Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Paper Currency Preparing To Crater Worldwide

Fiat money doesn't work.


It's a fun ride as long you get off before the music stops. Woe onto those people who are living when the piper comes to collect his due. Fiat money always ends up in a huge, nightmarish crash that brings everyone down.

I guess some people are naturally drawn to boom-bust cycles and want to play drama queen. If there were no crisis they would simply invent one.

People who want stable and prosperous civilizations don't abandon metal standards for arbitrary paper systems. It's not something that sane people do.

How NOT To Build A Shipping Container Shelter

This is nearly a perfect guide to exactly the WRONG way to construct a shelter using a shipping container. These folks have built themselves an almost perfect death trap. Having had personal experience with precisely the same sort of mistakes, I can promise you that at some point this shelter will fold sideways and accordion the humans inside it. It is only a matter of time. It will make for a very horrible and messy death when it happens, as well. Being pinched by several tons of concrete should leave you enough time to know what has happened to you and what a terrible error in judgement you made.

I would recommend you study this video until you know for a fact what they did wrong here, before you attempt to build using a shipping container. I am leaning strongly towards several for my next shelter and I already know you would NEVER build it the way shown here.

EDIT : Excellent link by reader to engineering problems involved

I knew about all of these problems previously, but after reviewing them at this link above I realized that a shipping container is as lousy an idea as it seems. You cannot turn a sow's ear into a silk purse. I think that the ICF box with the arch barrel on top (Hoag Shelter Design) is still the most effective compromise between a full blown pipe like Firehold Bravo and a comfortable living space.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Good News About Hydrogen Fuel Cells

This sounds even more efficient than the prototypes I have seen.

It may sound gross but this presents the possibility that shelters could be powered by gray water sources. You may end up needing to urinate frequently to keep the lights on. :)

Is Deepwater a Planet Killer?

What has man wrought?

You have to admit the irony is rich. Manboons bitching about the scarcity of oil manage to punch through into the abiotic sphere and hit the mother of all gushers that will never die.

Unfortunately, they can't put a cap on it.

You just know God has a sense of humor. Is it possible mankind was made for his amusement? I can see that.

The Strange New Behaviour Of Our Sun Is Killing Satellites Off, One By One

This has been going on for a decade now. Weird bursts of cosmic radiation that blow satellites dead in the water. It's been getting worse as we approach 2012.

Remember, just because it isn't showing down here yet doesn't mean it isn't getting bizarre up there. Satellites designed for tamer climes cannot survive these incidents.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

The End Of Food Is Coming

Pack it. The caloric value of white rice is that it only need be combined with something that has a few vitamins in it to make a meal.

Whenever you buy a little food, always get a little rice and some oats at the same time. It seems like filler until it is the only thing keeping you alive. Rice/Oats + Anything Else = Life.

What was the Deepwater Horizon Well?

It was a concerted attempt to repeat the Brazilian success at finding abiotic oil by drilling through the salt layer on the floor of the ocean.

They were at the farthest range of modern drilling, 30,000 feet down, when an explosion of high pressure natural gas blew backwards up the pipe and literally trashed the entire oil rig on top of itself, making the leak almost inaccessible. Following the wave of natural gas was a tsunami of oil from down there unlike anything man had even dreamt might be present under the earth.

Oil is abiotic. Deepwater Horizon proved it and was lost at the moment it was discovered, the instant it broke into the reservoir down there.

The entire Gulf of Mexico is on the verge of being turned into the world's largest oil sump because all previous theories about the formation of oil (a hydrocarbon produced under pressure) were absolutely wrong.

There's no end to what is pouring out of the sea floor - it may be limitless. It may destroy fishing industries on the Eastern seaboard permanently. This thing could go on like underground coal fires in West Virginia and simply pump oil into the water forever. Manboons are discovering they are helpless to stop it.

Vault-Co predicts : biggest environmental disaster in human history. Will make Chernobyl and the Love Canal look like minor littering violations. Chalk up another win for the Obama administration. His first and last four years may be regarded as the worst thing to ever happen to the United States.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Kwanzania Is A Hollowed Out Shell

The entire nation is a used condom. It's a grease rag soaked in diesel and pork fat. It's that filthy corner of the garage you never get around to cleaning. It's been passed around for fun more often than Barack Obama's mom. If Amerikwa was a pile of dirty dishes, they'd be the kind you realize it's better to throw away than to try to make them clean enough to eat off again. There is nothing here worth salvaging and nobody willing to even tackle the problem.

The country is used up, blown out, sucked dry, exhausted, deflated and left for dead.

All you're gonna get right through the collapse and fragmentation of the hellhole called the United States is blah,blah,blah from the televitz about how the government fixed it all by passing some more legislation and now it's going to get better.

Where the 'Kwa is going it won't be coming back from.

You Can Chase Nature Out With A Pitchfork

... but she will always return, dear sirs.

Nobody upstages the Earth. She has the last solo and that fat lady is singing.

This is going to be like that thing Vault-Co was warning you about ten years ago.

"We could have an ice age any time," Dr. Goldberg says, "Over the past one million years, we have experienced eight ice ages. Eighty percent of the last million years was ice age. We are lucky to live in this short inter-glacial period."

Oh, you better believe itz coming.

Think the sheeple are waking up yet? No, they're not. They do not understand the implications of what is going on around them. They think this might be a threat to the power grid. It doesn't fall within the scope of their comprehension that there could be something a lot more serious happening here.

Jung was right. Men can't handle much reality and what little they can has to come in very tiny doses like medicine for a child. I don't think their learning curve is going to catch up fast enough with what is going on.