Sunday, June 10, 2012

Arbeit Macht Frei

How do you tell the difference between right and wrong? Easy, it's right when Israel does it. Wrong if Nazis do it.

Swastika bad, Magen David good. That's all you need to know. Whatever it is, it only becomes bad when a non-kosher person does it. All things are permitted and the only law is do what thou wilt. Maybe they should just adopt Aleister Crowley's book as their constitution and be done with it.

After a hundred years of promoting multiculturalism in every country excepting Israel they can't really expect any sympathy on this issue. Stinks to have so many strangers moving onto your territory and draining your resources without paying any taxes, right Moshe? Now you know how it feels. Welcome to the perfect world you told the rest of us was inevitable. Get used to it because any opposition means you are a dirty evil person who would probably like to kill six million.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Prometheus = Garbage

Saw it yesterday. Was very disappointed by the halfway point. It was just more talentless junk from Hollyweird dressed up in a phony cape of "art." I can't believe the reviews I read prior to seeing it, I thought I was going to see a half decent sci-fi flick. You'd think the critics were writing about some other version that was not released to the public.

Hollywood can introduce childlike interpretations of ideas written in detail by H.P. Lovecraft in the 1920's and describe the movie as "profound." Yes, it's profound for people with an average IQ of 92, just like the movie ASS in IDIOCRACY.

Listen, trust me ... see it on cable if you want but don't waste $15 a ticket to see this tripe.

Ridley Scott = Hack, come to think of it. Now that I think back, the guy has never really made a decent film in his life. Blade Runner left a lot to be desired, like a coherent story and plot for example. Once you get past the visuals there's nothing there in most cases. The best ALIENS film was made by James Cameron, not Ridley Scott.

A lot of this stuff was cut from the first Alien movie for budgetary reasons. Basically the studio required Scott to streamline his wandering script to something concise and coherent. You can see without fiscal discipline what kind of guy this really is. He's a hack. You could throw a brick into the park and the first person it hit could make a better film than this guy.

I could sum the movie up by saying it is just a typical attack on Christianity using atheist fictions to debunk what they assail as fiction, using fiction. It is not even well done, it's just depressing and offensive. If Ridley Scott really believes there is "nothing," as he concludes at the end (what a disappointing denouement) then he should kill himself, not project his own startling lack of core principles onto the minds of millions of other people. We have a two hour build-up to what most stoned dope fields can blurt out when they get all weepy over their ganja. No insights here.

By the way, since Lovecraft died broke and virtually unemployable, it is time these plagiarists began to pay royalties on his ideas. He was here first and a million times better. It is like watching Jerry Siegel deliver courier messages on his bike while Hollyweird makes millions off the Superman franchise.

P.S. Watched another atheist-driven sci-fi flick this evening, Danny Boyle's SUNSHINE that tanked so badly at the box office it didn't even make it's own budget back. Awful flick. Based on popular fallacies about the heat-death of the universe. Everything is always a resource shortage with these morons. Imagine being one of these atheists. Bad enough the universe is a bleak meaningless abyss, but to be a pretentious hack with no talent only adds insult to injury. Definitely atheism is for r-types in the r/K ratio. These people would even cheat God out of resources if they thought they could pull it off. One of the biggest factors in my reconsideration of sixteen years of atheism was realizing what complete losers all atheists are. Even when they are billionaires they are absolute point-blank losers, every single one of them. They know it, too. This is where they get that perpetual resentment from they try to put into their films. Keep your faith in God and you will never be a loser. Never. Of course it's hard. If anybody could do it, where would the challenge come from? People like Scott and Boyle would like to make it a lot harder for you, which should make you suspect their motives, no matter how "pure" and "selfless" these sorts always claim to be. Christ said they were like old tombs painted white with nothing but bones and corruption inside. Don't believe anything these people say to you or they try to put in front of your eyes, it's all lies. Lucifer himself appears as an angel of light. Do you want to know the real reason these idiots hate religion so much? The same reason they hate the family. (Riddly Scott suggests to females that all babies are foreign malignant cancers growing inside of them) It's because it is the last bulwark against the State. When it fails, the State will pour in and take God's place as the Alpha and the Omega to human beings. Atheists are some deeply religious people. It's just that they don't worship that God. They worship the antithesis of God. Believe me, I'm an atheist traitor. I know what is going on inside these people and it isn't pretty.

Madness of the End Times #2347589

An anonymous tip led to an international manhunt for the criminals responsible for the deaths of children buried on a remote property.

Except none of that ever happened. It's hard to believe that warrants can be issued nowadays on an anonymous tip and mass hysteria.

I called the police once when I saw a car hit a stop sign down the block and tried to report it anonymously. I knew the police would probably give my home address out to the mob of criminal drunken hoons who were driving recklessly in the street if they asked for it. They were not very interested in the incident, instead they tried to convict me of the crime over the phone and threatened me that they knew what number I was calling from and could easily trace me, a "particular individual." Of course, I will never call again in the future, knowing this is how they respond to reports by citizens of things they have witnessed.


'Stainians Lose Ability To Spell Their Own Name

Romney's mobile app premiered to guffaws.

What worries me is the day coming when this sort of thing happens and nobody notices.

This country is in the sluice for ITZ.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Ray Bradbury 1920-2012

The greatest of the dreamers passed away today.

I'm pretty shellshocked. I knew it had to happen someday but it was unexpected.

Less than an hour before I found out I was telling my son how important it was for him to read The Martian Chronicles.

Too important a person for me to say anything right now. It will take a long time to sink in. I don't want to write a eulogy for him, he is too significant in the ascent and decline of the United States.

For me, he had captured everything good about America in his writing.

His short story There Will Come Soft Rains, about a world run by dying machines after a nuclear war, had such a powerful effect on me at a young age it affected my world view permanently. It seemed so prophetic to me it was as if Bradbury had looked into the future with some kind of clairvoyant vision.

UPDATE : I recently read his FROM THE DUST RETURNED, a novelization that encapsulated the house of the family described in THE HOMECOMING. It was great and the ending was cosmic. It was wonderful that he wrote every day right up to the day of his death. Publish or perish, Ray had the right idea.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

What Made The Dark Ages So Dark?

Was it this? It seems to fit the perfect timeframe for the mysterious era which has always left historians baffled.

Mankind has always wondered how Byzantine Rome mysteriously vanished and this sea of the unknown descended on mankind. The written record just largely skipped over 200 years of what apparently was a huge collapse of society worldwide. The Chinese call this period "The Tail of the Black Dragon" according to their records. It was recorded as a miserable epoch of famine and darkness.

This is where all the disputes arise as people puzzle over this basic question ... why were people forced to fill in the gaps of this period with mythology and monsters? How could the inhabitants of Europe have gone from 8 story monolithic temples with columns 30 meters in diameter to living in stone huts and barely being able to eke out a subsistence diet? This is the era when the legends of Camelot arose and a huge epistemology was created of fantastic conjecture. Why did the survivors of this era even lack a solid oral tradition for two centuries? Luckily we have fragments but organized society seems to have taken a holiday for well over a hundred years during this period.

Then again, maybe instead of a violent catastrophic event that destroyed civilization, it may have just been an ancestor of George Soros doing what they do best. George knows how to collaborate with anybody, including the Nationalist Socialist Party of Germany.

Melonhead Bioweapon Deployed Circa 100K ?

Funny how today so many bioweapons place a strategic emphasis on E. Coli for the delivery.

So if I just conjecture wildly (really wildly) ...

1. Neanderthals kill the local magistrate "Humbaba" for the Melonheads in 110,000 B.C. after he encroaches on Amud forestry lands (cedar groves). This triggers off many local skirmishes including the killing of a ritual bull by Neanderthals who have broken their ancient habits of keeping to themselves. The Melonheads take their first ever planet wide referendum and the decision is made to finally end the longstanding truce with the wildly independent Neanderthals. They respond with aerial spraying of the Caucasus and surrounding regions with a deadly pathogen.

2. Much later, after surviving Neanderthals begin to bounce back, a powerful nuke is used to detonate the Toba supervolcano at 80,000 B.C. and trigger it's eruption. Melonheads retreat into their underground megalithic structures and dolmens while the world experiences a winter that lasts upwards of twenty years. They think this should finish off the drastically reduced rodeo clown population.

3. Realizing that both of these extreme measures have failed to get the job done, the Melonheads around 60,000 B.C. deploy their most dangerous genetically engineered organism at the southern tip of Europe - Homo Sapiens. Where germs and bombs failed, Sapiens gets the job done. Melonhead genius prides on itself on always winning, no matter what circumstances. It's not just that their final solution has finally worked but Sapiens himself is deliberately designed so that he will never present a threat similar to the Neanderthals - he has had his soul, volition, sentience completely snipped out of his genetic code.

4. The only catch is that as Sapiens conducts his campaign north he takes female war captives from the Neanderthals. His inadvertent interbreeding program has the effect of introducing Neanderthal genes into his own population permanently as a subspecies. Some humans retain some limited capacity for independent thought and self-awareness as a result.

5. The great irony is that over the ensuing 40,000 years, the Melonheads wane in a process of attrition to diseases from inbreeding and lose substantial social power in the aftermath to the new Sapiens-Neanderthal hybrids, an aggressive species which is never as easy to manage as their slave classes in former days. Where the Neanderthals failed, natural forces conspire to reduce the "pure" Melonhead stock to a few lonely pharoahs in the last days of Egypt, tragically trying to restore the old caste system of their death cults and monolithic building societies. It turns out, the bell tolls for thee, oh egg-domey one.

... now you have to admit, deranged and as far-out as this explanation sounds, it would answer so many questions if it were true. It is not that I believe it exactly, it is that I permit myself the luxury of speculating on this subject. The orthodoxy has shown itself to be incapable of offering any coherency to it's narratives so I have tried to fill in the vaccuum, that's all. The real "truth," of course, is probably something we can never know. We can only guess at these things at best. The only thing we can say with genuine certainty is that the story they teach us in school is absolute hogwash.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Chinese Engineers Demonstrate Singular, Exceptional Genius In New Bridge Span

This is an incredible achievement. It is something outside the capacity of the U.S. to accomplish even if they had the money.

I am no longer claiming that the Chinese are now the equals of the American engineer in the 1950's. It is not true. From what I have seen lately I can say unequivocally that American engineers were never as good as this, not even at the nadir of their culture in 1955.

Some of the structures I have seen photographs of in recent years indicate to me that the Chinese have pioneered a new understanding of load bearing megalithic structures that is unprecedented in recorded history. The Kwanstain cannot even look back to former glories to compare with these.

Wait, don't jump to conclusions. The West continues to innovate as well, in the kinds of ways that used to be novelty silly-season anecdotes that first world people read about to amuse themselves while enjoying the blessings of real civilization.

ITZ Dispatches

Luckily the government paid off trillions to the crooks to keep this from happening.

5000 years of economic fundamentals in the West were never going to impact on us because we are edjumafacated. History holds still for us. We were special. We don't need no thinking because we have moxie. It is all a matter of being positive, that is what is important. Reality does not constrain us because we have a certain attitude that preserves us from all things.

Fundamentally, modern people are all insane. Every one of them.

The reason that Mike Judge's IDIOCRACY was a science fantasy is that a population like you saw in the movie could never go 500 years maintaining even the trappings of civilization. It is impossible. In real life, that same kind of people would have begun to experience wholesale degrading of their conditions around ten years into the first generation. Exactly the way we are now. It would require autonomous self-repairing machines to run everything as originally designed without any help from humans and of course there is no way a race of men like those who are alive now could possibly create and maintain that kind of technology.
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