winter U.S. 2009 : Babies, the other white meat.

China Says It Is Imperative To Get Ready For WW3

Seems like the Chinese military announces a 20% hike in the military budget every six months nowadays.

These communists ain't gettin' ready to march in smart parades. Trust me. This frantic buildup is about getting ready to wage war. Let's hope they cool their heels this year, at least until the Beijing Olympics finish up.

Let's hope.

Have you ever heard of the "Black Rust?"

If you haven't, you will soon enough.

It's spreading on the winds. Nobody can stop it. It is destroying wheat harvests wherever it lands without distinction. Is this one of the seven vials mentioned in Revelations? I don't pretend to know for certain. I know it's pretty apocalyptic stuff.

This rocket ride in food prices caught me at a weird juncture. I was phasing out the food stocks I put up mainly in 1998, about ten years worth of food. I was starting to replace these stocks with what I hoped would be at least twenty years of food for four people, which would be packed better, managed better, tracked better and stored better. I am trying to buy new stocks faster than the prices can rise but I'm having trouble keeping up with it. Even rice is climbing from one week to the next.

Meanwhile, demand rises exponentially. As long as you don't pay in U.S. dollars, the food is going to the highest bidder.

It's really scary when you hear these agribusiness lunatics talking the same line that the oil companies started up with in 1999 ... "The days of cheap food are over. People got spoiled." As if food was a luxury you could just skip like champagne and cigars. I thought the whole purpose of globalism was the best market rates for everything. Looks to me like it's turning into a freakin' conspiracy nut's worst nightmare.

When does it stop being a market shift and turn into a panic? I don't pretend to know that, either.

PACK YOUR RICE. Itz coming. I mean it now as much as I meant it ten years ago.

Telling the difference between reaction and hysteria

This was a topic covered in NBC training when I was in the Army.

The biggest problem with any major trauma is that human beings in a state of intense shock or fearfulness have a very powerful compulsion to imitate the behaviour of others around them. So when you are triaging victims of a nerve gas attack you have to be alert for the subtle variations of soldiers simply acting like those around them by trembling violently and gasping and troops actually exposed to nerve agent.

This is also a big part of the necessary psychology of shelter captains. If you are ever in a leadership role, you have to understand the grave responsibility of staying ice cool at all times. Never allow yourself to be swept up in the natural hysterics that follow in human beings when they have undergone a terribly traumatic experience. People coming into the shelter will try to draw you into their emotional state, screaming and babbling about imagined as opposed to genuine ills they fear. Many people will enter the shelter mimicking radiation sickness when in fact they are fit as fiddles. Others will not feel secure even once they sit down and are settled. It is extraordinarily important for the shelter leader to always be a combination of Clint Eastwood and Spencer Tracy. Firm and understanding but resolute and as calm as an unrippled pond. If the shelter captain loses it, that gives carte blanche to the most manic characters to go right off the deep end, usually in situations that don't warrant it in the least. The initial few hours are the toughest period to get acclimated. That's why you should have comfort food, distractions and soothing music or quiet environments for them to settle down in. Giving somebody a job works wonders for them when they are frightened, it often takes their mind right off their ambiguous worries and allows them to focus on something close at hand.

Ron Paul Gives Up A Little Too Easy

I think you should finish what you start.

Given the money donated to his campaign, technically Ron Paul never had the option of just dropping out the way he did. Shades of Ross Perot.

You have to wonder if he got taken aside and talked to by some very scary people. It was over in the blink of an eye and Paul just seemed to concede defeat before he actually lost.